Chapter 6:

Chapter 5.5 Division Explanation & Acknowledgements

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As you have probably have read by now, there are four main divisions in mana manipulation. Kraeka, Indixus, Yttrancia, and Fiara. Each of which is very special in their own way. They represent the inner soul of the person and what Gaia has presented them their goals in life should be. Below is a more in-depth view of the divisions and how they can be applied in everyday life in Dirya and other places in the story. 

Kraeka is seen to be the crafting strand in the four flows of Gaia. People who are able to manipulate the strand of Kraeka are able to change the shape of an object and levitate or hurl them with relative ease, depending on the strength of the manipulator. Furthermore, Kraeka manipulators are often the ones dependent on doing the crafts of weaponry, armory, masonry, and other crafting related activities. 

Indixus is the fighting strand within the four. Indixus is focused on the self-cultivation of the body. Although Indixus manipulators cannot inflict any damage through the flow manipulation of the enemy's body, their overall sturdiness and strength are enough to create the fear of the enemies as they not only have inhuman strength, they also have sturdy bodies which makes them almost invincible to other manipulators except for Indixus manipulators themselves.

Regarded as an important role in any mission, a Yttrancia manipulator can change the state of an object or living thing. This being said, they are able to inflict mental attacks and help allies with mental defenses. Yttrancia manipulators can connect in the flow of Yttrancia within the enemy or allies' bodies which then, through incantation, inflict changes in their body processes. An example of this is Baer Kur. As mentioned, this does not only apply to living things, but also objects. Yttrancia manipulators are able to momentarily strengthen or break the defenses of an object put up by another Yttrancia manipulator. An example of this can be an incantation which adds an invisible wall on a door to which none other than the one who put it up can open. A skilled Yttrancia manipulator can then crack the door's defenses.

Finally, Fiara is the healing strand out of the four. Healing is a very crucial part of any society, this also applies to this world. Fiara manipulators are able to heal any wounds within their knowledge of healing it. Fiara manipulators are also expected to act as first aid in any situation that might need their help. Although their healing properties are very high, Fiara manipulators do not have the ability to recover severed limbs or, for as of now, raise the dead. Fiara manipulators are really highly respected in the society as they are the ones everyone relies on when they are in jeopardy.


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