Chapter 9:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

At the time, I definitely resented Tsukasa. My mind drifted back to his past actions as I gazed at the troops emerging from the fortress.
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I put on the mask I had hanging around my neck.Bookmark here

The mask resembled a half-face gas mask and was a small megaphone that amplified my voice.Bookmark here

Time to go, “Tsukasa.” The battle’s about to begin.Bookmark here

Armed with guns or bows and arrows, the guards surrounded me, poised and ready to fire.Bookmark here

I shouted so that they could all hear me.Bookmark here

“Platoon, halt!”Bookmark here

Tsukasa’s “General” skill.Bookmark here

At first, the skill only worked on allies, but as I gained more experience, I was able to give commands to my enemies as well.Bookmark here

The guards froze stiff as statues, unable to move.Bookmark here

Back then, Tsukasa was forced to make cruel decisions.Bookmark here

There’s no way he actually thought it acceptable to sacrifice his classmates.Bookmark here

He merely hardened his heart and made the best choice possible to save as many of us as he could.Bookmark here

If I had understood that then, would some of my classmates still be alive now?Bookmark here

I guess I’ll never find out.Bookmark here

Gripping my red and blue twin blades “Homura” and “Yachiyo” in each hand, I hurled myself at the immobilized soldiers.Bookmark here

Ice burst out from “Yachiyo.” “Homura” spat fire.Bookmark here

The guards slashed by “Yachiyo” froze over before shattering into smithereens, while the ones slain by “Homura” burst into flames, leaving only a pile of ashes behind.Bookmark here

“Five...”Bookmark here

“Tsukasa” is effective against the enemy for roughly ten seconds.Bookmark here

His skill can’t be used consecutively and requires a one-minute wait before I can use it again.Bookmark here

Not that it matters, though. Ten seconds was more than enough to wipe out the soldiers within my field of view.Bookmark here

“Die,” I snarled, remembering the faces of my dead classmates.Bookmark here

“Die, die, die, die, die, die!”Bookmark here

Using “Yachiyo” and “Homura,” I slashed everything in sight, spurred on by my rage.Bookmark here

One...Bookmark here

I sheathed the two swords and removed “Shizuka” from my backpack.Bookmark here

Due to her kind and timid nature, “Shizuka” never once used her skill, even against monsters.
Out of all my classmates, “Shizuka” was the most destructive weapon.Bookmark here

A massive, sinister-looking, and misshapen hand cannon.Bookmark here

This was Shizuka’s current form.Bookmark here

Zero.Bookmark here

As the guards finally began moving again, I aimed “Shizuka” in their direction and thought of her kind face fleetingly.Bookmark here

However, a deafening roar from “Shizuka” erased all thoughts from my mind.Bookmark here

A strong gust whipped up the desert sand, followed by a huge explosion as chunks of the soldiers’ flesh spattered the dirt.Bookmark here

My tale of revenge had just begun.Bookmark here

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