Chapter 6:

Chapter 6

Prince of the Sun

Jace as the heir to the Phoenix naturally had a lot to learn before becoming the King. This meant a lot of lengthy lessons that consumed his time night and day. So sadly he did not come into contact with the werewolves as they settled in during their first week, though his curiosity about them had not wavered in that time.

As the second week of their stay was near passing one night when reading beneath the stars in a section of the palace allowed access to only the royal family, Lynn came over to him.

She slid into the plush couch beside him. “Our father the King will be going on a trek with Gaudrid and the Werewolves are coming with them.”

This piqued Jace’s attention. “So soon they are leaving,” he mused.

“There are a few vital intersections of our territory and Myth Hunter interference as well. It’s important to look at them in person. Since the current King is going,” a playful smile grew on Lynn’s face, “... maybe the future King should as well.”

An equal smile grew on Jace’s face. “Maybe he should.”

“Sounds proper.”

Jace closed his book with a snap and layed it gently on his lap. “And how did one such as yourself come across this knowledge before I?”

“April, of course,” Lynn said, matter of factly.

April the future head of the military had an understanding with Jace though he would never consider it an actual friendship. Perhaps the queen of ice considered him to be more of a job rather than someone she could form those kinds of bonds with. It had always seemed strange that April was indeed friendly with his younger sister. Lynn and April couldn’t be more different, even though they were both royal Phoenix they looked completely different. April towered over Lynn, making her look fragile and Lynn was always dressed and styled perfectly while April was extremely practical. Lynn was sunshine and warm while April was a frozen wasteland. Yet the two cousins were very close.

Jace supposed the only other alternative for friendship amongst the royal girls was Nikita and she was way too difficult.

Jace waited patiently in hunting his very busy Father down to ask him about the trip. Yet the Palace was his home and despite its large size Jace was extremely familiar to the parts his family inhabited.

Jace managed to track his father down to a corridor. He steeled himself, taking a deep breath. Both of his parents were formidable. Though he was destined to take his Mother’s place he couldn’t imagine ever being as fearsome as her.

Jace stepped into his father’s path.

Cassianus acknowledged him, “Jace.”

“Father,” Jace dipped his head, “I believe it would be beneficial for me to go on the expedition to the borders with yourself and Lord Gaufrid.”

Cassianus paused, considering all the angles of what his son was asking him.

Jace held his breath, almost glad not to be looking at his father’s disquieting face.

“I suppose we have not taken you out to see the borders often enough considering the threats present all of your life. It’s natural to be curious. I will allow you to join us if this is what you desire.”

“Thank you father.”

The Palace had an impressive number of sled carriages to choose from. All ornately decorated and able to house a decent number of people. Jace was used to hopping aboard every time there was a journey anywhere. However the strong and powerful horses used to pull the carriage nor the many dogs used were not readied up. Instead the Werewolves of the Fujimura pack stood awkwardly around the front of the carriage, half trying to figure out the hardnesses and the other half gawking at the decorative nature of the carriage.

As he approached Jace thanked one of the Phoenix girls who was preparing the carriage for its journey. Her yellow eyes widened, and her face flushed in shock as she saw that it was Jace who spoke to her and she scuttled back into the palace with her black coak fluttering behind her.

Jace smirked with amusement.

“Is she ok?” asked Momoka, who had broken away from the pack to stand near to Jace. She was bundled up in a big pink woollen cloak.

“I might have just scared her a little,” Jace replied.

Momoka’s face suddenly became as pink as his cloak. “Oh I’m so sorry Prince Jace I should have greeted you formally first, that was so rude of me.”

Jace smiled a little at how flustered she had become. “It is quite alright, you were expressing concerns over one of the Phoenix. Besides the formalities can be a little bothersome, don’t you agree Future Luna Momoka of pack Fujimura?”

She smiled at him, now disarmed and at ease. “That title is tiresome, I agree.”

The Werewolves had figured out how to harness themselves to the carriage and all sat in wolf form in two neat lines.

Jace approached them, curious.

They sit perfectly into the harnesses ment for the horses. Looking at them closely Jace better understood why the werewolves stood such a chance against the Myth Hunters. The strength and the muscle of a wolf the size of the horse, controlled by the highly intelligent mind of a person within. More than that they were so coordinated speaking directly into each other’s minds through a pack connection, all they needed was a single thought to change any command of such a large group.

Cassianus and Gaufrid finally exited the Palace and now everyone was there and ready to make the journey across the frozen lands of their territory.

It was completely dark as they began, travelling away from the Palace and only began to become more and more pitch black.

Cassianus allowed his eyes to glow softly, leading the way for both Jace inside of the carriage and Gaudfrid outside of the carriage to light the way.

Their environment seemed to complement the Phoenix perfectly Momoka admired. She also admired the beautiful shape of Jace’s face as the gentle light fell upon it.