Chapter 18:

Chapter 15.5. Time Explanation & Announcement

Another Story [Hiatus]

The time in Gaia is different. As you probably have noticed from the beginning, it is counted by ticks, quarters, etc.Bookmark here

A short summary of the time system is that the time in Gaia is divided into three segments. Morning, afternoon, and night. Each segment has four hours. Each hour is 90 ticks long making a day 18 hours long.
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The calendar is as follows: 
There are 284 days in a year and roughly 32 days per month; there are 9 months.

Dolaeri - last winter month
Kayuri - first spring month
Miari - Last spring month
Lorauri - First summer month
Iulari - mid-year month
Weriari - Last summer month
Buyuhari - First fall month
Kivinari - Last fall month
Polari - First winter month

Important dates:
23rd of Iulari, School Entrance Examination. Birthday of Aura.
15th of Buyuhari, Jayde's Birthday.
7th of Miari, Mia's Birthday.
25th of Weriari, Mimi's Birthday.
6th of Polari, May's Birthday.
32nd of Polari, New Year's Eve.

More dates to be revealed soon...

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