Chapter 11:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

Our march was relentless.Bookmark here

It was pitch black when we stepped out of the church.Bookmark here

I wondered if the moon didn’t exist in this world, for we were surrounded by total darkness.Bookmark here

The church was built atop a small hill. As far as I could see, there was nothing else besides it.Bookmark here

There only seemed to be green pastures stretched out in all directions.Bookmark here

Section Two’s commanding officer, Homura Kisaragi, used her skill to set fire to the goblins’ clubs and create makeshift torches.Bookmark here

Once she had finished distributing the torches to each commanding officer, it was time to leave.Bookmark here

My classmates were drained from their fight with the dragon and goblin army.Bookmark here

However, no one dared go against Tsukasa, who now had full control of the class.Bookmark here

Eight 5-person units marched north through the darkness.Bookmark here

If you ignored the monsters and the missing moon, this place looked no different from Earth.Bookmark here

That was my impression of this planet, now that we were outside.Bookmark here

Our unit brought up the rear, making sure not to fall behind since we lacked fighting power compared to the rest of the class.Bookmark here

“Hey, Futoshi. Do you mind sharing some snacks? I’m on a diet, so I didn’t bring any.”Bookmark here

Chika simpered at Futoshi, who had been munching on snacks the whole time we were walking.Bookmark here

He had been eating non-stop ever since our battle ended.Bookmark here

I looked at his full backpack and wondered if it was filled to the brim with snacks.Bookmark here

“N-no way! These are all mine! I won’t give you anything, not even a crumb!”Bookmark here

“*Sob*...!”Bookmark here

Chika crouched on the ground, almost in tears.Bookmark here

I refused to fall behind because of something stupid like this.Bookmark here

Just as I was about to force her to her feet, our second-in-command, Shizuka, took out a box of Packy from her bag.Bookmark here

“Here. I’ve eaten some already, but you can have it.”Bookmark here

“Th-thanks!”Bookmark here

Chika grabbed the whole box of Packy from Shizuka and started eating several at a time. She had dropped her cute-girl act entirely.Bookmark here

While Chika and Futoshi continued to eat, we resumed walking and just about managed to keep up with the others.Bookmark here

“You sure you’re okay, Shizuka?”Bookmark here

“It’s fine, I still have plenty left. I’m so glad I’m not on a diet.”Bookmark here

I wasn’t just talking about snacks, though.Bookmark here

Ever since we arrived, Shizuka had looked ill.Bookmark here

She’s a kind person who worries more about our teachers and bus driver than herself.Bookmark here

This kill-or-be-killed type of situation with the monsters was probably hard to bear for her.Bookmark here

“Ugh, I’m tired of walking. Let’s just give up. We’re done for anyway.”Bookmark here

The leader of our unit, Saburo, was already in a despairing mood.Bookmark here

“Just hang in there a bit longer, all right?”Bookmark here

“This is pointless.”Bookmark here

Section Eight was on the verge of collapse.Bookmark here

Charlotte grinned, thoroughly amused, as she observed us from behind.Bookmark here

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