Decoy Villainess

When a six years old commoner girl, Althea Amaryllis, fell from the stairs and hit her head, she regained memories from her past life. That is, she is a high school artist prodigy that died due to an incurable disease. She later realized that this is the world of the otome game that she played before she died and she has the same appearance as the villainess. But one thing seems off, she’s an unrelated, mob character. With that in mind what could be her role in this story? An obvious answer showed itself, she’s used as a decoy on the condemnation event and she’s the one that either get exiled or killed in the place of villainess. With the same fear of dying in an early age, she will aim to struck down her destruction flags and to become a known artist in this world!

GenreHistoricalMagicSchoolSlice of LifeIsekai
UpdatedApr 07, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count1,594
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