Chapter 6:

First Interactions – Natsumi (Part 1)

If I Had To Find One Girl From Quadruplets, Should I Be Worried?

Since I’m done with everything in school today, it’s time for me to go home.

On my way to the shoe locker, I’m recalling my earlier interactions with the sisters.

Fuyuha is easygoing and friendly. She’s not afraid of me and already able to joke with me. One thing that bothers me, does she always that relaxed in front of other people? Haruna is the same too, she’s not afraid of me. She WAS afraid of me, though. But she said that I have the same warmth of her sisters. That’s actually quite kind of her, considering our unusual meeting. On the other hand, Akino doesn’t seem to be afraid of me, but she is very cautious towards me. Well, this is the normal reaction. I haven’t seen Natsumi all day, I really hope that I could meet her today.

After I changed my shoes into outdoor shoes and heading towards the school gate, I spotted Natsumi. When I’m trying to reach out for her, she noticed me and immediately runs away.

Wow, I did not expect that reaction from her. I believed that she was the kindest of them all. But for her to run away like that, she might still be afraid of me. Well, can’t be helped. I’ll try again sometime later.

On my way to home, I once again, spotted Natsumi. Huh, she doesn’t seem to notice me this time. But she looks confused, is she lost or something? Hmm, I’ll try calling out to her then try to help her this time.


Hearing her name being called, Natsumi reflexively turned her head to see her caller. But when she saw my face, her expression turned as if she was seeing a ghost then immediately runs away, again.

After being “rejected” for the second time and saw that her expression of hers, I’m convinced that she is still afraid of me. But she looks really confused before she saw me, maybe I’ll help her discreetly this time.

When she ran away, I think that she might be running towards the shopping district. Well, that place is always bustling with people. I think someone might’ve seen her…

When I arrived at the shopping district, loads of people are still roaming around the place, minding their own business. I don’t know where to start asking, but luckily the meat seller has known me for a while, which is a good starting point.

“Yo, lad! Fancy seeing you here!”

“Yeah, I happen to have some business here. Which leads to the question, have you seen a beautiful girl running around here?”

“Come on, lad. You know there are many of ‘em here.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure. But I’m talking about a particular girl. Have you seen her?”

“Ahh… I might’ve seen her. You’re probably talkin’ about a girl with pink twintails, right?”

I snapped my fingers, “I knew you’d notice her. Now, where is she going?”

While scratching his head, the meat seller then points to where he last saw Natsumi, “Huh… If I remember correctly, she turned right on that intersection.”

“Nice, thanks.”

“You’re welcome, lad. By the way, when will you—?”

Before the meat seller finishes his question, I immediately ran from his store, ignoring his ‘Oi!’ when he noticed me running away.

When I’m looking around, I take a glance at a fast food restaurant. While looking at the restaurant’s ads, I noticed Natsumi’s hair. I also noticed that she’s eating alone, but she looks content. Hmm, seeing her enjoying her food made my stomach rumble too. Well, I guess I could use a break.

After taking my meal, I noticed that the only empty seats are near Natsumi’s seat. Just my luck… Anyway, let’s slip through that seat and hope that she won’t notice me.

I sneak around while avoiding to alert Natsumi, then finally gets the seat. I take a glance at Natsumi again, I see that she’s happily enjoying her food. That put a smile on my face.

While I’m still staring at her, Natsumi’s antenna hair starts tingling, like it’s noticing her of a stalker presence (Is that even normal?), then Natsumi starts looking around.


I hid myself under the table, so she won’t see me, whilst still trying to take a peek at her to find a moment to come out from hiding.

When Natsumi finally stops looking around, I slowly slide myself to the seat again. But after I comfortably slid to the seat, I hear something that tingles my ears.


It was Natsumi. She noticed my head appearing from the seat in front of her. She immediately finishes her meal in an instant, then runs away again.

Following her, I also finish my meal in an instant then proceeds to chase after her.

“Wait, Setsunazaki!”

I wonder, is it safe for her to be running at that speed after eating? Her speed is also not the speed of an average schoolgirl. She’s also athletic, huh…

Noticing me running behind her, Natsumi shrieks, “Don’t come closer!”

“Hey! I’m not trying to hurt you! I’m sorry for stalking, though!”

Natsumi responds with an even louder voice, “DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!!!”

“I just want to properly apologize!”

“Then… don’t… get close… to me!” said Natsumi, starting to lose her breath.


“I… don’t want… you… to… see me… right now!”

“Okay! If you’ll stop, then I’ll stop too!”

Hearing my assurance, Natsumi stops running then starts collecting her breath. I also stop running, while still keeping my distance to her.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t… mean… to run away… from you…” said Natsumi, still collecting her breath.

“It’s okay. I mean, I did stalk you again.”

“Well, yeah… I guess you did…”

“Would you mind if I come closer?”

“YES!” shouted Natsumi, while covering her face.

“Okay, okay! Just tell me why I can’t come closer!”


Before Natsumi finishes her sentence, her gaze shifted at a nearby café. I can see that she’s obviously resisting her urge to go there. Starting to understand her a little better, I ask her, “Want to go there?”

“Really? You’re sure?” said Natsumi with her eyes sparkling from joy.

“Yeah, my treat. For interrupting your meal earlier.”


Natsumi then immediately enters the café, then I followed her inside after waiting (checking my wallet) outside for a while.

Inside, I see that Natsumi is already seated on her table, waiting for her order to come. When she saw me enter the café, she smiled and waves at me, “Shikishima-kun! Here, here!” Seeing her smile so innocently made me smile a little too.

I instinctively sat next to Natsumi. Confused, Natsumi asked me, “Why are you sitting next to me?”

“Oh, right. I’ll go to your front then.”

“Okay then…”

I move over to the seat in front of Natsumi.

“Setsunazaki, about before…”

Natsumi sighed, “I guess I should come clean about it…”

I gulp, readying myself for her answer.