Chapter 0:

[Prologue] Living Life Emotionless: Is It Possible?

From the Depths of an Emotionless Heart

The breeze blew gently, ruffling the grass and flowers.

Two children were lying on a small green hill, staring up at the sky.

Unaware of life's struggles, they played with joy and smiles.

It was fun to discover things with such eagerness and happiness.

The excitement of playing outside tomorrow, 

The sadness of losing at hide-and-seek, h

The frustration of catching a cheater, and many other feelings...

Although we may not fully understand what these emotions mean, what if we lose them?

Is it possible to feel sadness when we no longer experience it?

And how do you let your friends know that you won't be playing their games anymore?

After all, they too have become something unimportant.

Does life really have meaning?

What would we be without feelings?

Can you go on living with only logic and reason to solve life's uncertainties?

Logic and emotions are sometimes like yin and yang. They both tell you different things. They both think about your welfare and are like angels giving you their interpretations. But in reality, they are just thoughts.

The little kid couldn't understand all that right now. It would be crazy for someone so young, swinging on a swing and wondering what to play next, to think about these things.

Why should a child think like a philosopher when his childhood friend is swinging next to him, giggling and tossing bugs?

With the birds chirping, the trees rustling in peace, and the sun shining, what else could the little one be thinking about?

They were having a great time. How wonderful.

Running around, climbing trees, competing with their friend. Maybe life is just about enjoying the moment without worrying about tomorrow.

They sat under a tree, sipping water and laughing. Their high spirits allowed them to experience these feelings the best.

Although he knew that they would lose this feeling in the future, there was nothing he could do about it right now.

A young girl with flowing blonde hair watched them with curious blue eyes.

Although she wanted to approach them, she felt shy and watched from behind the fence. "Come on! It's time to take your medicine!" a voice called from behind her. She quickly turned and ran, catching Mika's attention.

Maybe he could make friends with her if he went over to her. But he didn't listen and continued talking to his friend.

Who was this girl, and why did he remember her?

Memories and feelings from the past... they must have been wonderful. He thought this because he couldn't remember any of them.

This was the last memory he had of his childhood. A beautiful day, a constant companion, all the emotions he felt, and a mysterious girl watching them.

Feelings... they must have been wonderful. Even the thought of keeping them after losing them seemed pointless.

What was he doing here in this world anyway?

It's a bit sad that the last memory he can remember from his childhood is like this, especially after his brain surgery.

Maybe it's a little tragic.

His friend shook him and said,

"Hey, Mika! Why are you thinking like that? Come on, let's keep having fun!" Mika answered his friend's call and ran beside him, focusing his attention on the present moment and enjoying it.

He had to enjoy the moment because the future was unclear and he hadn't lost anything yet.

His dream was a jumble of drowsy childhood memories mixed with his current thoughts.

Truly chaotic.

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