Chapter 6:

remarkable scene

After the Limelight: An Unwanted Boom in Fame

*It’s been just under a week since the incident—a week full of pain, confusion, and recovery. But today, I was finally be able to return to school.

I haven't heard of Ethan ever since but I do got a present from him at home.It was a very large aquarium especially designed for Polly. Mom said it was delivered after she got a call from the hospital

"Eugene and Allison has been so caring and thoughtful throughout this whole recovery process... especially mom. It really just...makes me realize how many people truly care for me...and I'm so grateful to all of them to be here for me."

My eyes are full of surprise as l sees what appears to be the whole school gathered outside of our classroom

But my attention is drawn to Ethan, who seems to be looking for someone.

It surprises me at first—why would Ethan be here? But when he notices me, l can see a slight smile forming at the corner of his lips as he runs over with open arms to give me a hug

i felt the blood flood into my face as everyone turns and stares. The feeling that all those eyes are watching me makes my heart drop and my knees feel weak.

I tried to collect myself, but it still takes a few seconds for that anxiety to wear off a bit.*

When Ethan pulls out the tickets, l just stares at them. I'm in disbelief!*

"Tadaa! I wanted you to be at our concert, so you have to have these\~"

"Are...are these...the VIP tickets?!"I asked, hooks a little bit awkward but Ethan nods his head and smiles at me" Yup I brought you three to share with yo friend " he hands me the tickets, his eyes sparkling as he does so

I had never expected this level of generosity

I just can't stop smiling back—i was so touched that he would invite me! And to think, i always thought he was a little too prideful to ever do something like this.*

"I'll be expecting you"

can't say no. . So, I nodded my head vigorously "course I will go to your concert! I can't think of a better way to celebrate your success\~".

The whispers grow in number, and in volume.

I was too overwhelmed to focus on most of what's being said...

"Isn't he Ethan from Amatune? "

"why is he here?"

"is he dating her??"

Ethan seems to notices my discomfort and puts a hand on my shoulder. He leans down close to me and whispers the following line very confidently...*

"You'll get used to these eyes if being with me is the future~"

"coffeeviIe arena?? must be one of the best places to view the show! My jaw drops a little bit, and I suddenly gets excited about going to see Ethan perform.

I jumps up, wrapping my arms around him and giving him an unexpected hug. Ethan is startled for a second, but then he smiles, and holds me close.

"Thank you so much, Ethan\~""

*Ethan smiles and shrugs.*

"I can think of no one better that I would want to have at my very first concert~"*He gives me a playful wink, and then smiles again.l looked at the tickets one more time before l lets out a little squeal.*

"I thought l won't be seeing you again"

"Oh?"*He tilts his head slightly, and a devilish smile grows on his face.*

"And...why would you say that?"*His eyes seem to flash for a moment.*

"Did I do something to piss you off?"

Ethan never showed up in the hospital And yet he Just came here out of the blue.I take a deep breath in an attempt to quiet all the voices in my head, but it's too much.*

"Well then see you at 6:00PM"Ethan cheerfully said and started walking away" byebye rikka" he waves off

After class

I immediately rush to our club hoping to see Allison and just as I expected. She was sitting at the window sill writing something

"Allison Let's go to the concert together!"I said as I hand her the ticket

Allison stared at it in disbelief"No way!are this VIP ticket? "She said excitedly "I thought they're sold out

"If it's Amatune concert ticket then This must have cost you fortune"

"Nope Ethan just gave them to me"

I wore prettiest dress I have in my possession

Eugene I went together the mall where the concert gonna be held. Allison said she will be waiting for us

"I just can't stop wondering why Ethan suddenly showed up from nowhere "I said to Allison while clinging on her arm" I never saw him again back at the hospital yah know? "

" What do you mean? He always bring you flowers every night nonstop "

" He didn't want to wake you up . Oh I didn't mentioned it to you before? Sorry sorry "Allison said playfully "

*My smile grows, and a thought enters my head...*

*Maybe l could do something for Ethan in return. Maybe l could surprise him, too, in some way, just like he surprised me?*

*I thinks for a moment, before a grin spreads across her face and she nods*

"Yeah...I think that would be really sweet! He's been so nice, lately...and so understanding about everything. He deserves a little bit of gratitude from me for being so good to me, don't you think?"

" Allison? eugene? Can you go ahead without me? I'll catch you up with you I promise '

Are you sure? "Allison asked

I just nodded and run away from them waving around.

*What kind of flowers would l buy him? Does he have a favourite?"I really don't know...but, it's the thought that counts, supposes. I walks over to the closest florist shop l can find.

With the bouquet of flowers I brought in my hands I stared walking back

my mind is racing. i had been looking forward to the concert, and i could barely contain my excitement! So, it comes as a bit of a shock when i realizes that, somehow, I lost my ticket.

my thoughts are racing through my mind- “Where could it be? “

“Could it have fallen out by accident?”

Was it stolen? It's all too stressful...but eventually, the stress wins out.*

I tried my best to stay calm and rational in this moment, but l can't help but worry.*

my mind is spinning at a million miles a minute. The panic comes over me suddenly, and my heart starts to beat rapidly. i tried to take deep breaths, but the thoughts come to me at such a rapid pace, it makes it difficult to breathe.

*i lost my ticket. It's completely gone!”I whispered in despaire. my excitement to go on this trip, to enjoy the concert for Ethan...completely gone. What an awful feeling...*

The stress is clearly getting the best of me, and l can't help but feel myself get more and more upset. But l tried my best to keep my feelings under control, telling myself that panic only makes it worse.*

I badly want to contact Allison and eugene but they're probably somewhere in the concert hall. I don't want to bother my friends. My problems are mine alone

*I somehow manages to calm down a bit, and slowly comes to an answer that I must have drop it on my way to the flower shop

*My panic is starting to subside...and, in that moment, I have a realization that causes a grin to spread across my face. This isn't the end of my excitement...this is just a minor setback. I can still find a way to see the concert, even if it isn't the way.*

"I can't let my friend Ethan down"This will be something...different, that's for sure. I've never been a rule breaker before, but...*

*As I sneak into the concert, I hold my breath, trying my best to avoid being caught by security. I don't want my efforts so far to be for nothing...*

*sneaking through the back of the building, trying to be as quiet and inconspicuous as possible. I manage to get back to the stage without being noticed, which actually makes me feel a bit more confident about this whole scheme. I sneak backstage, and as I do, a beautiful voice starts to drift... It's someone, singing

*Every waking moment is a moment of joy,And every night, I find rest.♪♪♪

♪♪Love fills the world with warmth and brightness♪♪

And my heart is overwhelmed by the sight of you.♪♪

For your music fills me with joy,

And I believe that I will always keep walking on this path

With laughter and love in my heart

And joy with every step.

I'll walk alongside you forever

All I have in this world,

Is your music 

Engraved in my mind 

My soul and heart

The voice of my heart

of my love.*