Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Prince of the Sun

Heavy eyelids fluttered open.

The side of Momoka’s face felt almost frozen. The carriage was warm inside but it thundered further and further north with strong legs pulling it. She had never been this far north before, nor had anyone visited from this far away.

Outside a frozen tundra, how anyone or anything would choose to live there was beyond her. The carriage slipped across the ice of a lake so deeply frozen Momoka doubted it had ever been completely defrosted. Then as the carriage reached the shores it slipped into a path cut through metres of high piled snow and continued on its way, leaving Momoka’s view as a boring white.

She rubbed her face finding it still cold from leading against the window and she turned her attention to those across from her.

“Still quite a while to go yet,” Reiko said softly.

Momoka nodded in response to the older woman’s words. Reiko shared the same deep brown hair that Momoka did but unlike the soft brown eyes of Momoka, Reiko’s were so dark they were almost black. Though Reiko’s gaze was always nothing but kindness.

Reiko looked back down at the book she was reading, and once again became absorbed. Tadashi sat beside her with his arms crossed, his eyes were closed though and Momoka believed he was indeed sleeping though he was not about to give that away.

Momoka smiled to herself a little.

The view outside of her window still was only the wall of snow.

She felt the carriage shift a little as it began to climb a hill. Tadashi’s head lent back a little. Momoka turned in her seat and looked out of the window behind her to those who were pulling the carriage.

They were indeed not a set of horses but arctic wolves, six of them all with fur as white as the snow around them. They were not normal wolves however, they were wolves nearly as big as horses and they ran just as fast as them too. Usually the window Momoka looked through would be blocked by a driver controlling the direction of the wolves and managing them but there was no need in this situation. Each of the wolves were really werewolves, as were each of the people within the carriage.

A long way from the lands of the Fujimura Pack the Alpha, Luna and future Luna Momoka had travelled, in the dead of winter. Momoka knew the trip was of dire importance but the lands of her pack seemed so much more beautiful in their winter glory than the lands in which she travelled through. Though they both shared the arctic circle things seemed so much more harsh here.

The wolves reached the top of the hill and atop it Momoka began to see a forest blanketed in a coat of thick snow. How clingy it was to the branches, who slumped down because of its weight. She looked out of her window once again, settling in her seat, the trunks of the trees passed so quickly. She gazed out into the thick forest hoping to catch even a glimpse of something. Realistically the massive wolves were probably scaring away any animal that did dare live in the forest.

Despite the frozen world that was the ground, the sky was a crisp blue. Though it wouldn’t last long at all, daylight would soon become scarce and cease altogether.

Reiko closed her book with a snap and Momoka looked at her quickly.

Noting that her mate Tadashi was truly asleep, Reiko spoke softly to Momoka, “This is the furthest you’ve been from the pack isn’t it?”

Momoka pulled the blanket on her lap up around her arms. “I think so.”

“It’s not without reason Momoka. The Phoenix are valuable to our pack and it’s been far too long since I have visited,” There was some lament in her words.

Bright eyed mythical beings, that was about all Momoka knew of the Phoenix.

“Are they kind?”

Reiko considered this question for a moment. “Phoenix are myths known for the strength of their souls so I suppose. They’re also known for being overly emotional so I suppose in a way they are but not any more or less than anyone else.”

Momoka looked a little nervous.

Reiko continued, “I know that three months seems like a long time to be away from the pack but you won’t be completely alone.”

“I suppose.” Momoka broke eye contact with her Luna.

“We will be interacting with the six members of the royal family a lot however they also have children around your age also learning as you are. I do hope you will make friends and build up relationships with them for the future of our pack.”

This was the first Reiko had mentioned of a younger generation, Momoka perked up at the mention of them.

“How many are there?” Momoka asked in an attempt at being coy.

“Seven I believe. Though I suppose Prince Jace and Princess Lynn might earn most of your attention.”

“Which is the heir to the throne?”

“Prince Jace is. From what I’ve heard he is becoming a fine young man very quickly. I believe he is due to ascend the throne in about five years from his Mother Queen Pearl.”

“I’ve never even seen a Phoenix before have I?”

Reiko thought for a second. “I don’t believe so. They’re a curious myth, mostly keeping to themselves. They’re known for hunting and killing vampires and demons. Vampires are seldom a problem right now. You would know if you’ve met one Momoka their eyes are so bright. There are rays of pure light within their eyes after all. All of the royal family have bright blue eyes though it’s most common for Phoenix to have yellow eyes.”

Momoka nodded, she had seen photos of them but never met them in person. Her nerves grew even further, knowing how important it was to impress Prince Jace. Werewolves didn’t seem quite as magical or as important than the Prince of Phoenixs though.

She looked back outside of her window and watched as the forest began to thin out. Her Luna continued to speak about the Phoenix and their culture. The white world of the Phoenix’s land seemed to draw Momoka’s attention.

A glint far away caught her eye.

The buildings in which her pack lived were large but modest. Humble compared to what she saw far in the distance. A palace, pure white with large turrets. Its high stone walls seemed to glitter even from far away and the mountains that were its backdrop only added to highlight its gleaming brilliance.

“There it is,” Reiko said. She too joined Momoka looking at the approaching palace.