Chapter 3:

First Interactions – Fuyuha

If I Had To Find One Girl From Quadruplets, Should I Be Worried?

A week has passed since I met the Setsunazaki sisters. But I still haven’t found a clue about the Mysterious Cherry Blossom Girl’s identity. All this thinking made my stomach rumble. Let’s go to the cafeteria then.

When I arrive at the cafeteria, the cafeteria is being more crowded than always, “Ugh, should’ve brought Newcastle-senpai along…” Seeing no hope of getting any meal, I try to leave but the crowd suddenly overwhelmed me, and I’m buried within the sea of people.

While trying to get away, I spotted Fuyuha, also being swept by the crowd. Thinking that she might need help, I extend my hand to reach her. After I successfully grabbed her hand, I pulled her to me and protected her until we’re clear.

After we’ve got out the cafeteria, I checked on Fuyuha, “Are you hurt anywhere?” and she replied, “No… Thanks for saving me. I wouldn’t know what to do if you weren’t there…”

I released a relief sigh, then starts walking away. As I walk away, Fuyuha grabbed my arm and said, “H—hey! Where are you going?” And I replied, “I was hoping to buy food in the cafeteria, but as you can see, the cafeteria is being more crowded than ever. I don’t think I can get any more food. Well, I’ll just have to endure it for today…”

While I’m going to release my arm from Fuyuha’s grip, I caught a glimpse at something on her left hand—looks like a lunchbox. As soon as my eyes took a closer look at it, my stomach responded with a rumbling sound.

Hearing my stomach rumbling, Fuyuha giggled then offers her lunchbox, “Would you like to have my lunchbox?”

“No thanks. That would mean I’ll eat your lunch.”

Hearing my answer, Fuyuha laughed and opens her lunchbox wrappings, “Ta-dah! I have an extra portion!”

“Why would you make an extra portion?”

“It was for Na—uh, forget it!”

Confused with Fuyuha’s vague reply, I decided not to poke further. I sighed and accepts her invite, “Well, I’ll take your offer then…” Hearing my reply, Fuyuha’s eyes sparkled.

“Well, can we find another place to eat? Since the usual place for eating might not be usable for now…” I said as I pointed the cafeteria which looks like a war zone.

“True… But, where should we go?”

After thinking for a while, I replied, “Let’s go to the rooftop. It’s quiet and I have access to that place anyway.”

Having learned that I have access to the rooftop, Fuyuha looked at me with amazed eyes, “The rooftop? And you have access to that locked place? Wow…”

I chuckled, “Well then, shall we go?” And Fuyuha replies with a nod.

Ever since we left the cafeteria premises, Fuyuha have been staring at me intently. Not that I mind her staring at me, but I think I’m not that eye-appealing to girls…

I tried to open conversation, “Setsu—” Before I even finished, Fuyuha stopped me from talking, “Not Setsunazaki! Call me Fuyuha! Fu-yu-ha!”

I scratched my head, “I don’t think we’re that close to use first-name basis…”

Fuyuha puffed her cheeks, “But I want you to call me with my first name!”


“Because, uh, you know… There are four people with the name Setsunazaki here and calling us with just last name might be confusing, you know?”

“If you insist… Fuyuha-san.”

“No! Drop the honorifics!”

I sighed, “Fuyuha…”

Fuyuha nodded her head in agreement, “Well, since your name is Kazuki… I’ll call you Ichiki then!”


“You know, your “Kazu” could be read as “Ichi” and it sounds cuter!”

“Huh, suit yourself then...”

Fuyuha smiled, “Really? Yayy!”

When we arrived at the rooftop’s door, I checked the door to see if it were open, but obviously it was locked. Since I got the key for it, I can use it accordingly and voila, it’s open.

As soon as I opened the door, I can feel a nice breeze from there. Fuyuha, after seeing that the door is open, immediately runs a spot near the fence then sits down and waves her hand, “Ichiki! Come join me!” I let out a little sigh then sits next to her.

“Heh heh… I’ll let you know that I’m confident with my cooking!” Fuyuha states as she starts opening her lunchbox. After Fuyuha opened the lunchbox, I instinctively drooled. I mean, how can I not drool? Her lunchbox is packed with many delicious foods! Rolled egg, octopus-shaped sausage, and meatballs! Even the rice looks delicious!

Catching me looking at her cooking intently, Fuyuha teased me, “Oh my, you’re drooling? I guess my cooking really piqued your interests, eh?”

I shook my head, regaining my senses, “Well, appearance can be deceiving. I’ll take a bite to confirm it then…”

As I try to take the rolled egg, Fuyuha prevents me from taking it by moving her lunchbox around.

