Chapter 12:

La Jeune Fille de la Terre ~ The Young Girl from Earth

Cheesing Through My New World

(Jerik) “WHAT!! A young girl wearing a school uniform!?”

“I am pretty sure that the educational institutions in this world are the Churches and they have other uniforms and not school uniforms like the one she’s wearing!! She is in pretty bad shape as well. Don’t tell! Is she from my world!?”

(Leviathan) “What’s wrong Jerik? Do you know her??”

“No, but I have a bad feeling about this…. Leviathan, we need to rescue her.”

“Rescue her! Why?!”

“I will explain to you everything later! I have no intention of hiding the truth from you.”

“Okay. I hope you know what you are doing.”


Jerik walks to one of the Knights.

“Excuse me Sir.”

(Knight) “Yes!”

“Who is she!?”

“Oh her! You are probably asking because of her weird dress!”


“Apparently, she is suspected of being a spy from another country. She speaks some weird language no one, not even the country’s best translators can understand. They are suspecting it to be some kind of code language. And also, she is wearing some shady looking clothes. Way too suspicious if you ask me!”

“Yeah, it is suspicious.”


Jerik returns back to Leviathan.

“My suspicions were correct. We need to rescue her.”

“Okay, but how are we going to do that?! We can’t just barge into the heavily guarded City Prison”

“They won’t be able to make it to the City Prison before night fall, they will need to stay somewhere at night. That’s when our rescue operation will begin!”

“But how will we find out where they will stop at night? We can’t just follow them, that will raise suspicion even if we use magic.”

“Don’t worry just leave that to me?! Let’s go to an inn for now!”


They both arrive a medium sized decent looking inn. They booked rooms. Then they entered their respective rooms. Upon entering his room, Jerik started gathering information with his drones. Soon night falls. They both came out of their rooms.

(Leviathan) “Did you find the location?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Let’s go then!”


Jerik swaps on the translucent screen that appeared in front of him. Leviathan’s Stats suddenly opened.

“What is this? Wait! Is this the location?!”

“Yeah, you should be able to use teleportation magic now right?”

“Yeah, but if we use magic we will be found out!”

“Don’t worry about that, just leave it to me.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

Leviathan cast a spell and a magic circle teleported them right outside the place where the knights are keeping the prisoner.

(Leviathan) “What?! They didn’t detect us? But how?!”

“Everything in this world radiate magic particles constantly whose outflow increases when a spell is cast. I used something that can absorb that radiated magic particles and hide us completely from the enemy’s radar. I call this ‘Total Concealment’! Now that I have seen how teleportation works, I soon will be use it as well.”

“Just who are you!!”

“I will explain to you everything later. Let’s focus on the mission, shall we?”


“Just hold on a little longer. We are coming to recue you!”