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    I'm like funny novel and cool images!
    I'm a huge anime/manga/comics/movies fan, I enjoy watching/reading stories. So i figured out maybe I could write my own stories! I'm not trying to make a career out of this but I hope that you'll resonate with one of my stories.
    Loves K drama, manga and Tintin.
    Can't draw so I decided to write it instead. Hello and Have a Good Read.
    Hey there, thank you for checking in! Have you ever wondered when you're watching an anime and thinks like : "Well, that one is cool and all but i think it can be better" and all of that thoughts transform into wanting to make a full blown novel/lightnovel so that it can get adapted? That's literally what i'm doing right now hehe. So, please! Follow my journey as i bash my keyboard to fulfill that goal of getting an adaptation~ and you guys can definitely tell all of your thoughts on the comment! Oh, and i mainly write on the theme of human emotions, conflicts and whatnot because i felt like that's what an anime is supposed to be, to inspire and teach lessons to other people- and well... while having some fun too! I'll be writing some super cool fantasy in the future which i think it's going to be my best! Godspeed~