Chapter 1:

A Sudden Proposal

Writing a Guidebook with You

Why doesn’t it hurt?

A Japanese man, who wore his ghillie suit for the summer, pondered. He held an 8.59mm caliber rifle which had a magazine of five rounds and was accompanied by a scope that had a zoom of 5x-25x.

He was Fukushima Kousuke, a military sniper in his 30s. But what he only remembered about the military was marksmanship. Other military strategies and everything else went poof!

So, when he had fallen from the sky, he just screamed. He didn’t try to land sideways or anything. And I think I become a dumbass. Why did I just scream when I fell??

He rubbed his chin and sat under a big tree on a green hill. He saw a medieval city and a black castle near the tree. That must be the residence of a high-ranked noble. A duke, I assume. Building a castle to oversee everything and in particular a potential rebellion.

Wait, why do I remember this shit about the Middle Ages?

Then he noticed something floating in the sky. It was a freaking island, and it seemed far from there. Ah... this is Astarthe Online beta. I played it last week because my weeb colleague made a bet with me again, and I lost. Again. Thus he asked (forced) me to join his beta testing.

That weeb who loves tentacles. And I think I gradually become a weeb too. Shit.

You can’t resist it!

Kousuke took out his black combat knife and rolled up his sleeve. Then he slit his arm. “Aw! It HURTS!”

Then why didn’t it hurt when I fell and hit the ground??

He then touched and faced the grass. And he slammed his head. Yeah, it doesn’t hurt.

And, how did I come here?

He rubbed his forehead, disregarding any questions. First and foremost, he had to survive. So he checked what he brought to that world in his suit and drag bag.

There was a 9mm caliber pistol for close-distance combat, binoculars with 6x magnification for identifying targets, Kestr*l 5700 that held ballistic data such as the wind speed of a sniper weapon, a thermal sight that was scope for shooting at night, and laser rangefinder for lasing targets.

Everything he needed as a sniper was there. But lacked food.

“Hey. Weird stuff and a nice miracle you have there. Don’t you think?” A blonde woman in her 20s greeted him with a smile. She held her blue hat with her left hand and a black cane with her right hand. She looked elegant. “Are you a saint?”

“I’m Christ.” Just kidding.

“Unfortunately, I’m not a saint, my lady. This is an honor to meet you,” Kousuke said and stood up. He bowed and noticed her black stockings made a strangely perfect shape. Thighs.

That woman then touched her thighs and bent her body. She smiled. “Sir, what are you looking at?”

Shit! She notices it!

She wore a black shirt and a black ribbon tie. And she also wore a blue blazer over her black shirt. She looked very refined. And although her clothing didn’t seem to scream medieval, it was still historically accurate. Because historically, clothing in MMORPGs always pursued aesthetics (and money).

Oh, she also wore a short blue skirt, and that was the reason Kousuke could witness something amazing when he looked around at her feet. And Kousuke also realized that her boobs were probably C or D cup.

Does she read BL?

Snarkily, Kousuke asked, “Why does my lady not yell ‘Oh, no! KYAAAA!’ at this humble person?”

But she just smiled.

People naturally don’t smile a lot. So, why does she smile?

“My name is Arabella Dekever. Can you grit your teeth?” she asked.


“[Wind Blast],” she said.

“GUAAAAGH!” Kousuke was flung away by the wind out of her attack range. He flew upward so high. And Arabella raised her chin to observe what was going to happen.

This mother fucker wench! She sees me as her new toy! That’s why she smiles a lot!

Kousuke tried to fight back, so he directed his arm to Arabella and shouted, “[B*den Blast]!”

But nothing happened. What a dumbass. He just became a weeb.

Why [B*den Blast] doesn’t work?! Is it because it’s not official? Can I not use skills from the ASO’s MOD APK??

If that’s the case, I need to chant an official skill too. Seems that chanting is how magic works or is implemented in this world, like what she did.

“[Fire Shot]!” Kousuke shouted in midair and pulled a ball of fire out of thin air. That ball was moving fast toward Arabella.

