Chapter 6:


Kny Oc Swap

|Aki is now clad in the uniform of the Demon Slayer Corps. Her Nichirin Sword on his hip, and Nezuko, now awake, in a special box made by Urokodaki on his back, he heads out for his|

Urokodaki: Are you done changing?

Aki: Yes.

Urokodaki: Aki.

Urokodaki: Before you begin with the mission for Demon Slayer Corps,

Urokodaki: I have a few things to clarify.

Aki: Yes.

Urokodaki: The Demon Slayer Corps' uniform you are wearing is made from a special fiber.

Urokodaki: Exceptional permeability.

Urokodaki: It doesn't get wet or catch fire easily.

Urokodaki: Normal demon's claws and teeth won't be able to rend this uniform.

Urokodaki: It's so sturdy.

Urokodaki: Also, the Nichirin blade you own will change its color depending on the owner.

Urokodaki: Every color has its own characteristics.

Urokodaki: However, Dark Red swords are too rare.

Urokodaki: I don't understand its specialty.

Urokodaki: Because I really don't understand...

Aki: If that's the case, is there a problem, Master Urokodaki?

Urokodaki: I really don't understand.

I heard only talented swordsmen who aren't appreciated use Dark Red swords.

Aki: I don't know what I can achieve in Demon Slayer Corps, but I'll turn Nezuko back into a human.

Urokodaki: You're right.

Urokodaki: I believe you can achieve it.

Aki: Yes.

Urokodaki: Other than that, this thing.

Urokodaki: It's a box for you to carry your sister during the day.

Urokodaki: It was made of Mist Cloud Fir, a very light wood.

Urokodaki: The exterior is hard because of the rock lacquer coating.

Urokodaki: It's strong and durable.

Aki: Thank you very much.

Aki: It's so light!

Aki: This is really light, Master Urokodaki!

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Get inside.

Aki: Can you do that?

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: From now on, we'll always be together.

Aki: We'll get going then.

Aki: Hang on.

Aki: Etsu, are you okay?

Aki: Etsu?

Urokodaki: This is just my guess.

Urokodaki: Etsu uses sleep to compensate for not consuming human flesh.

Urokodaki: Maybe she's using this method to regain energy.

Aki: Etsu, rest well.

Aki: The northwestern town is here, right?

Villager 1: Look at Mr. Kazumi.

Villager 2: How pitiful. He looks emaciated.

Villager 1: That's because Satoko was abducted when they were together.

Villager 2: I feel uneasy every night.

Aki: How annoying.

Aki: A young girl will be abducted during nighttime.

Aki: Mr. Kazumi!

Aki: I have something to ask you. May I?

Kazumi: Satoko vanished here.

Kazumi: I don't know if you'll believe me.

Aki: I do.

Aki: I believe you.

Aki: I believe you!

Aki: Although the smell of a demon remains, it's vague.

Aki: Something feels wrong.

Kazumi: Who is this kid?

Kazumi Father: What the hell did you say?

Kazumi Father: She vanished?

Kazumi Father: Damn you!

Kazumi Mother: Dear, please stop!

Kazumi: Please believe me.

Kazumi: Satoko vanished into thin air.

Aki: I believe you.

Aki: I came here because of that.

Kazumi: You're going to keep doing this?

Aki: Yes.

Kazumi: But it's really late.

Aki: I'm very happy that you're concerned about me.

Kazumi: You can continue tomorrow.

Kazumi: You should rest first.

Aki: Those guys only come out at night.

Aki: So, I can't rest now.

Aki: I discovered a new smell around here.

Aki: Those guys must be nearby.

Kazumi: Those guys?

Kazumi: Could you be...

Random Mother: That's so terrifying.

Tokie Mother: Don't go out unless it's necessary.

Tokie: Yes, Mom.

Tokie: Good night then.

Tokie: I wonder how the girls who were abducted are doing.

Tokie: I really hope they are doing fine.

Kazumi: What's up with you?

Kazumi: She runs so fast.

Aki: The smell is getting stronger.

Aki: The demon has appeared.

Kazumi: She jumped onto the roof.

