Chapter 24:


The Elf Saint is a NEET, so I Forced Her to Work in Another World, Vol. 16

***The Chamber of Time…***

Oh! So, you’ve arrived!” Time greeted her visitor with a smile, as her routine whenever someone accessed her chamber. It was a man, clad in an-all black clothing that resembled that of a priest, who stood before her. “You should’ve come earlier; Mister Kuro of Arles was here.”

“I don’t want to meet him,” the man replied. “You know me; if I have no business with someone, I’d rather stay away.”

Ah, as unsociable as ever, huh, Black God?” Time laughed. “Ooh, I remember when you first came here…a curious mind as ever; gave me lots of questions to answer, and even declaring I want something cringey with sheer confidence. Tell me, where did that cute person go?”

“People change,” was the Black God’s reply. “Even deities are never exempt. And uh, please forget that stupid episode.” He averted his face from her, so she wouldn’t catch a glimpse of his red cheeks.

However, Time already saw it. Amused, she added, “Well, too bad, the Traveling Goddess is also looking for you.”

“That stubborn saleslady? What for?”

“Well, I think she’s about to sell you something again.”

“Tell her I’m not interested,” the Black God reiterated. “That goddess, selling me those weird stuff…”

“Don’t be so stingy! Some of her things are actually useful!” the lady pouted. “And also, I love to see you suffer—”


“I-I mean, I love seeing your reactions! You’re really cute ever since I first met you.”

The Black God remained silent, and he averted his face once again. Nevertheless, Time knew that she got into him the second time, and that was enough.

“So,” she changed the topic, “what’s your plan about Mister Kuro?”

“That guy? Nothing. Why do you ask?”

“Are you sure?” Time glanced at a nearby candle holder with an unlit candle on it. On its one side, there was a small name that says, ‘Luisa’. “I can feel he’ll come back again to this place someday.”

“Well, let him come. You speak as if that guy is something remarkable,” the Black God chuckled. “And besides, you know the rules. His Heavenly Majesty the High King of the Gods forbade us to interfere in someone else’s world. Let the god of that place sort it out with his or her subjects.”

“No one’s ruling Chersea at the moment.” Time pointed out.

“I told you, it’s not my business. Why are you so fixated on that human from Earth who’s saving Chersea?”

“Because he’s that interesting.”

“Really? Something’s wrong with your eyes then; after you took his right eye’s sight.”

“You speak as if I’m a villain; I’m doing this so no one will abuse their privilege to come to my chamber and ask to change everyone’s fates.”

“I know, I know…mortals can be quite cocky,” the Black God gave her a head pat, and flashed a mischievous smile. “But, it’s still your problem then.”

“You do know that you’re bad in acting like a snob,” Time countered, noting his sword, strapped to his side. “You say you don’t care, but you’re ready to jump into the fray. For what the Black God’s sword—the weapon that slays those who come from the Void—would be here? A decoration for you?”

“In the first place, you’re annoying, little girl,” the Black God snapped at her, pulling and pinching her cheeks.

H-Ha?! Little girl? What if I cut off your—”

“Cut off my what?

Time blushed terribly, “Don’t make me say it, you pervert! In any case, I’m telling you, Black God, you should interfere in Chersea. Seems like the Seductress is having a free rein in consuming worlds, once again.”

The Black God heaved a sigh, as he pulled out the sword from its scabbard. “Alright, you win. I guess that Kuro and the saints would really need some ‘divine intervention’. I heard that this ‘Seductress’ is even more powerful than the previous ones…like that, erm…what do you guys call that abomination again?”

“C.B? Chaos Beyond?”

“Yeah, that thing the Devil of the Grey Parka fought in his past.”

“Well, come to Cherwoods and Cherflammen, then you’ll see.”

“I will,” the deity turned away from her and waved his hand goodbye.

Oh, and Black God!”


“I love you!” Time gave him a flying kiss, which the heavenly lord gladly received.