“Oh, come on. How can I know the taste if you keep moving the lunchbox?”

“Hmm… Do you really want this?”

Before I even said anything, my stomach growled, technically answered Fuyuha’s question.

Hearing my stomach growl, Fuyuha smirked, “Looks like you desperately need the food…”

“C’mon, can you just give me the lunchbox?”

“I’ll give it, but not for free!”

“Seriously? Now I have to pay? But you were the one who offered it to me…”

“I don’t recall offering you for free.”

I sighed, then checks my wallet, “And? How much should I pay?”

“Hold up. I won’t take any monetary payment from you.”

“Hah? Then how can I pay?”

Fuyuha smirked, then puts her finger in front of her lips, “If you kiss me, then I’ll consider it paid!”

I stared at Fuyuha silently for a while, then stands up and starts to leave. Seeing me trying to leave, Fuyuha panicked, “Wait wait wait! I’m just teasing you! Don’t be angry!”

I stopped midway, then started to walk back to her, “You seriously thought that I’m angry?”

“You’re going to leave me alone! I thought you were angry!”

“Nah. I wouldn’t get angry at a childish prank like that.”

“Childish? Did you say childish?”

“I did. Why? I mean, only kids that’s using that kind of pr—” Fuyuha, sounding angry, shouts, “Ichiki, you idiot!” And started hitting me repeatedly.

I don’t get it. I stated the obvious and she gets angry? I mean, maybe I was rude calling it childish, but it’s true. Only kids use that kind of prank.

After Fuyuha has calmed down, I ask her, “Can I have the lunchbox now?”

“Geez, Ichiki! Ask me if I’ve calmed down first!”

“Uh, I think you’ve calmed down, based on my assumptions. If you were still angry, you’d still hitting me right now.”

Fuyuha facepalms, “Geez, Ichiki, you idiot…”

“Yes, yes, I’m an idiot. Can I have the lunchbox now?”

“Sure, here you go…”

At last, the heavenly lunchbox is now in my hand and ready to be eaten by me! Wait, the lunchbox she gave me had more portion than the other. I just realized that the lunchboxes are not the same size too. Mine’s the bigger one, by the way. Confused, I called out to Fuyuha, “Fuyuha…”

Before I even ask, Fuyuha interrupts me, “Yes, yes, I know that your lunchbox is bigger than mine. That’s intentional, that was originally for Na—uh, never mind…”

I decide not to poke further then start wolfing down the meal, and as expected, it’s heavenly. The egg had the right amount of salt, the meatballs are juicy, and the sausages are soft and easy to chew. I think I’m beginning to like Fuyuha’s cooking.

While I’m still eating, Fuyuha had already finished her meal and stares at me, then asks, “Can I rest on your shoulders?”

“Hmm? I don’t particularly mind. So here you go.” I scooched to close the gap between us. Fuyuha then rests her head on my right shoulder, “Well, thanks. Even you can be considerate, huh?”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Was it?”

“Whatever, I don’t really know…”

I glanced at Fuyuha. After a closer look at her face, I find that she’s also quite attractive. Her fluffy ponytail’s cute too, even though it’s prickling my neck right now. I just noticed that Fuyuha had a hair strand sticking out of her head. Is that normal?

After I finished the meal, I thank her for the food then start to relax too. I wonder if Fuyuha is the Mysterious Cherry Blossom Girl… No, I haven’t even interacted with her other sisters. I can’t make baseless assumptions now… Then again, why is she this defenseless with someone whom she just met a week ago?

When I was still thinking, I can feel something is vibrating. Since I didn’t bring anything that could vibrate right now, I woke Fuyuha from her nap, “Fuyuha, wake up, your phone’s ringing.”

Fuyuha, having been woke up, brushed her eye, “Huh? It’s morning already?”

I chopped her head lightly, “No, it’s still afternoon. Anyway, your phone was just vibrating.”

Finally realized the vibration, Fuyuha checked her pocket and read her messages, “Oh right…”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, I remembered that I have something to do. So I’ll be taking my leave now,” Fuyuha started to leave, but when she’s about to close the door, she shouted, “Thanks for the shoulder pillow, I think I might like it! Let me try it again sometime!”

After Fuyuha closed the door and I’m about to leave the rooftop, I bumped with the empty lunchboxes, “That girl… She forgot to bring her own lunchboxes. Well, I think I’ll hold on to it for now…”

Wait, how can I give this back to her? Give it back to her while we’re at school? No, her classmates would start making a rumor… Well, I’ll think about that later. For now, let’s just go.