Chapter 24:

Chapter 20.5. Different kinds of missions & Announcement, June 1, 2020

Another Story [Hiatus]

In this story, you will encounter different missions that Aura will go through during his stay at the School of Mana in Dirya. 

These missions differ. For this extra chapter, we will reveal four different missions: Division Mission, Joint Mission, Complementary Mission, and Club Mission.

Division Mission is exactly what is said, a mission that you will do with your Division. This was seen in chapters twelve to fourteen of the story where Aura's Division went to the clocktower and solved the mystery.

Joint Mission is a type of mission that uses the different strands of Gaia to its advantage. This kind of mission lets a group of four students, all from different strands, complement each other in battle. This formation helps them support and attack with greater efficiency than if they were all from the same strand.

Complementary Mission is a not-yet-seen mission where there will be groups of four students from two different divisions. This group complements each other in combat, and they will support each other. Sometimes this is effective for having them complement each other because then everything they will execute will pack more punch.

Club Mission is also a not-yet-seen mission where it is quite self-explanatory. This kind of mission is where you, and your club will go into a mission set by the school The advantage of this is to do specialized missions that might be perfect for the goals of the given club. 

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