Chapter 3:

Preparing the Romantic Journey

Writing a Guidebook with You

Curse you, PG-rated games!

This is why Astarthe Online doesn’t have a cultured feature! Even though the players can get married!

Kousuke had another realization. Wait a minute. That story cut scene indicates humans can have children after they get married.

Which means... I can get hard after I get married! Right? RIGHT?!

Kousuke put his hand on his mouth, rubbed around his mouth, and pondered. Do I not sound sincere?

The forest behind the castle, which he faced, made some noises and tickled his ears. It was relaxing. I wanted to kiss her, so her looks attracted me. But other than that, I don’t know.

She was a bitch, but not a bitch who pissed me off. But we need more time to know each other, so I won’t idealize her. And see who she is. And whether I want to be with her.

But my thing, takes ALL precedence! This is sincere!

“System. Skill Board,” he muttered. A rectangular panel appeared before him. It listed his skills, which were many, and the list was scrolled when he swiped it with his index finger.

Therefore, I have to fulfill her dream. Whatever it takes. To make her happy but at the same time, to plant the seeds of “I care about you, so I save you” and be cool, so her heart gonna be ba-dump ba-dump whenever she thinks of me.

Insincere? Nah, I won’t do this if she isn’t Arabella Dekever. If that’s not love, then what is? Do people treat everyone equally?

“System. Assign 5 skill points to [Weapon Buff],” Kousuke maxed the skills he needed to make Arabella ba-dump ba-dump in the near future. He only assigned 5 skill points because his [Weapon Buff]’s level was already 5. Each skill in ASO could be maxed to 10.

“System. Assign 5 skill points to [Epic Buff].”

“System. Assign 5 skill points to [Stance Buff].”

“System. Assign 5 skill points to [Concentration Buff].”

“System. Assign 5 skill points to [Blessing Shield].”

I have all skills from my account, but their levels become 5. But I also have the required skill points to max them out again. Then, what’s the point of the nerf??

I wish I could meet God or the goddess who sent me here and have a nice chat about my isekai contract.

But anyway, just in case, I don’t max out all of them.

“My lady,” he said and walked to Arabella. “Do you want to go to that freaking island?” Kousuke pointed at the floating island.

Arabella didn’t look convinced. “Do you know how to go there? Sure, I want to go there, it’s one of the uncharted places that I want to explore after all. But, do you?”

Kousuke smiled, walked to the tree, and knocked it thrice. And a storage chest was dropped out of nowhere!

“What? Impossible!” Arabella exclaimed. She rushed to the chest, brushed off the dust, and opened it. “This was my BL book collection that Father threw away when I was a child, when I wasn’t beautiful and sexy yet!”

Who reads BL books in their childhood?! I thought it was just an easter egg!

“Now, do you trust me? I learned many things about this world when I was in Japan. Weebs are smart and know everything! And I hate to admit that I’m a weeb!”

“Hmm.” Arabella closed the storage chest and said, “Okay. I trust you. How do you go to that island?”

What a snake. She doesn’t trust me. Kousuke smiled and said, “It’s a secret, my lady. But we have to pass the World of Library to get there.”

Arabella’s pupils were dilated, and thus Kousuke guessed that she didn’t know about the World of Library either.

Arabella then whistled.

“What are you doing, my lady?” Kousuke asked.

“Calling my dog. He was playing in the forest.”

Your... dog?

I have a nasty feeling about this!

A dog with a double white coat, a Samoyed dog, appeared from the forest. However, instead of running, that dog used his four legs to bounce and bounce.

Are you a fucking alpaca?!

“Arf!” the dog stuck out his tongue and was caressed by Arabella. “He is very genius. So I’m sure he will be very helpful during our journey.”

A very genius dog? This is just my suspicion. But let’s confirm it.

Kousuke bent his body, so he became shorter. And he asked, “Hey, doggo. Are you a reincarnated person?”

The dog retracted his tongue and was frozen for a moment. Then he shook his head.


“My lady, is his name Mochita?”

Arabella was surprised. “Oh? How do you know?”


“Oh, ‘Mochita’ is a common name for dogs in anime, I mean, Japan.” Kousuke touched his forehead, closed his eyes, and made an arc with his mouth. He was a little bit horrified. “Just curious. Do you bathe him by yourself?”

“Why? That’s the servants’ job.”


“But during our journey, probably I have to bathe him.”

Oh... for the love of God! PLEASE DON’T.

“Let’s visit Mother, Mochita!” Arabella smiled and said. And the dog happily replied, “Arf!”

Kousuke entered the castle with Arabella and Mochita. When the knights and servants noticed Arabella, they bowed solemnly. It was a genuine respect.

What I did know about Arabella was people respected her and were indebted to her family. She also had a comprehensive guidebook and gave EXP quests, so that was why many players frequently visited her and knew about her. Therefore, this is the period when she hasn’t written her guidebook.

Wait a minute. She didn’t have a husband.

Well, of course, I wasn’t a part of this game world.

Kousuke entered the castle’s tower and passed the storehouse on the first floor. He then climbed the stair and arrived in front of the living room.

When Arabella opened the living room door, Kousuke saw a blonde woman in her late 30s. That woman had a bun, wore a blue dress, and sat near the window. She looked very graceful but also longed for something. She was Margareta Dekever.

“Mother, your daughter greets you,” Arabella said and bowed. Kousuke also bowed, but Mochita just ran to Margareta and licked her leg.

This damn dog!

Margareta caressed Mochita’s head and hadn’t looked at Kousuke and Arabella. She still looked at the scenery outside. “Do you want to go and pursue your dream?”

Arabella jolted. Margareta seemed to have watched whatever Arabella did with Kousuke and knew what her daughter was going to say. Arabella still bowed and replied, “Yes. Mother.”

Margareta looked at Kousuke and gazed at him sharply. “Can you trust this man?”

Kousuke was about to lift his head, but Arabella grabbed Kousuke’s head, and she made him bow again. Then she said, “He is a horny man. But under insults and abuses, he didn’t let his rage and lust get him. I can trust a man like that, Mother.”

“Arabella Dekever. Do you understand that your mother doesn’t want to lose her cherished person ever again?”

It was quiet. Arabella couldn’t answer her mother.

Margareta pushed Mochita lightly, signaling him to go away. She turned her head and looked at the outside again. “Go. We always wish you to be happy, my daughter.”

Arabella was surprised. She lifted her head and rushed toward her mother. She hugged Margareta and cried. “Thank you, Mother.”

Margareta embraced her daughter and smiled. She closed her eyes and said, “Parents are weak to their children, Arabella.” She then shed tears and tapped her daughter’s back.

Mochita walked and sat beside Kousuke. As a dog, Mochita didn’t seem to get a shit about the situation. But as Arabella’s future husband and a man of his word, Kousuke knew he had to accompany Arabella and travel around the world. To make her achieve her dream and be happy at any cost.

“My fiance. Let’s go to the adventurer guild. And prepare our journey.” Arabella turned around and smiled at Kousuke.
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