Chapter 4:

First Interactions – Haruna

If I Had To Find One Girl From Quadruplets, Should I Be Worried?

It’s fifth period now but I don’t feel like going to class.

Oh right, rather than being in class, I’ll just think on how to return Fuyuha’s lunchboxes!

Question is, where should I go? Oh, I’ll go to the courtyard.

As I approach the courtyard, I see someone under the school’s orange tree. Who would it be? Everyone should be in class now. Huh, let’s just check it.

It’s one of the Setsunazaki sisters. If I remember correctly, her name is Haruna. Right, Haruna, the one who hit me with her book when we first met. Why is she sleeping here? Should I wake her up? No, looking at her peaceful face, maybe I shouldn’t. I’ll just sit near her then…

After I comfortably placed myself, I spotted some books around her, “Looks like she fell asleep while reading books. Let’s see…”

I try to read Haruna’s books, but it looks like that her books’ contents are not compatible with my brain, which is making me confused.

Come to think of it, since she’s reading those difficult books, could it be she is the smart student everyone’s been talking about? She seems to be a type that always bringing a book around. Even that time when we met, she brought a book. Right, right, should be her.

“Huh, I don’t think she should be near a ‘stalker’.”

When I stand up, the sleeping princess wakes up and pulls my blazer’s sleeve while staring at me. Does this mean she doesn’t want me to leave? I sigh, then proceeds to sit again. Seeing me sitting again, Haruna goes back to sleep. “Seriously?” I thought.

I sigh for the second time, “Well, looks like I was correct… Huh, time to think on how to return Fuyuha’s lunchbox.”


What’s that sound? Oh, looks like a book fell from her lap. Let’s put it back. And what’s this? I spotted a small piece of paper on the ground after I picked up the book, looks like it was slipped between the book and dropped along with the book.

When I’m about to read the paper, Haruna immediately wakes up and quickly snatched the paper and the book from me.

I realized that I’m about to do something wrong, so I apologized, “Sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”

Haruna didn’t say any word. She just nodded on my apology while hiding her face with the book she snatched earlier.

Awkward silence.

I’m not someone who can keep conversation going! Come on, think! What should I say here? Wait, I know that book!

I pointed at the book Haruna’s holding, “Hey, I know that book. It’s a novel by that American author, James, right?

Haruna started to speak, although with a low voice, “…You know this book?”

“Yeah, I’ve read that book before, so I know.”

Haruna looks at me with sparkling eyes, then goes back to hiding her face with her book, “…I guess you are not that bad, considering that you are a stalker.”

Her words stabbed me right in the center. Huh, cannot be helped, since I did “stalk” her sister.

“I thought we are already clear on that matter?”

“…Maybe it’s clear for Fu-chan and Na-chan since they’re kind, but you yelled at me…”

Again, her words stabbed me right in the center. “Urk, that was reflex. I’m sorry…”

“If you’re sorry then it’s okay…”

“Can I ask you a question?”

Haruna nodded.

“If you thought of me as a bad person, then why did you pull me when I tried to leave earlier?”

“Ah, that… I didn’t see you clearly at that time. I thought you were my sister.”

“Your sister? You’re exaggerating.”

Haruna looks at me confusedly, “Huh? Exaggerating? I have a scientific reason for that…”

“And what is it?”

“Um… Maybe not so scientific after all. But all I can say is that you have the same warmth with my other sisters, which made me somewhat distracted…”

I am left speechless with what Haruna said about me. I didn’t think I would be called a “warm” person by someone whose sister “stalked” by me.

Watching me being silent, Haruna starts panicking, “I—I’m sorry! Did I offend you in any way? I’m very sorry!”

“No, no… It’s not your fault. Don’t be so hard on that.”

“I’m sorry… I’m very shy and have difficulties interacting with people I don’t know. That’s why I don’t know what to do when you went silent like that…” Haruna sighs, “I really hate this trait of mine… I wish I could talk to people normally…”

“Nah, you’re conversing with me right now. So I think it’s a nice job for you,” I patted Haruna’s head, then thinking that she might not like it, I immediately moved my hand, “I’m sorry! It was just on impulse!”

“No… Keep doing that… I don’t hate it…”

“Is that so?” I started patting her again. That made her smile. Hang on, can I ask her about that note earlier? Okay, let’s just be direct.


Before I finished calling her last name, I caught a glimpse of Haruna’s pouting face. Ah, the same case with Fuyuha…



I let out a little sigh, “This may sound rude, but what’s on the note?”

Haruna’s face goes beet red when I asked her about the note.

Seeing her reddened face, I impulsively apologize, “I’m sorry! That was really rude of me!”

“N—no… I’ll tell you… The note is…”

I gulped, waiting on her answer. But before Haruna answered it, the bell started ringing, signaling period change. Oh, come on! Your timing sucks!

Haruna, realizing the bell, said, “Oh, the bell’s ringing. Let’s go back to class. Or would you like to hear about the note first?”

“No, it’s okay. You’re an honor student, right? Let’s just go back to class before someone saw you skipping class.”

“Eh? Skipping class? Wasn’t it just break time?”

“No. It was fifth period.”

Shocked with the answer, Haruna shrieked, “Ehhhh!?”

I stand up, then offered a hand to Haruna, inviting her, “Well? You want to go to class together? Maybe our classes are close to each other?”

Haruna, accepting my invitation, grabbed my hand then says, “If you’re okay with me…”

“What are you going to do with the books?” I asked her while pointing at the scattered books.


I sigh, “Well, let’s tidy this up…”

Haruna nodded.

After tidying and bringing the books back to the library, we arrived in front of Haruna’s class, she thanked me, “Thanks for accompanying me. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem. Just don’t skip class anymore, ‘kay?”

Haruna replied unenthusiastically, “You don’t have to remind me, but yes…”

I chuckled, “Oh right. Before I forget, can I tell you something?”

“What’s that?”

“If you needed someone other than your sisters to talk with or just want to hang out, you can count on me.”

“Eh, really?”

I nodded, “I’m serious, just make sure you’re not breaking any rule if you were going to do that.”

Haruna puffed her cheeks then hits me repeatedly with her book, “Kazuki, you idiot!”

While defending from Haruna’s book attack, I ask her, “Kazuki? You’re using my first name?”

“Since you called me by my first name, I wanted to do the same… I guess not, haha…”

I shake my head, “No, I don’t really mind. Do call me whatever you see fit.”

“Really? Thanks!”

“No problem.”

Haruna giggled, “I don’t know why, but I think I can hold conversation just fine if it’s with you, Kazuki.”

“Well, that’s an honor.”

“I’m serious!”

I chuckled, “Well, see you later then, Haruna.”

Haruna nodded, then enters her classroom, but not before waving her hand to me. Well, it’s kind of disappointing about the note, but maybe it’s not the time to learn about that now. I scratched my head, “I wonder what the note for was?”

I keep thinking about the note as I walk back to my class.