Chapter 5:


Kny Oc Swap

Hand Demon: Urokodaki.

Hand Demon: Damn it!

Hand Demon: My body is starting to disintegrate.

Hand Demon: I can't stop it.

Hand Demon: Damn it.

Hand Demon: The last thing I saw was the face of a demon slayer.

Hand Demon: Why did this happen?

Hand Demon: I'm so scared.

Hand Demon: I'm scared of being alone at night.

Hand Demon: Brother, where are you?

Hand Demon: Hold my hand now.

Hand Demon: Just like how you always do.

Hand Demon: Why?

Hand Demon: Why did I kill my brother?

Hand Demon: That's odd.

Hand Demon: Who is "brother"?

Aki: The smell of sadness.

Aki: God, I beg you.

Aki: When this person is reborn,

Aki: I hope you won't let him become a demon.

Hand Demon: Brother!

Hand Demon: Brother!

Hand Demon: Can you hold my hand?

Hand Demon’s Brother: You're hopeless.

Hand Demon’s Brother: You're always so timid.

Aki: Sabito.

Aki: Makomo.

Aki: And the other children who were murdered.

Aki: I won.

Aki: Please rest in peace.

Aki: You can fulfill your promise to go home.

Aki: Although you're only left with your soul, go back to Sagiri Mountain.

Aki: Go back to your beloved Master Urokodaki.

Aki: If I die, my soul will return too.

Aki: I have a question for you.

Aki: What should I do to turn a demon back into a human form?

Aki: Tell me the way to turn Nezuko back into human.

Aki: Wisteria.

Aki: I survived.

Aki: Only four people left.

Aki: There were 20 people at first.

Aki: That guy didn't make it too.

Aki: It was because I fainted back then.

Aki: I didn't manage to save him.

???: I'm going to die.

???: Even if I'm alive now, I'll still die.

-Welcome back, everyone.

-Welcome back, everyone.

Congratulations, everyone.

Thank goodness, you're all fine.

???: What should I do next?

???: Where's the sword?

First of all, please accept the distribution of uniforms.

We'll take your body measurement.

After that, the rank will be engraved.

There's a total of ten ranks.











Everyone is currently in the lowest rank, Mizunoto.

???: Where's the sword?

For the steel to be used in sword making, please choose an ore today.

The sword-making process will take 10 to 15 days to complete.

???: What?

Before we begin...

A Kasugai Crow will follow you from now on.

???: Kasugai Crow?

Kasugai Crow is a crow primarily used for communication.

???: Crow?

???: Isn't this a sparrow?

???: Are you kidding me?

???: I don't care about the crow!

???: The sword, I want it.

???: Give me the sword now.

???: I want Demon Slayer Corps' sword.

???: The color-changing sword!

Aki: Let go of the child now.

Aki: If you don't, I'll break your arm.

???: Who the hell are you?

???: What should we do?

???: Do it if you have the guts.

Are you done talking?

Please choose an ore, everyone.

The steel of the sword is used to kill demons and protect yourself.

Please choose, everyone.

???: I'll probably die immediately.

???: Even if I were to choose,

Aki: I don't know which one I should choose.

Aki: It's my first time seeing ores.

Aki: I can't make a judgment from their exterior.

Aki: I have no idea which one is better.

???: I see.

???: There were five survivors.

???: How excellent.

???: Our children have grown in numbers yet again.

???: I wonder what kind of swordsmen they will become.

Aki: I was too naive.

Aki: It didn't matter whether the demon could communicate or not.

Aki: All they wanted was to kill me.

Aki: I'm sorry, Etsu.

Aki: I couldn't find the way to turn you back into human.

Aki: I feel so heavy with the given uniform.

Aki: I wanted to go home earlier, but my whole body hurts.

Aki: I'm finally here.

Aki: Etsu, Master Urokodaki.

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: You're awake!

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: It hurts.

Aki: Why did you suddenly fall asleep?

Aki: Plus, you never wake up after that.

Aki: I thought you were dead!

Urokodaki: Thank goodness, you came back alive.

UrokodakiI see.

UrokodakiYou killed the morphed demon.

Aki: Yes.

Urokodaki: Finally.

Urokodaki: It's so great that you came home alive.

Aki: Yes.

Urokodaki: There are several types of demons.

Urokodaki: There are demons who can use a type of special spells, Blood Demon Arts.

Urokodaki: Those are the so-called caster demons.

Urokodaki: You will probably fight against those demons later.

Urokodaki: Fighting against them will be harder than what you have experienced.

Urokodaki: But Aki, you'll definitely be fine.

Urokodaki: Yes.

Urokodaki: Well, I think Etsu is different from the other demons.

Aki: Is she the spell-casting type that you said?

Urokodaki: No, I don't think so.

Urokodaki: I don't think she's a demon who practices Blood Demon Arts.

Urokodaki: This is just my guess.

Urokodaki: Etsu uses sleep to compensate for not consuming human flesh.

Urokodaki: Maybe she's using this method to regain energy.

Aki: I'll protect Etsu.


Aki: You are...

Haganezuka: I'm Haganezuka.

Haganezuka: Aki Kamado's sword is ready.

Haganezuka: I came here to deliver it.

Aki: Well, I'm Aki Kamado.

Aki: Please come in.

Haganezuka: This is a Nichirin blade.

Haganezuka: I forged this sword.

Aki: Well...

Aki: I'll make tea now. Please come in--

Haganezuka: The raw materials of a Nichirin blade are mined from the mountain nearest to the sun.

Haganezuka: Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore.

Haganezuka: Thus, the forged steel can absorb sunlight.

Aki: I see.

Haganezuka: Because Sunlight Mountain is perpetually bathed in sunlight throughout the year.

Haganezuka: It doesn't rain or snow on the mountain.

Haganezuka: As always...

Haganezuka: It's dirty. Can you stand up first?

Haganezuka: This guy never listens.

Haganezuka: Hyottoko mask.

Haganezuka: Aren't you the daughter of Kakushaku?

Haganezuka: This is really a sign of good fortune.

Aki: No.

Aki: I'm the daughter of Tanjuro and Kie.

Haganezuka: That's not what I meant.

Haganezuka: I mean you have red hair and eyes.

Haganezuka: If a family business relates to fire and a child like you was born, it's an auspicious sign that deserves celebration.

Aki: Is that so?

Aki: I didn't know that.

Haganezuka: At this rate, this sword will most likely turn bright red.

Haganezuka: Am I right, Urokodaki?

Urokodaki: Yes.

Haganezuka: All right. Unsheathe the sword.

Haganezuka: Nichirin blade is also known as the color-changing sword.

Haganezuka: The sword will change its color depending on the owner.

Urokodaki: It's Dark Red!

Haganezuka: Dark Red.

Aki: Is there something wrong with a Dark Red sword?

Aki: Does it signify misfortune?

Urokodaki: No, there's no such thing.

Urokodaki: It's uncommon to see a Dark Red sword.

Haganezuka: I thought I could see a bright red sword!

Haganezuka: I'm pissed!

Aki: It hurts.

Aki: This is dangerous.

Aki: Please calm down!

Aki: How old are you this year?

Haganezuka: I'm 37 years old.

Crow: Aki Kamado.

Crow: Listen to your mission.

Aki: It's talking.

Crow: Make haste to the northwestern town.

Crow: Young girls have been vanishing there.

Crow: Every night, young girls disappear.

Crow: Find the demon hidden within and put an end to it.

Crow: Aki Kamado.

Crow: Exercise caution.

Crow: This will be your first mission as a demon slayer.

Aki: First mission.