Chapter 0:

You're strong

The Day I Forgot About You

The place was shrouded in darkness, with only a faint glow in the center of the room illuminating the people present. Neo strained his eyes to identify anyone there, but their identities remained obscured.

Their faces were all turned toward the same place, an indiscernible space that seemed to be in the middle of the room. Voices echoed in the darkness, and Neo could understand a few words.

"The results are unfolding as we predicted..."

"Our names will be written in history books."

"Our lives will be transformed forever..."

In an instant, the focal point transformed into a radiant glow that flooded the room, dissipating the darkness. Neo found himself lying on the groud, his body throbbing with pain. Looking up, the once-dark ceiling turned into a flickering red glow, accompanied by a shrill and deafening alarm. The air became thick with smoke, and desperate screams echoed from all corners.

Amidst the chaos, a woman, bloody and injured, struggled to reach Neo. Determined and wounded, she exerted herself to the fullest to reach him. Immobilized, he could only watch, his eyes fixed on her. Thoughts raced through his mind, and his heart pounded with a mix of fear and longing.

Finally, when the woman reached where she wanted to be, with her weak arms, she cradled his head in her lap and, with great tenderness and strength, embraced him, her words louder than any noise.

"Trust yourself, Neo. You are strong. Even in my absence, I know you will make me proud. Wherever I am, I will always be watching over you."

She placed a necklace around his neck as her words blended with the desperate screams begging for help.

"Control the fire!"

"Save the wounded!"

The persistent sound of the alarm grew louder and louder as the boy's consciousness slowly faded, his mind consumed by the tumultuous noises around him.