Chapter 7:

First Interactions – Natsumi (Part 2)

If I Had To Find One Girl From Quadruplets, Should I Be Worried?

I’m still waiting for Natsumi’s answer. From what I can see, she’s hesitating right now, as she is looking at her surroundings for a while now.

“Setsunazaki, you don’t have to push yourself to say it…”

“No, it’s okay. You see—”

Before Natsumi finishes her sentence, she was interrupted. Again.

“Here’s your order, miss! A large serving of strawberry parfait! Enjoy your meal!”

I was shocked with the size of her parfait. That is not something that is consumed by an average high school girl!

Natsumi sighed, “This is the reason, Shikishima-kun.”


Natsumi sighed again, “This is why I don’t want you to see me…”

“Hmm… The fact that you’re able to eat this large-sized parfait alone?”

“Yeah… I thought you might get disgusted… This is not a normal thing for a high school girl, right?”

“I admit I was shocked, but if this is something that makes you smiled that brightly, then I can’t hate you for that, right?”

Natsumi’s expression went from ashamed to joy as she smiles brightly, “Really? You’re not creeped out at all? You’re a good guy after all!”

I smiled lightly, “Well then. Please do enjoy your parfait. I’ll stay here, waiting for you to finish it.”

“Really? You don’t even want to taste it?”

“Nah, I’m good. It’s yours after all.”

Natsumi pouted, then scoops some of her parfait into my mouth, “No! You enjoy the parfait too!”

The parfait melts in my mouth, prompting me to say, “It’s delicious…”

“Right?” said Natsumi while also enjoying her parfait.

I keep staring at her while Natsumi’s enjoying her parfait, she’s already eaten half of it and she’s not even showing any signs of slowing down.

Noticing me staring at her, Natsumi asked, “Is there something wrong with my face?”

“No. It’s just that you look cute when you’re happily enjoying your parfait.”

Natsumi’s face went red again, “C—cute!?”

“S—sorry! That was very inappropriate!”

“N—no… That was very nice of you to say that. Thanks…” said Natsumi while covering her reddened face with her twintails. “You really think that I’m cute? You’re exaggerating…”

“No, I’m not. You and your sisters ARE cute. …Actually, maybe three of you are VERY cute. While one other is also cute, she is very hostile towards me.”

Natsumi giggles, “Hee-hee… Just like Akino-chan. She’s maybe acting like that, but she’s also a very kind girl if you get to know her better.”

“Heh. I don’t know when that will happen. But it sure is nice if I get to know her.”

I noticed that some people gazed towards us. Maybe more like towards to Natsumi. She’s very attractive and cute, so it’s normal for people to be looking at her with admiration. I also noticed that some gazes are looking at me, full of jealousy. Why would they look at me like that?

When I’m about to confront the guys who looked at that, Natsumi pulled my uniform’s sleeve, “Where are you going?”

“Uh, nothing. Just wanted to ask some guys about stuff I didn’t understand.”


I noticed that Natsumi’s plate is already empty, “You want another?”

Natsumi shakes her head, “No, it’s enough. Thank you very much.”

“I see… Then I’ll go pay the bill.”

Natsumi nods then leaves the café, while I go to the cashier to pay bill. Turns out that the parfait costs way more than I expected.

After paying the bill, I leave the café. Natsumi greets me, “Once again, thank you very much. I really hope I can pay you back someday.”

“No no no. It’s me who should say thanks.”

Natsumi giggled, “Well then. I should be getting home now. See you tomorrow, Shikishima-kun!”

“Uh-huh… Wait a second, you’re going alone?”

“Uh, yeah? Is that wrong?”

“I wouldn’t say it’s wrong. But things can happen, you know.”

“I’ll be careful!”

“You can never be too sure. I’ll go with you.”

Natsumi’s face goes red, “Eh? Why?”

“For your safety. As I said, things can happen. And you’re a girl too.”

“I—I see… You’ll protect me, then…”

“Yeah. I may not look like it, but I’m confident with my strength. So you can rest assure, I’ll protect you along the way.”

Natsumi giggles, “Hee-hee… Thanks… By the way, can I call you Kazuki-kun?”

“Hm? Sure. I don’t really mind.”

“It’s settled then! Please call me with my first name too!”


Natsumi looked at me with eyes full of hope, I cannot resist that kind of face, “…Natsumi.” Hearing her name, Natsumi smiles brightly as she proceeds to walk while humming.

After walking for a while, we’ve arrived at the Setsunazaki family house. What can I say about their home? It’s practically a mansion! So the Setsunazaki family are rich people, huh…

“We’ve arrived! Thank you for the escort, Kazuki-kun!”

“No problem. Good thing that nothing happened.”

To tell you the truth, many guys are looking at Natsumi while we’re on the way. Does Natsumi realize it? Probably not. Anyway, I made sure that they’re not coming closer.


