Chapter 4:


Kny Oc Swap

Aki: The reason I won...

Aki: was because I could pick up the scent of a thread to an opening.

Aki: When I fight someone, I just need to pick up his scent

to see the thread.

Aki: The thread would lead my blade to my opponent's weak spot.

Aki: The moment I saw the thread, it became tighter.

Aki: It strongly pulled my blade towards my opponent's weak spot.

Aki: Master Urokodaki.

Urokodaki: I didn't plan to allow you to take part in the Final Selection.

Urokodaki: Because I don't want to see another child gets killed doing it.

Urokodaki: I didn't believe that you can cut the rock.

Urokodaki: You've worked hard.

Urokodaki: Aki, you are an amazing kid.

Urokodaki: Promise me that you'll survive the Final Selection.

Urokodaki: Your sister and I will be here to wait for your return.

Aki: What's the occasion? These look delicious.

Urokodaki: I'm doing all this to celebrate your graduation.

Urokodaki: Don't mention it, just eat.

Aki: Thank you, Master.

Urokodaki: Aki, I have done everything I could for you.

Urokodaki: What you're going to face next is different from what you've trained for.

Urokodaki: Those will be times of turbulence.

Urokodaki: So at least for now, keep your mind at ease and take a good rest.

Urokodaki: Well, Aki.

Aki: Yes?

Urokodaki: Did you like my hot pot?

Aki: Yes.

Aki: I haven't tasted anything so delicious in a long time.

Urokodaki: For a kid with a huge appetite like you, a good meal will earn you some energy and a few inches in height.

Urokodaki: But the same goes for the demons.

Urokodaki: So bear this in mind.

Urokodaki: Basically, a demon's strength is based on how many people they eat.

Aki: So the more people they eat, the stronger they become?

Urokodaki: That's right.

Urokodaki: As it gains strength, a demon experiences bodily changes and may even gain magical powers.

Urokodaki: If your sense of smell is keen enough, you can even smell how many people a demon has eaten.

Aki: What is this?

Urokodaki: It's called a talisman mask.

Urokodaki: It is to keep you away from calamity.

Urokodaki: I've cast it with a spell.

Aki: A talisman mask.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: I promise that I'll come back to you.

Urokodaki: Don't worry about your sister.

Urokodaki: I can look after her.

Urokodaki: : Yes.

Aki: Thank you, Master.

Aki: I'll get going, Master Urokodaki.

Aki: Say hello to Sabito and Makomo for me.

Urokodaki: Aki.

Urokodaki: How did you...

Urokodaki: know the names of those dead kids?

Aki: Nice.

Aki: This is a lot of wisteria.

Aki: But it's not blooming season.

Aki: There are so many people.

-Dearest participants,

-Dearest participants,

-thank you for gathering here to join

-thank you for gathering here to join

-the Demon Slayer Corps's Final Selection.

-the Demon Slayer Corps's Final Selection.

Here on Fujikasane Mountain, we have in captivity a lot of demons caught alive by our very own slayers.

There is no way they can get out of here.

That is because wisteria blossoms which demons fear the most bloom all year from the hillside to the foot of the mountain.

But from this point onward, there will be no wisteria blossoms, so demons may appear.

If you can survive in this place for seven days, you are qualified for the Final Selection.

-Thus, we wish you all the best.

-Thus, we wish you all the best.

Aki: Seven days?

Aki: I just have to know how to survive.

Aki: First, I have to live through tonight.

Aki: After sunrise tomorrow, the demons won't show up.

Aki: That will give me a good rest.

Aki: For that, I need to head east.

Aki: I need to head towards where the sun rises the earliest.

Aki: This scent...

Aki: A demon is really close.

Aki: Where is it?

Aki: Where will it come from?

Aki: I can't tell where the scent is coming from.

Aki: It's from above!

Aki: Demon.

Demon 1: You bastard!

Demon 1: Keep your hands off my food.

Demon 1: Now get out of here.

Demon 2: Who cares? How about you get out of here?

Aki: Two demons have shown up at once.

Aki: Is there a way to deal with them?

Demon 1: That's my prey, damn it!

Demon 2: Shut up!

Demon 2: First come, first serve!

Aki: It's okay.

Aki: Keep calm and observe them.

Aki: Think about your training.

Demon 2: It has been a while since I last had human meat.

Aki: Total Concentration Breathing.

Aki: Breath of Water.

Aki: It's the scent of a thread.

Aki: Fourth Form,

Aki: Striking Tide!

Aki: I slew them.

Aki: I defeated demons.

Aki: I'm getting stronger.

Aki: All my days of hard work haven't gone to waste.

Aki: I've grasped everything.

Aki: When beheaded with the sword Master Urokodaki bestowed to me, the demon gets obliterated, doesn't it?

Aki: The demon's vital part is its neck.

Aki: But if you cut it with an ordinary sword, it won't kill the demon.

Aki: So what should I do to defeat a demon?

Aki: A Demon Slayer Corps sword is made out of a special kind of steel.

Aki: It's the only weapon that can slay demons.

Aki: It's called a Nichirin Blade.

Aki: May you be reborn as human beings.

Aki: Now, where is this stench coming from?