“[Blessing Shield],” she chanted. Then a sphere of vapor was formed. That sphere canceled and demolished the ball.

Players need to charge MP in this game. Maximum MP is 1,000. And [Blessing Shield] can be used thrice from a single charge because it requires 300 MP.

And [Wind Blast] requires 400 MP. So after one more [Blessing Shield], it’s my chance to attack!

“[Air Cut]!” Arabella chanted and directed her arm toward Kousuke. Then the air around her formed an arc-shaped vapor, and that vapor moved fast toward Kousuke.

Shit. “[Blessing Shield]!” Kousuke also made a sphere, but it was in midair and Arabella’s [Air Cut] managed to bypass it.

My [Blessing Shield]’s level seems too low! That’s why I couldn’t block her [Air Cut]!

“ARGH!” Although Kousuke screamed and acted like he was really hurt, there was no blood, he didn’t feel hurt, and the [Air Cut] only pushed Kousuke backward. He truly became a weeb and exaggerated everything! Or like a VTuber who tilted her head when she turned her truck in a game!

Kousuke hit the ground. Arabella raised her arm and shouted, “Dekever’s Calibur, D. Calibur!”

A sword formed out of thin air, and it was blinding. Arabella released her cane, grabbed that sword, and rushed toward Kousuke.

She jumped over Kousuke, leaving her hat with the wind. And she held the hilt with both hands and stabbed his back. However, the sword was deflected and thrown away, and Arabella was pushed backward.

Kousuke stood up, but Arabella moved fast toward him, bent her body, and took over his knife on the ground. Then she poked Kousuke’s waist with his knife. “Aw! It HURTS!” Kousuke shouted.

“Oho. I see. You can only be hurt by a mere tool or only your tools. Skills and knight weapons don’t work on you. And you don’t seem to possess any amulet. That’s, a miracle.” She tilted her head, touched her cheek with her index finger, and asked, “Pardon me. Are you a dumbass?”

This fucking wench!

“Pardon me, my lady. But what kind of lady jumps and swings her sword like a knight? That’s unrefined.”

She didn’t reply and poked him again. “Aw! It HURTS!”

“You are a dumbass, ignorant about the gender roles in this kingdom, and wearing a strange armor. Where do you come from, sir?”

“I don’t think my lady knows where I come from. My lady seems like a fragile princess in a castle.”

She didn’t reply.

“Aw! It HURTS!”

Kousuke scratched his head. “My lady. I fell from the sky. I’m still confused about whatever happens so far. So can we sit down and have a nice chat under this nice tree and this nice breeze?” Kousuke requested and made some hand gestures.

Arabella moved his knife closer to him and was about to poke him.

PLEASE STOP IT. Don't stab me whenever you disagree!

I know I scream like a bitch and look funny when I get poked. But is this how the daughter of the esteemed Lord Dekever behaves? Isn’t she that popular and refined NPC, Arabella Dekever??

Arabella threw Kousuke's knife and smiled. “Hey. Do you think I’m beautiful?”

What is this woman cooking? Why does she suddenly praise herself??

Kousuke observed Arabella again. Her face wasn’t cute, but it was gleaming and clean. Her blue eyes looked like an ocean that reflected the sunlight and was pleasing to see. And her boobs were just top-notch. The curve, the size, you named it.

Arabella was beautiful.

“Would you marry me?” she asked. Her blonde hair and some sakura leaves around her were blown by the wind. But there wasn’t any sakura tree nearby.

How is that, possible??

Kousuke unintentionally refused to look at anything else around her. And when she smiled at him, it made him feel appreciated and happy. It was fluffy.

But although Arabella had completely captured him, he remembered everything that wench did to him, a minute ago. So. Fucked it.

“My lady. I think this humble person doesn’t deserve someone at your station.”

“Oh my. We have a room full of gold coins,” Arabella replied succinctly.

“My lady,” he said. “Can I marry you?”
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