Chapter 2:

The Awakening

Decoy Villainess

I am Althea Amaryllis, a '???’ character from an otome game.Bookmark here

One day, I woke up in a room that sunlight passes through the window. The place is not my familiar hospital room where I can smell the strong disinfectant every once in a while. Except, the room has a sweet smell of flowers loafing in the air. Bookmark here

Due to the new environment, I instinctively turn my gaze around. It's hard to accept, but my eyesight remains the same, blurry I may say.Bookmark here

I wonder what happened to me... The last thing I remember was when fell in the stairs and I hit my head hard. I also regained my memories from my past life which is a sickly isolated kid on a plain hospital room.Bookmark here

"Althea! Are you alright? How many times do I need to tell you that you can't read books while walking unconsciously?!" Bookmark here

I searched for my glasses on my bedside table and wore it immediately. Bookmark here

The one who greeted me was a young boy with beautiful silver hair that looks smooth, he also have vibrant green eyes that have a look of worry. Along with him was a worried girl with porcelain complexion, a short flaxen hair adorn with stargazer and she also have blue sapphire eyes.Bookmark here

I remember these two as my friends, Matthew Forester and Ellaine Bluebell.Bookmark here

"Matthew, Ellaine, I can guarantee you that I'm fine." I said plainly as they heaved a deep sigh.Bookmark here

"Althea, we want you to be careful next time. When you are absorbed in reading, you barely paid attention to your surroundings that's where you got that head injury." Ellaine explained to me.Bookmark here

"Oh, I see... Sorry for making you worry." I awkwardly said and scratch my nape.Bookmark here

Ellaine and Matthew are both good kids who obey their parents. Since they are my precious friends I feel bad for making them worry.Bookmark here

"Still stubborn as ever. I hope Sir Amaryllis doesn't have a hard time dealing with you." Bookmark here

Oh right, I have a family in this world. Amaryllis family is a commoner baronet family living on the southern part of Magnolia Kingdom. Our livelihood is crafting and selling wares to the capital of Magnolia by the help of Forester, Matthew's family, which is a traveling merchant.Bookmark here

In my past life, I'm a highschool art prodigy. I studied every concepts of art and make a use of those skills. So I think that now that I regained my memories of my previous life, I can help my family.Bookmark here

Speaking of the past, eventhough I'm a prodigy and somehow a celebrity in the world of art, my name didn't reach its fullest popularity. Just when I'm about to make my official debut, I was struck by an incurable disease that slowly takes my life away... So in the end, I spend my dying moments playing an otome game called "Love Miracle", ah those good old times where the heroine Ellaine Bluebell ended up with Prince Keith----- wait! Did I just said Ellaine?Bookmark here

With widened eyes, I give a shocked expression to Ellaine. Bookmark here

"What is it, Althea? Are you not feeling well?" With the same worried expression painted her face, she asked me.Bookmark here

"E-Ellaine... What's your last name?"Bookmark here

"Eh? It was Bluebell. Why did you ask? I thought you already know that..."Bookmark here

"Bluebell?!" I unexpectedly raised my voice and that made Ellaine and Matthew flinch.Bookmark here

"Ah! Sorry, that was bad of me."Bookmark here

It might be just coincidence... There's no way this is all true, what's in the otome game will stay in the otome game!Bookmark here

No! There's a huge possibility out there that this is the otome game that I've been playing.Bookmark here

"Are you really fine, Althea?" Matthew approached me and gave me a worried look.Bookmark here

Oh wait... I think Matthew is introduced as well... He's the shop owner that used to greet me "Welcome fellow student, please take a look at my wares!" with a bright smile and cheerful expression. He's not a capture target but still, he looks adorable.Bookmark here

Both Ellaine and Matthew are characters from "Love Miracle" so that means... This is indeed the world of an otome game! Bookmark here

"Love Miracle" is an otome game mainly focusing on young girls as an audience. The main character is Ellaine which is a fellow commoner from a baronet family that enrolled in a prestigious academy at the age of 15. Aside from that, there are four capture targets which are the most influential people in this kingdom. Ranging from the crown prince to a son of Marquis.Bookmark here

Then... Maybe... I'm just a minor character. Bookmark here

I feel kind of envious to my friends being major characters and all. But still! That just only means that I can be an artist that I always dreamed of without interactions from the hectic main plot! Haha! This is actually nicer than I expected.Bookmark here

I can have all the time lazing around! Bookmark here

"... Thea... Althea!"Bookmark here

"Right! I was listening!"Bookmark here

Matthew and Ellaine heaved out a sigh. "You're always spacing out. Anyway, please refrain from moving so much you might---"Bookmark here

"No problem! I'm fine! Besides, I still have a lot of things to do. I'll help father in crafting things!"Bookmark here

"Uhm... But Althea, you're not really helping Sir Amaryllis before. What's with the change of heart?"Bookmark here

"Eh? What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Did you hit your head hard?"Bookmark here

"Noo! I'm definitely fine! Please let me hold tools... I beg youu!" I whined as I pull myself from them before they can pin me to the bed again. Bookmark here

I’m somehow got excited about crafting at this point and I became out of character for the Althea that they know. Bookmark here

I think they are thinking that I’m crazy, oh poor me. I’m pretty sure I’m still on my right mind, just not as a common six years old girl but a high school art prodigy.Bookmark here

In the end, I can't do that much since I'm outnumbered and I'm not that strong for a girl.Bookmark here


Decoy Villainess

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