Chapter 0:


The Perfect Human - These Idols Won't Leave Me Alone!

“H-help me… please…”

I looked down at the girl who was clinging to my ankle.

“You still have the audacity to ask for my help?”

The slightly-heightened pitch of her voice seeped through the near-silent room. I could feel the stinging sensation in my hands. I glanced at the blood that was dribbling down my arm—what a pain. I was already struggling to stand up straight, and this girl wasn’t making it any easier.

She pulled at my leg. I resisted the temptation to shake her off.

“Please… whoever you are… I’ll give you anything; I’ll do anything for you… so please… just… bring me with you.”

Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Her hair was strewn all across her blushed face. It was truly a pitiful sight to behold.

Suddenly, I heard the subtle grumbling from one of the adults on the ground. I quickly turned my attention.

“…who the fuck are you… you’re a monster… you’re the devil… I don’t care if I can’t defeat you… I’ll take the girl… at least.”

Pulling a gun out of his coat pocket, he aimed it straight at the young girl.

I stared at him silently.

Screaming and crying, the girl clung to my legs like an insect, desperately begging for help. Even if I wanted to move, I couldn’t do so without kicking her away. Well, luckily for her, I didn’t need to move since it was pretty obvious what was going on.

A few seconds passed.

“Aren’t you going to shoot?”

“If you don’t hand her over to me… I’ll shoot!”

“Do it then.”

“You’re just a kid! I know you’re terrified right now! I’ll give you one more chance.”

The man held his gun with more commitment. Still, his emotions were clearly showing on his face.

I wasn’t an idiot, after all.

“Alright then, I announce that I won’t be handing the girl over to you. Now shoot.”

The gun obviously didn’t have any ammunition in it. I had counted the exact number of shots earlier. Anyways, he would’ve shot me by now if there were any inside, not trying to pull whatever this facade was.

I didn’t even need to finish him off, since he was clearly losing consciousness. He wasn’t going to be awake much longer, after taking my kick to the side.

I looked down at the girl who was clinging to me.

I leaned down a little, sliding my arms under her legs and shoulders. Lifting her up, I brought her to my chest. I could feel her soft, silky skin on my fingers.

She is cute.

I guess I’ll bring her along.

“You’re indebted to me, don’t ever forget that.”


The events of that day are still clear in my mind, even four years later.

She might not’ve known who I was, but she wouldn’t be forgetting about her debt to me.

— Not until the day she finds out who I really am.