Chapter 1:

It's Only a Helping Hand, Why Not?

From the Depths of an Emotionless Heart

Mika woke up to the sound of raindrops on the window. His neck was stiff from sitting at the computer late into the night. The covers had slipped off, and his long hair was disheveled on the pillow.

He got up slowly, noticing that it was already 11 o'clock. He muttered to himself,

 At least I managed to wake up a little early.

He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. His parents worked for a large cruise ship company, which often left Mika alone to take care of his business.

In the kitchen, he prepared his routine vegetable omelet. 

After preparing his meal, Mika sat down at the small dining table in the cozy kitchen. He took a moment to savor the taste of his omelet. The taste was just right, a comforting reminder of his mother's cooking.

His focus shifted to the rain beating on the window, lost in his thoughts. During this peaceful moment, his mother's video chat notification suddenly appeared on his screen.

 "Mika?" Her voice was probably crackling and intermittent due to internet problems.

"Yes, Mom?"

"How are you? Have you had breakfast?"

"I'm fine, I was just about to."

"You seem freshly awake, isn't it too early? Hahaha." Although his mother was joking, it didn't mean much to Mika.

"Yes, I went to bed late last night."

"Well. What are you eating?"

"This." He turned on the back camera and showed the omelet he had made.

"Looks good, getting your protein is important. Today you should..." Her voice trailed off even more.

"Mom, I think your voice is dropping out. The internet is probably going down."

"Oh yeah, anyway, be careful and if you run out of food, don't be lazy and get more."

"I know, Mom, I won't starve to death, don't worry."

"All right, I trust you. By the way, don't forget to clean up the kitchen. I don't want it to be a mess and have to deal with it when I get home. Do this for your princess mother. Goodbye."

"Okay, at your command, Your Majesty. Goodbye." Mika hung up the phone.

Occasionally, when his family managed to connect to the Internet, they would call either in the evening or sometimes in the morning. It was natural for them to be worried since they were far away.

He looked out the window and watched the rain fall heavily. The sound of passing cars mingled with the rain, adding to the ambiance outside.

It had been almost two weeks since his family had left. Their work had taken them to distant continents, and they would not return for some time. This time, their work took them to other continents, so they wouldn't be back for a long time.

After finishing his meal, he began to fill the sink with dishes. When he was done, he sat back down at his computer.

Lately, his mind had been on something else, something that made him curious about software. Despite his current job, many of his tasks revolved around software.

After two days of learning, he had mastered the basics of a programming language and was ready to try his hand at his first job. A few stretches, a few moves... and he was ready.


Over time, he finally managed to understand the basic logic and create his first script. In this way, he aimed to sell his products in the market built this way.

But there was a problem. Whenever he tried to save the code, an error message popped up that said, 

"System error 97."

The problem would not go away, and he couldn't find a solution. He tried to fix it by opening every video he could find on the Internet. However, the result remained negative.

He couldn't fix the "Error 97" no matter what he tried. If he couldn't fix it, the code he had been working on for the last four hours would be deleted without being saved.

He searched for a solution for some time, but still couldn't find one. Finally, he decided to seek help from forums or video creators. Also left a message on the videos, watched and some forums, saying, 

"Hi, I keep getting an error code called 'error 97' when trying to write the code. I've done a lot of research, but I can't find a solution. What could be the cause?"

Now he had to wait. 

 It was almost evening. It's best to take a break, get something to eat, and maybe the answers will come by then.

Two hours had passed, and when he returned inside, it would have been nice if someone had helped.

He looked into his investigation and discovered abandoned online discussion boards with no replies to his messages posted underneath the videos. Feeling restless, he put his head down on the table.

It's best to cancel and rewrite it later, or maybe I shouldn't use this code anymore.

As he was about to delete the code, he heard a notification sound. 

What now?

 He wondered and quickly checked. Someone had replied to a comment left under a video. It said, 

"Hi, I don't know what you did before you ran into the bug, but I can help."

Their profile didn't seem very trustworthy, and they weren't the owner of the video. It's just someone on the Internet but...

I have nothing to lose.

He replied and said, 

"I would appreciate it, but are you sure?" I started waiting. After a short time, an answer came. It read, 

"Yes, but it would be difficult to explain here. Besides, this error can occur in many different ways. I know because I've experienced it, and it can be very frustrating. If you'd like, we can exchange contact information and I can help you."

What does that mean? Is it a phone number or... Probably not.

As he pondered, another message arrived. The message said,

 "If you're available, add my Dascord address, 'NobleQueen8.'"

Oh, it's Dascord. 

"Okay, thanks for your help and your time." In response, the person had written, 

"You're welcome. It's just a helping hand. Why not?"

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