Chapter 7:

Remarkable performance

After the Limelight: An Unwanted Boom in Fame

And the voice is just...beautiful. I can't believe I would have missed this. For the first time, I actually really feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be.* feeling more and more emotions rising up in me. The mix of nerves, excitement, and pride all rush out in a wave, and I start to tear up

Finally, I spot the main entrance to the stage--the one only performers are allowed to enter

"Hey miss! "A security guard caught me on act.he immediately called back up. In panicked of being caught I run away from as fast as I could

But, realizing I was heading to the stage, I accidentally trip on a wire and make a fool of myself in front of all those people.

* I try to catch myself, but the fall is too sudden and unexpected. I hear the crowd gasp for a moment, and then the's not just laughter, but a sea of mockery all directed at me. I don't want to be here anymore...*

I feel my face flush with embarrassment, was a stupid accident, but I can't help but feel like such an idiot...*

"I even lock myself in memories, and you?

This time, this temperature

This passing wind, will I remember it?

A person to forget"

His voice is like an angel's- soft, clear as a bell, and just stunning in every way. Just listening to his sing makes me feel so moved and's almost too much."

A guy on stage playing the bass noticed me and stared at me in a drowsy demeanor but pretended to not see me and continue playing as if nothing had happened

*That was...humiliating. I've never felt more embarrassed in my life, but that just pales in comparison to how I felt when I looked up. I see Sariel, standing in the middle holding a mic, he glanced to me and stop singing.

It was his voice?..... He was Infront of me eyes widened the moment he saw me

"..... "*And, like a final gut punch...there's Sariel. Looking through me. Not a hint of pity or even recognition in her...cold eyes.*

The mockery and laughter are so loud...all aimed at me. I freeze, trying to process all the emotions swirling around within me. The pain, the frustration, the disappointment...I have so many emotions right now, and I can't control any of them. It comes to a boil and my eyes fill with tears- tears of shame, frustration and disappointment, hurt and sadness

Even I can't see Allison and eugene in the crowd

"I ruined Ethan's performance "I whispered in disbelief

*Sariel stays in his spot, watching all this with a face like a stone. he doesn't move, the only sign of life coming from his they seem to glow with an ominous red light for a moment.

he doesn't speak, but I can feel his disappointment in my soul.*

*The look of disapproval on his face is just too intense, and I try to look away--but my eyes are locked if it's somehow too difficult to not see. His judgement is too painful in this moment...*

*However Ethan's expression is filled with concern. He quickly drops everything including his guitar and rushes down to me, offering his hand. In that moment, the whole world stops...and it's just the two of us.*

* I hesitantly take his hand, and look up at him. There's so much emotions running through me at once...emotions that are all too hard to comprehend right now, and I find I'm not able to form any words. So, instead of talking, I just looked away"I ruined everything"

"'s alright. You're okay."*He wipes some tears off my face, and his voice is soft and calming.*"I'm here."

*He sounds so sincere. It gives me a great feeling of comfort

when he sees the flowers. He stops in his tracks, just staring at the flowers and taking that moment to appreciate everything. Then, with a smile that shows just how touched he is, he looks down at me and says, "Are those flowers for me?"

*I nods, holding the flowers out to him."I'm sorry Ethan I lost the ticket so I decided to sneak—"

There no need to explain rikka

**However, Sariel's eyes are cold, lacking all emotion. he's staring at us...I don't know what's going on behind those eyes. I get a feeling of dread in my chest, and I feel so vulnerable. This feeling of being under the scrutiny and judgement is so...horrible. And yet, despite that, Ethan manages to stay calm and composed throughout it all.

"The concert —"I said in panicked. Does this mean Ethan they would be in trouble because of me

The audience whispers grow in number, and in volume.

*Sariel stands on the stage, his eyes focused and his expression one of absolute concentration . he begins to let out a deep breath, before letting hjs voice sing out across the arena, loud and proud.

*♪*You are the sunlight of my life. You are the reason I smile. You are such an angel, so kind, so warm.I look at you and I see the world...I look at you and my heart starts to burn. *♪*His voice is incredibly beautiful—soft and clear as a bell, bringing the house to silence.*

I heard the rolling of drums. Bass stared to play nothing else to be heard other than the instruments

Ethan smiled and started to strum his guitar

"You shine on me with your beauty, it's like sunlight on my skin and it makes me feel a happiness deeper than I've felt before.You are the sunlight of my world...*♪Ethan turned to snag not leaving my spot

*""The singing is...beautiful. There's no other word that can describe it. It's filled with such emotion, and the way he sings of sincerity, it's truly moving to hear. I feel my heart stirring within my chest, and I'm starting to tear up once again, but this time, it's from joy. I try to hold it back...but a tear slips out from my eyes, and I can feel another one slowly moving down my face. It's amazing how much beauty this world has to offer...*

"*When I first heard your beautiful melody, I I had never heard anything so beautiful in my life. Your music spoke to me deeply, filling me with a sense of awe and wonder.♪♪ethan voice was so gentle

" It was like nothing else I've ever heard before, and it gave me such a feeling of joy and peace...and I knew then that your music would forever be part of my life. It was as if you'd given me something so incredibly precious...and nothing else could compare.*

You are like a fire, burning and spreading. The heat from your flames fills my heart, And no one but you, can put out the spark"

It' beautiful. The sound of their voices together is so lovely, and the words they are singing convey so much. I feel like I'm caught in a storybook scene- like something out of an amazing dream.

Ethan smiled as he stared at sariel started to sing the next part

"I'll only listen to you, your overflowing melody, all your emotions Since the day you started playing, Ill let you hear these feelings you so that this music would remain"*The song begins to come to an end as sariel finishes singing the last note, and the audience gives a round of applause.

Roses where throw on stage as the rest of the member bowed down their heads after a wonderful performance

It's a beautiful song, one that makes me think of sariel...and all the emotions we've felt together playing the violin together

" It's beautiful!

**The song brings the whole audience to tears. It speaks of love, of loss, of hope, and of new beginnings. It's perfect—a perfect finale to a beautiful concert

I feel filled with so many emotions that I can't even name them all...but I do know that I'm filled with a sort of joy and warmth that I've never felt before. It's like my mind is filled with light...*

As if me being tripped on stage had never happened

and I watch as Ethan rushes to hug me after the performance" I'm sorry Ethan"

"It's okay rikka the performance was a success "This is all so incredible and unreal, and it all makes me feel so incredibly lucky

But, just when I'm taking it all in, Sariel grabs my hand and pulls me away from Ethan. he is so strong, it takes me by surprise. I look at him, my eyes filled with confusion.

he gives me a stern look , and whispers to me,*"I won't let you ruin Ethan"