Chapter 5:

Chapter 5

Prince of the Sun

The meeting ended up being quite grim with both sides detailing the ways in which the new regime of Myth Hunters had affected them.

Jace left the room along with Lynn, trying not to show that the meeting had gotten to him. Lynn of course could tell. Her soft smile at the edge of his vision warmed him.

His cousins surrounded him, each of them had a future role in replacing the generation above them, they were all heirs in a sense. Thariel, the tallest among them, came up to Jace. Lynn shied away as he did.

“So that Momoka girl, she’s pretty cute,” he said with a perfect smile, enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Jace shook his head. “Is that really all you have to say after that meeting?”

Thariel just laughed. He was the son of the Norak’s and certainly inherited the frame of his parents, a huge haulking frame, well over two metres tall yet Thariel had this casual ease to him, a carefree smile and flirtatious nature. He could have been terrifying and yet he was just charming.

No, it was his sister who was the terrifying one. Known as the ice queen and standing almost as tall as her brother, April stared directly at Jace, analysing his every movement. Her body was thick with muscle, far stronger than any of the others around her, yet Jace wasn’t afraid. April was to inherit the head of the military, it was her sole purpose to keep Jace safe and determine who and what was a threat to him. Beside her the far smaller Claude stood talking to her softly even though her attention was drawn to Jace himself.

That left just one, at the very edge of the group was Nikita, Claude’s older sister. Jace knew she was there but didn’t acknowledge her.

Momoka stepped out of the meeting room without her pack surrounding her.

“Oh sorry,” she said quickly and turned to go back inside.

Jace stepped forward. “It’s ok,” his voice was soft and gentle.

It stopped Momoka in her tracks.

She turned back around and looked up at him. His face was framed by those perfect curls. He was the most beautiful person and his skin was even more perfect up close though completely devoid of colour.

Jace continued, “I feel like it’s about time I introduced you to the younger generation.”

Momoka looked around, recognizing them all from the table. It was a little imitating being alone and surrounded by them. “I would love to.”

“This is Thariel Norak, please do ignore him most of the time,” Jace said.

Thariel smiled down at her, he seemed like he was double her height and yet as his eyes brushed over her she couldn’t help but feel his beauty.

“Pleasure to meet you,” he said, a strange accent on his tongue that she couldn’t quite place.

“Pleasure to meet you too Lord Thairel,” Momoka dipped her head.

A smirk tugged on the edge of Thairel’s lips.

Jace rolled his eyes at Thariel. And gestured to Lynn. She looked as if she were wearing a lolita dress under her coat. “This is my lovely sister, Princess Lynn Townsend.”

Lynn blushed a little, colour spoiling her colourless skin. “Since when have you ever called me that,” she said quickly to her brother then turned to Momoka and curtseyed, “Nice to meet you.”

Momoka dipped her head again, “Nice to meet you too Princess.”

“Now everyone is going to call me Princess Jace!” she said more softly to Momoka, “you can just call me Lynn.”

Jace had a more playful smile on his lips as he turned to Claude and April.

“This of course is Claude, you already met him,” Claude smiled at her. “This is Lady April Norak.”

The same fear that shook her when she had seen April’s father overtook her once again. She clenched her fists determined not to show her fear. Though she was sure the mountain of a woman could smell her fear.

“Hello,” was all that April said.

“Nice to m-meet you,” Momoka said, unable to keep the tremble out of her voice.

Claude stepped forward. “I know she looks scary but I promise you don’t need to be scared of her.”

Momoka wanted to believe him and his kind smile but April was just so intimidating. She nodded at Claude.

Jace looked over at Nikita. Approached her slowly with Momoka in tow. “This is Lady Nikita Scaranto.”

Nikita barely acknowledged what Jace was saying nor did she give any attention to Momoka.

Unlike the other royal Phoenix, who had beautiful bombshell curls, Nikita’s hair was dead straight. She was wearing her coat but unlike the royal formal attire that the other Phoenix wore underneath she had alternative goth/emo clothes on. Short white skirt, white fishnets with rips in it and no lace whatsoever.

“Nice to meet you, Lady Nikita,” Momoka said, adding a little curtsy to try and please Nikita.

Nikita looked her up and down, a disrespectful flick of her eyes. “No to all of that.”

And with that Nikita walked down the hall, coat performing a taunting wave.

“Sorry about that, Nikita and I don’t get on that well,” Jace said,

“That’s a shame,” Momoka said quietly.

Jace’s eyes followed Nikita. “I’m not so sure about that.”

They rejoined the group.

Lynn was right beside Momoka. “Since you are staying here for so long I do expect that you’ll be spending a lot of time with us.”

“I guess so,” Momoka said, not really knowing what was exactly planned for her during her stay in the palace.

“We are the coolest people here,” Thariel said with a flirtatious smile.

Lynn’s mouth twisted with disgust.

“There’s no pressure,” Claude said, “we aren’t the only young people within the palace though I do believe we will be spending a lot of time together during official occasions so it would be more pleasant to be friends.”

Momoka smiled at them all. “I look forward to it.”

At that very moment her Alpha and Luna walked out of the room and called her over. She said her goodbyes and dutifully followed her Alphas.

Yet she couldn’t help but to be a little curious about Nikita.