Chapter 10:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“Unit 13 has been annihilated.”
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I witnessed the complete obliteration of the unit through my telescope from the castle turret. It was over before I knew it.Bookmark here

I’d heard rumors of the outlaw. He was like some sort of hellish beast, tearing soldiers apart with ease as though he were shredding paper.Bookmark here

My hand shot up instinctively to cover my nose and mouth.Bookmark here

Even though I knew the smell wouldn’t reach us here, I couldn’t help imagining the stench of blood.Bookmark here

The desert landscape had turned crimson from soaking up the soldiers’ remains.Bookmark here

“Well? How many were you able to confirm?”Bookmark here

“I counted five.”Bookmark here

I replied to the woman in a black dress behind me.Bookmark here

Charlotte Charles Sharia den Chateaubriand XVIII.Bookmark here

This woman is nuts.Bookmark here

That was my first impression of Charlotte.Bookmark here

Very few people try to directly advise the Saviors from Earth, due to the high probability of being killed.Bookmark here

Either the Saviors kill you, or you get mauled to death by monsters. The chances of survival are slim to none.Bookmark here

Yet, Charlotte spent over a year living among 40 Saviors and survived unscathed.Bookmark here

Even more incredible was the fact that she simply bluffed her way through it.Bookmark here

This is not my real body, but merely a remote-controlled dummy.Bookmark here

There’s a powerful bomb inside my body. If I die, it’ll go off and kill us all.Bookmark here

Apparently, those two lies were all it took for her to survive.Bookmark here

In reality, there was no remote-controlled dummy, and we hadn’t even made such a bomb, let alone placed it inside her.Bookmark here

She’s insane. I would never dare do that, no matter how crazy I was.Bookmark here

“Hmm, five skills to take out one company-sized unit. Not bad.”Bookmark here

Charlotte looked pleased.Bookmark here

“You know what their skills were before they were turned into weapons, don’t you? Is there any point sacrificing so many people to do this?”Bookmark here

“You’re not very smart, are you? Their effects and power have changed. How long they last, how long you have to wait in between uses...they’re totally different now. These are entirely new skills.”Bookmark here

I possessed the ability to detect and assess skills in detail. That’s probably why Charlotte hired me.Bookmark here

“I’m going to dispatch Unit 11 and Unit 12. Stay here and continue to watch him.”Bookmark here

“...Roger.”Bookmark here

If I refuse, she’ll probably cast me out too.Bookmark here

I don’t think anyone can survive after being banished to the monster’s lair, save for that man.Bookmark here

The man who fights using weapons made from his comrades’ souls.Bookmark here

I looked at him through my telescope once more.Bookmark here

Clad in black armor, the man was heading straight toward us, kicking dead bodies out of the way as he did so.Bookmark here

He had a giant sword on his back and two red and blue twin blades at his hips. He also held a hand cannon and wore a half-face megaphone mask on his face. His red cape billowed in the wind.Bookmark here

“...Why?”Bookmark here

I asked Charlotte the question that had been bothering me for ages.Bookmark here

“Why did you let him live instead of killing him?”Bookmark here

I immediately regretted asking when I saw Charlotte beam gleefully.Bookmark here

Her face was more terrifying than any vile monster.Bookmark here

“Isn’t it obvious?”Bookmark here

The corners of Charlotte’s mouth turned upwards.Bookmark here

“I thought it’d be fun, that’s why.”Bookmark here

God. I hope she dies soon.Bookmark here

I cursed quietly, disgusted to my core.Bookmark here

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