Chapter 9:

The war will coming

My Master And I

'At the front door of the throne room in the aklan empire'

"Princess Scarlett has arrived!!" said the guard at the front door

The big door opened in front of Scarlett and when the door opened, she saw inside that there was no one else except to the man sitting on throne with nice clothes and his hair and eyes were blue.

Scarlett walked towards to the man who was sitting in the throne, And when she got close, she suddenly knelt down and bowed in front of that man.

"Fath-. Majesty I have a report!" Scarlett said while bowing and kneeling

"Raise your head!" Majesty said

Scarlett raised her head and she was still kneeling.

"What are you going to say?!" Majesty Said

"Majesty, we now have information about the organization who attack different empires" Scarlett said while she bent down and looked at the seated majesty

"But all we know is who is the enemy. how many soldier they're have and the leaders who lead the organization!" Scarlett said while she bent down and looked at the seated majesty

"Ohh, so you're doing something good too ah" Majesty said silently but scarlett still heard these words

Scarlett was saddened by the words of majesty but she chose not to show her expression

"I'm glad to hear that, Majesty" Scarlett said

"Go to the conference room later and there tell everything you know about them" Majesty said

"I will call all the counselor in the empire, so don't do anything to disgrace our name again!!" Majesty said and he stood up from the throne and walked out to go out from the throne room.

The majesty has come out.

"Yes father!" Scarlett said and she was alone in the throne room

'Inside the porqu blacksmith's shop'

"My own sword and armor??" I said

"Yes, it is dangerous to enter in battlefield without a sword and armor!" Gandar said

"And we don't know when the war will happen so we better do something for you right away!" Gandar said and the man who helped me to get here heard what gandar said

"So the rumor that there will be a war is true, Gandar?!" Said the man who helped me get here

"Oh it's you Harie, I didn't notice you were here!" Gandar said

"Those chit chats are enough, I don't want to disturb my work. Rua and Gandar wait me here." Porqu Old man said

"Harie, You too after I make rua's armor and weapon. I'll give you the always!" Porqu old man said

"Eh? Mister Harie will be here for a long time if you prioritize my weapon and armor!" I said to porqu 

"Whoever comes first will be my priority, First come first serve that's my motto and it will take time?, it won't take a hour to make your armor and weapon!" Porqu old man said and he walked into a room like his workshop.

"What does he mean it won't take him a few hours to do my weapon and armor, is he really the best blacksmith here gandar?" I said

"Ye-" Gandar spoke but suddenly Harie spoke

"Do you doubt him?!!" Harie said with an angry tone

"No. No. Not at all but, it will take a few days to make a weapon and armor right?, so I was confused that it won't take him a few hours to make my weapon and armor" I said to Harie

"Yes. It will take a few days to make weapons and other things if you are just a normal blacksmith but Mr. Porqu are different he is not just a normal blacksmith!" Gandar said to me

"What do you mean he's not a normal blacksmith?!" I said to Gandar

"Well it's because Mister Porque started to forged metal 200 years ago. Because of 200 years experience he's used to his job and the another reason is because of his original magic!" Gandar said

"His original magic?!" I said with a curious look

"HAHA it's written on your face that you want to know what his original magic" Gandar said while looking at my face

"If you want to know then i will tell you. His original magic is "METAL CLOTH"." Gandar said

"Metal cloth??, what is that??" I said to gandar

"Metal cloth is an original magic that comes from the Noble Dwarfs, this ability is that they can make a metal into cloth!, When the metal becomes cloth it will be light like a bird's feather and it will not lose the durability of the metal even though it's look a cloth it's still have the durability of the metal, in other words they can make normal clothes that have a metal durability." Gandar Explained

"That sounds amazing!" I said to Gandar

"But the payment he is asking for is 10,000 silver Aks" Gandar said

(1 Silver Aks = 10 USD)

"It's expensive, what will you gonna do. To get that amount of money?!" I said while panicking

"Don't worry about the money because we already have that, do you know that the meat of the spikey armor bears is Premium Meat, the guild bought all the meat of the spikey armor bear you killed and the payment they gave is 15,000 Silver Aks" Gandar said

"Oh its relief to know, i thought I'm going to be buried in debt again" I said

We continue talking inside the shop while waiting for porqu to finish what he was doing, and after a while he came out of the room he entered earlier.

"Are you done mister porqu??" Gandar said

"Yeah. Come in and try it now" Porqu old man replied

"He really didn't take long" I said to myself

The three of us entered, Old man Porqu, Gandar and I, we leave Harie behind because he had nothing to do with it.

When we entered inside, We saw a black coat with beautiful details, and it have bronze in different parts and the belt was made of metal and the sword was long. The color is red and similar to coat it has beautiful details. (the cover photo of this novel it's the armor cloth)

"That's looks sick!!" I said with a surprised look

"As expected of you mister porqu, your works always impressed me!!" Gandar said

"Enough talking, put the clothes armor now!" Porqu old man said

"Yes!" I said and I put on the clothes armor made by Porqu and used the red sword made by him

"it's look good on you rua. Now you have a things for a war. All you need is to become more stronger!!" Gandar said

"Tomorrow rua let's start our training duel" Gandar said

"Yeah!!" I said


"The war will start soon!" Said majesty with serious tone