Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Prince of the Sun

The glare coming off the brilliant white palace was almost too much for Momoka’s eyes. She squinted looking away from the white stone, yet the snow that coated the ground didn’t provide much relief. A few tears began to form in her eyes.

Slyly with one finger she wiped them away.

The wolves that were pulling the carriage had shifted back and stood at attention surrounding them. They all wore a simple gray loose fitting uniform, tied simply around the waist. They were such a contrast to the pure white that surrounded them. As was Momoka in her peach pink skirts.

She pulled her scarf tighter around her neck as a chilled wind caressed her face and played with her hair. She stood behind her Alpha and Luna, who were looking at each other silently. Likely discussing something within their own minds, through the intense connections werewolves have with those they are mated too.

Hoping her eyes had adjusted, Momoka braved another look at the palace. Almost as if it were lace, fine patterns were carved into the white stone along the edges of the palace. It was a subtle textual difference. The patterns were of wings and the sun’s rays baring down. Momoka smiled to herself admiring the immense detail of the palace.

Suddenly a woman in a black coat pushed her way through the big double doors, decorated with a white firebird phoenix. Her coat was embroidered with the same symbol with blue thread. She had blonde hair swept into an intricate updo. Above all else her eyes were the feature that stood out to Momoka. Bright blue nearly glowing eyes.

Momoka tried not to stare.

She turned her head to Reiko and Tadashi but she didn’t look at them directly, no her eye line was pointed down into the snow. Momoka frowned, body language and eye contact was very important to werewolves.

“Hello and welcome to the Palace of the Phoenix, Fujimura Pack! I am Kalina Daskalov, the Coordinator of Palace Affairs,” Kalina introduced herself with a big smile.

“We are honoured to be your guests,” Alpha Tadashi said. He dipped his head in a small bow to Kalina out of respect then when he looked up his eyes met hers. Though her’s did not not meet his.

Momoka bristled with the lack of respect.

Acutely aware of her emotions Reiko gave Momoka a pointed look.

A few more people in black coats that swept the floor walked out of the palace and over to the carriage beginning to unload the luggage from it.

“I am here to give all of you a tour, I’ve heard that it’s future Luna Momoka’s first time visiting the Palace.” Kalina turned her head to Momoka, her eyes still firmly planted on the ground.

Momoka dipped her head, a little nervous. “Yes.”

“Well follow me, you all must be freezing,” she said.

She opened the doors wider to allow the pack to enter. Walking in unison and holding a subconscious formation the pack entered the palace.

Much like the outside, the inside was completely white. The interior seemed to be completely dipped in white marble. Roof, walls, floor, columns, furniture and statues were all marble. The grand foyer was rococo though instead of the golden floral gilding, it was silver vines that crawled along the walls, ceiling and furniture. A large painting of the rising sun that adorned the roof was the only fleck of colour in the gleaming white entrance. A large renaissance style statue of a young man with long flowing hair stood proudly in the hallway. Barely covered, his detailed muscles and charming smile made Momoka blush a little.

She looked back over at Kalina who had closed the doors. The entrance now seemed a lot warmer. The werewolves still looked so completely out of place in the palace, how dull and boring they looked compared to the finery. Kalina seemed to shine within however.

“Right this way,” Kalina said, and with a flourish of her black coat she led the way down a hall.

The pack followed, still keeping their formation tight.

On the horizon the palace had seemed so small but within it seemed endless. The hallways and rooms filled to the brim with rococo styling, big paintings and ornate mirrors were the only true dashes of colour within however. Momoka couldn’t help but to feel a little subconscious.

As they walked into the main ballroom after walking up a staircase so grand Momoka swore the carriage could have easily fit in both directions, the feeling only doubled within her. The polished floor sparkled at her playfully, a grand piano stood impatiently silent at one end and grand chandeliers overlooked it all.

The pack could hardly believe their eyes. A few of the pack members almost breaking the formation.

Kalina smiled playfully at them. “Breath taking isn’t it?”

They continued on, Kalina highlighting the rooms they would be spending the most time in during their visit.

As they passed windows Momoka noticed colour dissolving the pure white turning the rooms orange. The sun was beginning to set. It was early afternoon but that was the way it was in late autumn. Even though she understood the way it worked it seemed a little sad compared to her own home that would still have a little more sunlight. Even during the winter months the sun graced the lands of her pack for a few hours.

Kalina showed them to a break room nearby one of the meeting rooms around the Royal quarters. She pushed open the large double doors with the similar crest upon them. Inside shared the same theming though plush couches circled each other within.

That wasn’t what caught Momoka’s eyes though.

Two young men as white as the room surrounding them were lounging on one of the couches, they were smiling at each other as if they were laughing. Both of them turned their heads toward the door as it was opened, though similar to Kalina they did not look directly at anyone. They were so beautiful despite their strangeness. Completely white skin, devoid of even a healthy flush, though it almost seemed to glow with heavenly light. Perfectly curled bombshell hair braided and embellished with lacy ribbons. Their coats, pure white were far more decorated than Kalina’s although they displayed the same phoenix, though in glossy white embroidery. They both shared the same bright blue eyes. The older one was so incredibly handsome, Momoka wasn’t completely sure if he was really before her eyes. The younger one had a boyish charm to him.

They quickly unfurled from the couch and stood to attention.

Kalina tried to keep a smile from her lips as she introduced them. “Prince Jace Townsend and Lord Claude Scaranto.”