Chapter 11:

La Capitale du Guerrier ~ The Capital City of Guerrier

Cheesing Through My New World

At the entrance to the capital, they are both stopped by the guards. Jerik showed them his guild card and they let him enter the city. The entire city is surrounded by huge walls. This city too is of medieval Europe style, but the buildings are a lot bigger and the citizens are well dressed in expensive clothes. The population of the nobles is larger here. They gave Jerik and Leviathan disgusted looks as they walked through the main street of the city.

(Leviathan) “I am never visited the capital before, but I can tell that they are giving that a look coz of our clothes, aren’t they?”

(Jerik) “Yeah, you are right about that.”

“So, should we change into their type of clothing?”

“No, not yet…”

They walk down the busy street and then they took a return.

(Jerik) “Come to think of it, shouldn’t the demon lord be at his castle commanding his subordinates?!”

“No, actually we demons can use communication magic, so whenever they need my advice they can just ask me directly, so it really doesn’t matter where I am.”

“Communication huh! It really is convenient, isn’t it?”

They arrive at the City Guild.

(Leviathan) “Jerik, it’s your first time visiting the Capital isn’t it?”

(Jerik) “Yeah, it is!”

“So, how did you know where to find the guild!?”

“You can say it is one of my magic skills!”

“Now I am more curious about the type of magic you wield.”

“Well, you have you wait until I need to use it.”

They both enters the Guild and they sit down at one of the tables at a corner. The guild is very large.

“Excuse me Sir!” <Jerik to a Skinny Adventurer with blue hair>


“Please sit down! We need to talk!”

The Adventurer became very hesitant, but he sat down with a very scared look on his face.

“Crap! I haven’t had a proper conversation a anyone in ages and I don’t know how to start a conversation!! Damn it!”

(Leviathan) “Please don’t be scared!! We just want to talk to you.”

Leviathan looks at Jerik, he has a ‘ leave it to me’ look on his face.

“Leviathan is a life saver! Taking him with me was definitely the right decision! Unlike me, he got the information we wanted from him without scaring him to death. According to that adventurer, the Royal palace is making preparations for summoning heroes from another world to fight in the war against the Demons and the Magic Beasts. This thing must be an Isekai tradition. I am damn sure that shitty God of Fucking Reincarnation is involved somehow. The adventurer couldn’t tell the exact date of hero summoning, but it is going to happen soon.”

(Leviathan) “Thank you very much! We really appreciate it!”

(Adventurer) “Anytime! Glad I could help!! Bye then.”

Adventurer walks out of the guild.

(Jerik) “You definitely are a life saver Leviathan! I don’t what would I have done without you?!”

(Leviathan) “Don’t mention it! So, what’s the plan now?”

“We need find the exact date and time of the summoning and try and stop it.”

“But how will we do that?”

“We have to do some more digging around first!”

They both exit the guild. On their way to an inn, they encountered something unexpected. A bunch of Royal Knights escorting a Prisoner Carriage, which was not that uncommon in the capital. But the person inside was the unexpected part.

(Jerik) “WHAT!! A young girl wearing a school uniform!?” <he almost screamed out of surprise but he controlled his voice somehow>