Chapter 10:

Préparation du Voyage vers la Capitale ~ Preparation for Journey to the Capital

Cheesing Through My New World

“So, first of all you need to disguise yourself as a human, can you do that?”

“Yeah, Sure!”

Leviathan cast a spell and a magic circle appeared and made him look more like human.

“Now, let’s go to the Town”

They both arrived at the ‘Town of Happiness’.

“Why didn’t the guard stop me from entering?!”

“Maybe coz you are with me.”

They went straight to the guild.

“So, this is a guild! I have heard of it before but seen it in real life!”

They entered the guild and Jerik went to the counter.

“Excuse me, miss. I have completed the quest ‘Slime Hunt’.”

‘Well Sir, that was very quick! Congratulations on completing your first quest!!”

“Thank you miss! About the items?!”

He opens Pantomath and clicks ‘Item-Box’. The floor in front counter has a small hill of slime magic stone on it now. Everyone at the guild looks at it with amazement.

“That’s quite a lot Sir!!”

(Leviathan) “See! I knew you were strong.”

(Jerik) “They were just Slimes though”

(Elf) “Slimes are known to be quite agile and thus hard to kill…”

(Jerik) “I may have caught them off guard a little bit”

“I didn’t want it to turn into a big show!!”

(Elf) “You can submit them over at that counter.” <she points to another counter>

(Jerik) “Thank you Mam.”

He submits the items in that counter and he gets a pouch of coins in return.

“140 Gold Coins for 70 Slime Magic Stones, 2 Gold each!!”

“Thank You!”

He comes back to the previous counter.

“Excuse me Miss, can you tell us when the carriage to the Capital leaves??”

“Oh! It will leave tomorrow morning, Sir.”

“At time will it leave??”

“Time?? I just told you tomorrow morning, sir.”

“Crap! This this world does have the concept of time!!”

“Okay! Thank you very much Miss!!”

They both comes out of the guild.

(Jerik) “We should stay at an inn tonight, Right!!”

(Leviathan) “Yeah! Do you know where it is?”

“Yeah! Follow me.”

They both arrive at a decent looking inn. They book two rooms and stays the night there. Next morning, they arrive at the entrance of the town and a carriage was waiting. Both of them gets in and sets out on a journey to the capital.

(Leviathan) “Have you decided what you will do once we arrive at the capital?”

(Jerik) “Well, if we are looking for information then the Guild will be the best place to start.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.”

Jerik yarns.

(Leviathan) “You didn’t sleep well last night?”

“No! You could say I was developing my magic”

“Huh! Developing Magic! Interesting!”

Finally, they arrive at the capital city.

(Jerik) “We are finally here, the ‘Capital City of Guerrier’!”