Kazumi: Demon?

Kazumi: Demon Slayer Corps?

Kazumi: They are real.

Aki: Right here.

Aki: The demon is right here.

Aki: There are two smells.

Aki: A demon and a girl.

Aki: I don't see them anywhere.

Aki: But...

Aki: The place with the strongest smell is here!

Aki: He's a caster demon.

Urokodaki: There are demons who can use a type of special spells, Blood Demon Arts.

Urokodaki: Those are the so-called caster demons.

Urokodaki: You will probably fight against those demons later.

Aki: Where are the girls you abducted?

Aki: Besides, I have two questions for you.

Kazumi: That girl is...

Aki: Mr. Kazumi.

Aki: Please carry her and stand beside me.

Aki: As long as you stand on this side, I can protect you.

Aki: The demon will either appear from the ground or the wall.

Aki: Or maybe it will appear out of the blue.

Aki: But when the demon goes into hiding, his smell doesn't vanish.

Aki: He's coming.

Aki: Breath of Winter.

Aki: Fifth Form!

Aki: Three demons!

Aki: Calm down.

Aki: I can do this.

Aki: Eighth Form.

Aki: Avalanche!

Urokodaki: Aki, listen carefully.

Urokodaki: There's only one demon in this world who can use his blood to change humans into demons.

Aki: There's only one.

Urokodaki: Thousands of years ago, he was the first person to turn into a demon.

Urokodaki: In other words, he's the enemy of your family.

Urokodaki: I think he should know the way to turn your sister back into a human.

Urokodaki: That demon's name is...

Urokodaki: Muzan Kibutsuji.

Aki: Eighth Form, Avalanche.

Aki: It's not deep enough.

Aki: I didn't hit their fatal weakness because I changed the form midway.

Aki: These three demons have the same smell.

Aki: I heard demons don't work in groups generally.

Aki: So the demon must have divided himself into three.

Aki: I need to protect these two people and kill the three demons.

Aki: I must not back down.

Aki: I must ask him about Muzan Kibutsuji and the way to turn a demon back into a human.

Aki: Total Concentration Breathing.

Breath of Winter.

Aki: Second Form, Rising Ice Storm.

Aki: I didn't strike deep enough again.

Aki: I can't continue to pursue him.

Aki: If I want to protect them, I can't strike with all I got.

Swamp Demon: Damn you!

Swamp Demon: Don't get in the way!

Swamp Demon: If this drags on, the woman's flesh won't be fresh enough!

Swamp Demon: The girl is already 16 years old.

Swamp Demon: If I don't eat her, the taste of her flesh will get worse every minute!

Swamp Demon 2: Hey, you. Calm down.

Swamp Demon 2: It's okay.

Swamp Demon 2: Even if we can't eat her tonight, we've already eaten a lot of 16-year-old girls in this town.

Swamp Demon 2: Every one of them was delicious.

Swamp Demon 2: I'm already satisfied.

Swamp Demon 1: But I'm not!

Swamp Demon 1: I still want to eat more!

Kazumi: Monsters.

Kazumi: Return Satoko who you abducted the day before yesterday to me.

Swamp Demon 2: Satoko?

Swamp Demon 2: Who do you mean?

Swamp Demon 2: If her hairpin is among these trophies, then we've eaten her.

Aki: I missed the fatal strike again.

Aki: He escaped so quickly into the ground.

Aki: Damn it. I got too close to the wall.

Swamp Demon 1: You're clearly a human. Why are you carrying a demon?

Swamp Demon 1: What's going on?

Swamp Demon 1: What's their relationship?

Swamp Demon 1: Can a swordsman team up with a demon?

Swamp Demon 1: I have no idea what's going on.

Urokodaki: Etsu.

Urokodaki: Maybe this is just self-consoling.

Urokodaki: When Etsu was deep in sleep,

Urokodaki: I hinted at her.

Aki: Hint?

Urokodaki: "Humans are your family.

Urokodaki: You must protect humans.

Urokodaki: Demons are your nemeses."

Urokodaki: Nezuko!

Urokodaki: If a demon harms a human never forgive them