A familiar voice pierces my ear. Natsumi peeked through my shoulder to see who it is, “Fuyuha-chan! Haruna-chan and Akino-chan too! Welcome home!”

Fuyuha waves at Natsumi, “We’re home!”

“Great. Her sisters are home. I can leave Natsumi under their care now,” I thought as I silently walk to leave.

While passing the sisters, Fuyuha grabbed my collar, “Where are you going, hmm?”


“What were you doing with Natsumi? On a date?”

“No. I was escorting her because I didn’t like the idea of her going home alone.”

Fuyuha released her grip on my collar then heads to Natsumi, “Hey, Natsu-chan. What were you doing with him?”

“Um, not much? He bought me parfait!”

“So, like on a date?”

“Was that counted as a date?”

Fuyuha let out a relief sigh then asked me, “Well, I suppose we can trust you in the future?”

Fuyuha’s words is making me confused, “Hah?” What’s the meaning behind Fuyuha’s words? While I’m still thinking, Akino expresses her objection, “No! No way! I don’t trust this creep!”

“Aki-chan! Don’t be rude! Besides, Ichiki never hurt you!”

“Ichiki? Oh, so you’re all buddy-buddy with him now?”

“Aki-chan! Don’t be like that!”

Not wanting Fuyuha and Akino to argue more, I try to stop them, “Listen, guys. If one of you didn’t want me to be here, then so be it. I’ll take my leave.”

My words seem to have backfired as they argued more. “Look at what you’ve done, Aki-chan! Ichiki hates us now!”

“Ha! I don’t want him to care about me either!”

Not having another way to stop them, I tried to stop them by force, but Natsumi interferes before I did so.

“Fuyuha-chan! Akino-chan! Don’t fight!”

Fuyuha and Akino turned their heads to Natsumi, “But, she’s—!”

Before they finish, Natsumi hugs both of them, “Sisters must get along, right?”

Fuyuha and Akino seemed to have calmed down after Natsumi hugged them. Fuyuha, being the mature sister, apologizes first, “S—sorry, Aki-chan. I lost my cool…”

“M—me too, Fuyuha. Sorry for being loud…”

Natsumi clasped her hands and said, “Now that you’ve made up, let’s get along again!”

I don’t want to ruin their moment, so I tried to leave sneakily, only to be caught by Haruna, “Kazuki… Why are you trying to leave?”

All heads are turned to me now, I try to reason, “Uhh… I don’t want to ruin your sisterly moment…”

Haruna grabbed my sleeve and dragged me to her sisters. “Uh, hi,” I said.

Akino grabbed my collar then said, “You’re saved this time. But you better not get close to my sisters, you hear!?”

“What if I can’t help it?”

Akino released her grip, “Then don’t get involved!”

“I’ll try.”

“Hmph! You better!” Akino looks away then proceeds to walk into her house.

“That could’ve gone worse,” I said to myself.

Haruna noticed my crooked collar, “U—um… Let me fix that for you…”

“Ah, okay, thanks Haruna.”

Haruna giggled, “No problem, Kazuki. There! Fixed it!”

Fuyuha, who is just looking at Haruna fixing my collar, said, “You know, you two looked like a married couple. Acting lovey-dovey like that.”

Haruna realized what she had done, then her face goes red, “R—really?” said Haruna as she covers her reddened face with her book.

“Hmm… Now that I think about it, it sure is nice to have Haruna as a wife. She’s cute and intelligent.”

Fuyuha taps my shoulder, “Ichiki, do you have any idea of what you just said?”

“Uh, I don’t know? Is that rude?”

“N—no. I wouldn’t say it’s rude. But could you see what damage you’ve done to Haruna?”

I turned my head back to Haruna and I see that her face is completely covered with her book. I couldn’t tell what expression she has right now. But I can see that her face is somehow redder than before.

Seeing my confused expression, Fuyuha taps my back, “You still need to learn more about ladies, Ichiki.”

“G—got it…”

“Well then, if there’s nothing more, me and Haru-chan got something to talk. Catch you later, Ichiki!” said Fuyuha as she waves at me.

“Oh, okay. See you later, Fuyuha. Haruna too.”

“See you tomorrow, Kazuki…” Haruna smiled at me before she follows Fuyuha to the house.

After Fuyuha and Haruna entered the house, I’m left alone with Natsumi. Natsumi breaks the short silence, “Kazuki-kun, would you like to go inside?”

“Nah, I’m good. Besides, SHE might’ve thrown me out before I even enter the house.”

Natsumi giggled, “I see. Too bad, then. Another time, perhaps?”

“Yeah, when the time comes.”

“Okay, then. See you later, Kazuki-kun.”

“Yeah, see you, Natsumi.”

I waited outside until Natsumi safely entered the house. When I assured that there’s nothing out of the ordinary, I leave the area.

Wait a minute, I feel like I’m forgetting something again. What could it be?