The Perfect Human - These Idols Won't Leave Me Alone!

Mizutaka Riku was called the perfect human, but what does that really mean?

Released from the Ideal Human Project, Mizutaka Riku was finally able to to a normal life. However, it's not easy for someone to break free from the propaganda of one's childhood. Chained down by his past, he seeks for a way to finally break away from the last person holding onto who he isn't.

But that person won't leave so easily...

Discovering the darkest parts of humanity by rising through the entertainment industry, will Mizutaka be able to truly escape his past? Or will he forever be trapped by the ideals forced into him?

He embodies the darkest parts of human nature, after all.

There is no perfect human.

[Present-Day - Chance Encounter]

[Present-Day - Chance Encounter]

UpdatedOct 04, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count5,832
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