Chapter 0:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

I marched through the middle of the desert, feeling the blood-red sun glaring down on me.Bookmark here

Amidst the sandstorm, I could make out the shape of a towering castle.Bookmark here

That castle, which was said to be impregnable, was the very castle that we risked our lives reclaiming three years ago.  Bookmark here

Three years.Bookmark here

At times it feels like a distant memory, yet I remember everything as if it were yesterday.Bookmark here

Now I am no longer a sophomore in high school, but nearly a grown man.Bookmark here

“I’ve made it this far, guys.”Bookmark here

My classmates are no longer with me.Bookmark here

Every single one of them was murdered on this land.Bookmark here

However, their souls still live on in me.Bookmark here

Jaw set, I trudged determinedly through the desert towards the castle.Bookmark here

“You there! Halt.”Bookmark here

A few armed guards climbed down from the watchtower.Bookmark here

One held a gun, and the other two carried swords and shields.Bookmark here

“Do you have an entry permit? If not, leave at once.”Bookmark here

The guard who spoke was already aiming his gun at my head.Bookmark here

The remaining two also had their hands on the hilts of their swords, ready to unsheath them at the slightest movement.Bookmark here

“We’re the ones who reclaimed that castle. Why should we need permission to enter?”Bookmark here

“Is this some kind of joke? We won’t let you off easily, even if you’re a drunkard.”Bookmark here

“‘Joke?’ Look who’s talking...”Bookmark here

I snarled as I reached for the giant sword on my back.Bookmark here

Time to begin. Bookmark here

“...Bastards!”Bookmark here

The gun went off at the same time I whipped out my weapon.Bookmark here

I used the back of my sword to deflect the bullet before it hit me.Bookmark here

“Wh-what the hell is that?!”Bookmark here

The guard with the gun stared at the giant sword with his mouth wide open, momentarily distracted from firing another shot.Bookmark here

The sword, about one meter in length, had increased to three times its original size upon unsheathing it, making it large enough to cover my body completely.Bookmark here

“Daigo. This sword is called Daigo. Don’t you remember?”Bookmark here

I raised the enlarged sword weighing over a ton with ease, using only my right hand.Bookmark here

“W-wait a second. It can’’re the one who was banished three years ago!”Bookmark here

I smirked, letting him know he guessed right.Bookmark here

I must have looked like a maniac, for the color drained from the guards’ faces.Bookmark here

“Wh-what are you waiting for?! K-kill him!”Bookmark here

The two guards rushed at me with their swords.Bookmark here

The guard with the gun frantically tried to aim for my head again.Bookmark here

They’re way too slow. Pathetic.Bookmark here

I swung “Daigo” sideways in one clean sweep.Bookmark here

Snap. I felt the blade slice through each body, cutting all the way through flesh and bone. Bookmark here

This is real. It’s finally begun! Bookmark here

The guards, now sliced cleanly into halves, fell to the ground.Bookmark here

More soldiers, having heard the commotion, rushed out to surround me.Bookmark here

Nothing to worry about. I won’t let anyone escape.Bookmark here

I’ll kill them all, make them pay for what they did to us.Bookmark here

I returned “Daigo” to its original size and placed it on my back.Bookmark here

This time, I switched to the blue and red twin swords at my hip, “Yachiyo” and “Homura.”Bookmark here

Every one of my classmates’ souls is with me, enshrined within a weapon. Bookmark here

Forty souls. This is our collective effort. Bookmark here

The finale of our grand revenge had begun.Bookmark here

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