Chapter 17:


Power of Fear

"Are you fine, Akane? You were injured quite badly." Akashi asked with concern.

"I'm all goo- ouch!" Akane put her hand on her stomach.

"Please, don't push yourself."

After everyone separated Akane and Akashi decided to go together. Right now they were walking down a narrow path with big white walls on the sides.

"From a strategic point of view... don't you think walking here is a bad idea?" Akashi asked.

"Don't worry, don't worry! The strongest that the Vatican might send after us are going to be bishops." Akane said with confidence.

"But didn't you hear what Jin said? The cardinals might get involved too..." Akashi said with concern.

"No need to be so concerned. Even if they send a cardinal, they will probably send them to Ketsuki's location."

"A single cardinal?" A man was sitting on top a wall comfortably.

Akane and Akashi were immediately on guard.

"Who are you?!" Akashi asked while panicking.

"Who am I you ask?... How sad..." Said the man, who jumped down from the wall and was facing Akashi.

The man was topless with red stripes on his body. He looked skinny but was well-built.

He had brown skin and long black hair which stood up, with a golden steel band on his forehead and neck. Instead of any bottom wear, he only had a light brown colored cloth and a golden belt around his waist.

"Don't tell me are you a-"

"Don't ruin my introduction!" The man shouted.

Suddenly they felt another presence behind them.

"I told you these targets are mine!" Said a voice behind Akane and Akashi.

"Shut up Scipio! First come, first served."

The other man who was named Scipio had a giant muscular build with roman armor and a centurion helmet.

"The winners decide their own prey." Scipio said.

"You are still going on about your victory at Zama?! I want a Fucking rematch that was a fluke!" The man said.

"Scipio... Zama... There is no doubt about it... You two are Cardinals of Vatican City!" Akane said.

The man opened up his arms dramatically.

"Indeed! And I am the greatest general of all time... HANIBAL BARCA!"

"And I am the only man who bested him... Scipio Africanus."

"Akashi... you were right. It really was a bad idea to walk here."


"Hmm... woah... mhm." Kiara was walking around in circles in a garden reading a magazine.

"What are you reading miss?" Asked a boy who was playing with a football.



"This is not what children should be reading... go away, boy." Kiara did not even look at the child's face.

The kid walked away hesitantly.

"I wonder when we will find Ketsuki... I want to go home..." Kiara complained.

"Ketsuki?" The boy muttered.

"Miss... are you involved with a certain person named Aina Douji?"

Kiara suddenly closed her magazine and looked at the child's face.

His eyes had no shine, his body looked frail and mosquitoes were surrounding him. What she was looking at wasn't a boy... it was a dead body.

"This is cruel..." Kiara muttered.

"I finally found one... it was soooo exhausting!" A woman's voice was heard from behind the boy.

She had black hair, brown skin, a nice figure, and heavy makeup. She was wearing jewelry all over her body.

"You... have the same powers as me." Kiara said hesitantly.

"Not quite sweetheart~... I seduce the dead instead of summoning them against their will." The woman said while putting her finger on her lips.

"Seduc... tion?"

"I wouldn't expect someone as unrefined as you to understand."

"Tell me... who are you?" Kiara put her hand on the ground.

"Fine... I suppose telling you my name will help you understand just how superior I am to you."

The woman summoned a giant muscular man who picked her up and put her on his shoulder.

"I am the woman who had the greatest Roman Emperor wrapped around her finger... My name is Cleopatra!"

"So basically you are known for being a slut." Kiara taunted.

"You need to be taught a lesson girl!"


"I feel it... Mister Jin's never wrong. The Cardinals are now indeed here." Kajra said in a low voice while looking at his blade with water spiraling around it.

"It's only a matter of time before they come after me too." Kajra smiled.

"Arthur... I promise I'll come back someday... I should focus on this current task first. The Cardinals are really planning to wipe us out it seems."

"Wrooong!" Said a man standing in front of him.

He had unruly long purple hair with white and black clothes. He had a thin body and many gold and silver rings on his fingers.

"Seems I got the most troublesome of them all, Julius Caesar..." Kajra said while pointing the blade at his opponent.

Caesar pulled his tongue out with a middle finger.

Meanwhile, inside the Mansion.

A young boy with red hair was standing in front of Yowa.

He had green eyes and was wearing heavy silver armor with a red cape.

In his right hand, he wielded a cavalry sword.

"I knew it... all of those flawless tactical moves can only be done by one man." Yowa said.

"Please don't act like you can't pull this off." The boy spoke.

"What is your objective here? I'm very confident that the pope did not order you to do this." Yowa reasoned.

"The pope is incompetent... We do not need a weak leader like him."

"That doesn't explain the reason why you are here."

"We need your help... Julius our great holy leader is struggling with the demons of Arthur. God will surely reward us for helping his Messenger." The man went to his knees.

"I have already told you this... Julius is not God's Messenger, nor is he holy in any way. Wake up from your delusion."

"It's all Aina's fault... If not for her the great Gilgamesh wouldn't insult our Messenger like that!"

"Tch... do not mention either of those names ever again."

Suddenly the floor on which the boy was standing collapsed and he was face to face with Ken.

Ken summoned two blades in her hands and pointed one of them at the boy.

"Your fight's with me, little boy."

"I will show you no mercy."