Chapter 0:

Prologue — Void

Chained Regalia

What is it that I’m feeling right now?

Dark. Empty.

Joy? Sorrow? No. Nothing as expressive as that.

Nothing. There was nothing. Why was there nothing? A meaningless question with a meaningless answer.

Desperation? Perhaps Fear?

The same. Always the same. Unchanging and eternal.

How long have I been here? A second? A minute? A lifetime?

Be it a day, a year, a century, or a mere moment, all were made equal in this place.

Is this heaven? Hell? Or is it merely a reflection of my own soul?

Uncaring, yet not unwelcoming.

Dissatisfaction. Discontentment. The only remnants of a worthless life hardly lived.

I had no body. Did my mind remain? Or were these thoughts merely the echoes from a ‘me’ that once existed. Perhaps that would explain why they were nothing but an incoherent mess.


One tangible desire remained amongst the violent sea of chaos. Nearly overwhelmed and eradicated but somehow still intact.

I want to live again. I don’t wish for the conclusion to be so… empty.

I had no body. I couldn’t possibly express this sentiment, yet I still tried to scream. My final declaration to the world would be a silent shout into the void.

Perhaps reality heard my mute cry and bent itself to my will; more than likely, though, it was simply a coincidence. In that moment, the black world where time refused to flow vanished in a blinding flash of light.
Syed Al Wasee
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