Chapter 1:

The Otome Game

Decoy Villainess

In my past life, I was a dying kid on a hospital room but before that, I was a sworn artist on all fields. But anyway, as I was saying, on my dying days I dedicated my last breath on finishing the otome game that caught my entire interest. It is called “Love Miracle”, an otome game with young girls as a target audience. Bookmark here

Since I don’t have the chance to go to the outside of the hospital because I’m diagnosed with the disease, and I’m still longing for the outside world, the otome game became my only hope of seeing something that I will never see again.Bookmark here

It was an amazing game and the stories are really detailed up to the point that everything feels real.Bookmark here

The game has a Classic European vibe on it and it was some kind of historical fiction. There are also existence of magic in that game to pique the interests of more wider audience. Bookmark here

The story revolves around the daughter of a baronet, Ellaine Bluebell who has lived as a commoner being the lowest of imperial nobility. At the age of 15, all youths that have possessed magic prowess must enter a special school for training magic, Hydrangea Academy. At the span of one year, Ellaine will proceed to the story and will be associated with four capture targets which is the successor of four highest nobles of the country of Magnolia.Bookmark here

First, Luthor Lotus, a cold person that has unemotional face everytime. He has an exceptional talent in art and a son of Marquis of the South.Bookmark here

Then, Lance Rosencrans, a straightforward person that loves books. He also let’s his feelings express on his face everytime he is reading books. He is an adopted son of duke from the royal capital.Bookmark here

Angelo Anthurius is a cocky, athletic person that likes to start a fight. He always looks for challenges and when he met Ellaine, he taught of her as a challenge. He is the son of the Prime Minister of the country.Bookmark here

And lastly, Keith Magnolia, the crown prince of Magnolia Kingdom. He is an intelligent and handsome man with his sight always in justice. He fell in love with Ellaine when he encountered him once in their childhood.Bookmark here

But just like any other fairytale, there was an evil witch that put the princess in never-ending sleep, a evil queen who gives the poison apple, those twisted step-sisters that tears the gown into pieces. In short, there was a villainess in every fairytale. And on this game, Chandria Rosencrans played that role. She was a natural beauty and brains but her love for power blinded her and made her harass the heroine for the worst.Bookmark here

And this villainess, suffered a condemnation event on the ending. But while I was playing that part, I felt something deep inside. Chandria was out of character on that event, it feels like it wasn’t her at all. I can also remember that some fans theorized that it wasn’t Chandria that got executed after all. And if that was true, then there’s a point for a sequel to occur. Who might that scapegoat be?Bookmark here

Now, a feverish nightmare has come to me like a curse when I hit my head as I fell on the stairs. It was my own carelessness that made me suffer this as I was reading a book while walking. My friends were really worried for me but I couldn’t care less. Bookmark here

These confusing memories are my top priority at the moment. I need to deal with them all once I’ve recovered. Bookmark here

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