???: Nobody told me that something like this will happen!

Aki: What's happening?

Aki: What on earth is that?

Makomo: Hey, Sabito.

Makomo: Do you think Tanjiro can beat him?

Sabito: Beats me.

Sabito: No matter how hard you try, it won't be enough.

Sabito: You should know it.

Aki: So you will...

???: Why does it have to be so damn big?

???: No one told me about this beast.

Aki: It has eaten him.

Aki: Don't be scared.

Aki: I have to save him!

Aki: I'm no longer the helpless kid I used to be.

Aki: Now, go!

Aki: Breath of Water, Second Form,

Aki: Water Wheel!

Hand Demon: You're back.

Hand Demon: My cute little fox.

Aki: "Back"?

Hand Demon: My dear little fox, what year of the Meiji era is it?

Aki: It's now the Taisho era.

Hand Demon: Taisho?

Hand Demon: It's a new era!

Hand Demon: You changed to a new era!

Hand Demon: You changed it.

Hand Demon: You changed it when I'm trapped in this goddamn place!

Hand Demon: I can't let this happen!

Hand Demon: I'll never ever forgive you for this!

Hand Demon: Damn you, Urokodaki!

Aki: How do you know Master Urokodaki?

Hand Demon: Of course I do.

Hand Demon: It was him who brought me here.

Hand Demon: I'll never forget what happened 47 years ago.

Hand Demon: That bastard was a demon hunter in the Edo period, the Keio era.

Aki: A demon hunter in the Edo period?

???: You're a liar!

???: There's no demon that could live so long.

???: Only demons who ate three people are held in captivity here.

???: Such are the demons that were slain and also those who killed each other.

Hand Demon: But I've been alive and kicking all this while.

Hand Demon: As I waited behind bars of wisteria,

Hand Demon: I had eaten a total of 50 people, you brats.

Aki: Fifty people?

Hand Demon: Eleven.

Hand Demon: Twelve.

Hand Demon: Thirteen.

Hand Demon: You are the fourteenth.

Aki: What are you talking about?

Hand Demon: It's the number of Urokodaki's disciples that I have devoured.

Hand Demon: It has been my resolution to gobble up every kid he has taught.

Hand Demon: By the way, there were two of them who left a great impression.

Hand Demon: One of them was a rascal with a rare hair color.

Hand Demon: He was the strongest.

Hand Demon: His hair was peach in color.

Hand Demon: There was a scar on his cheek.

Hand Demon: The other one was a little girl in a flowery kimono.

Hand Demon: She was petite of little strength, but she was a pretty quick mover.

Aki: They were killed by this demon?

Aki: But I saw them...

Hand Demon: That mask is a mark.

Hand Demon: That fox mask is their souvenir.

Hand Demon: I remember every fine line of every mask that Urokodaki crafted.

Hand Demon: It's carved the exact same as the tengu mask he wore.

Hand Demon: He said it's a talisman mask, right?

Hand Demon: I've gobbled up every single person that wore that kind of mask.

Hand Demon: They're all in my tummy now.

Hand Demon: It's as if Urokodaki sent them all to their deaths.

Hand Demon: The one time I said this, the little girl got so mad that she cried like a baby.

Hand Demon: But soon after, she started rocking and tugging at me.

Hand Demon: So I tore off her limbs and...

Sabito: Calm down, Aki.

Sabito: Your breath is all over the place.

Sabito: It's okay.

Sabito: You don't have to think about us.

???: While he eats that kid, I got to run for it.

Hand Demon: Another Urokodaki brat bites the dust.

Hand Demon: Now that this disciple of his is not going to come back alive,

Hand Demon: I wonder what he thinks about this?

Hand Demon: I wonder how he feels about this?

Hand Demon: I'm so curious.

Hand Demon: I really want to know.

???: Aki.

???: Aki.

???: Aki!

Hand Demon: He dodged.

Hand Demon: He can still move.

Hand Demon: This is going to be a lot of fun.

Aki: Damn.

Aki: I slashed him so much, yet he grew back his hands so quickly.

Hand Demon: You can't kill me just by slashing my hands.

Hand Demon: To be honest, even that peachy brat couldn't get his blade past my neck.

Aki: I can't let this freak get away with it.

Aki: Before he gobbles up anyone else,

Aki: I must vanquish him here right now!

Aki: I smell a demon from the ground.

Hand Demon: She jumped so high.

Hand Demon: I can't give her my killer blow.

Hand Demon: But being in the air doesn't protect you from this catch!

Makomo: So even Aki can't defeat him.

Sabito: That demon's neck is really hard.

Sabito: We have no idea of the outcome.

Sabito: But out of all this, one thing is for sure.

Sabito: Aki is someone who can hack the biggest and hardest rock into two.

Hand Demon: She made me stretch my arm.

Aki: Total Concentration Breathing.

Aki: Breath of Water.

Hand Demon: She stretched me out.

Hand Demon: It doesn't matter.

Hand Demon: My neck is so hard, she can't possibly slash it.

Aki: First Form...

Hand Demon: As you fail to slash my neck,

Hand Demon: I'll squeeze your head until it bursts just like the other brats!

Aki: Water Surface Slash!