Chapter 25:


The Elf Saint is a NEET, so I Forced Her to Work in Another World, Vol. 16

Whew!  Volume 16 is one of the longest books I've written recently.

I mean, I did plan my story up to the end.  However, in my quest to properly give justice to my characters' actions, as well as cover all the plot inconsistencies, I ended up with a 70k-word book that took me almost two months to end.

But, no matter.  My mantra is always 'give the best to my readers'.  As such, I'm hoping you guys like the work.

Now then, I'm only four volumes away from the ultimate end.  As in the end.  What are my plans from there?

Honestly, I'm mulling about my next projects.  The Ballad of the School Hallways needs some love, especially that my memories are starting to fade (I'm getting old).  So I guess, I need to devote my energies to finishing that one first over my other unfinished project, DECK.

Oh yes, DECK needs a rewrite, too.  I've read every feedback given to me on that work, and I think there should have changes, especially on the characters of Yuuki and Temaire.  So, maybe after the Ballad, I'll be working on DECK.

And my manga, Paulina Rex?  Maybe I should be writing down its dialogues, so I can properly plan my pages.  In any cases, this is HoneyFeed.  We don't have a manga section yet...or possibly never, so this work of mine won't see the light of day here.  (Even if I wanted to.)

Also, I've already written a draft of the few first chapters of Cassandra David's story, which is technically the prequel to the Saint Series.  Sadly, it was wiped out--along with the illustrations and manuscripts I made for two years--when I made a mistake in formatting my PC before.  But, yes, for the Saint Series, I'd like to have a prequel detailing the exploits of Alexa Cassandra David.

Will there be a sequel?  It's not in my head at the moment.  But, in any case, I just want to thank you once again, my dear readers, for you support throughout my journey as a writer.  I mean, I know I'm not the best out there; nevertheless, I still give my all whenever I write my books.

And with that, this volume and afterword comes to a close!  Have a great day!