Chapter 22:

Totemas in action!

Elyon - Gods among us

Epona then saw Rodrigo in front of her, in a combat stance with energy lights in his fists. Seeing him trying to protect her from behind snapped her out of her fear.

—No, Rodrigo! Don't face it!— the goddess of horses shouted at him.

—You need to know how to fight against that thing first!— she continued.

At that moment, the giant serpent Jormundgander lunged its head towards the two, but they managed to evade the attack. As it bit, acid corrupted the ground it touched, and a purple gas emanated from the mouth of the massive reptile.

—If you touch the gas or the venom drops from that serpent, you will die slowly and agonizingly. You must avoid it no matter what!— Epona shouted to Rodrigo, who had been separated from her by the attack.

Jormundgander lifted its head once again and opened its mouth, focusing on Epona.

—Well, I knew this would be a risk— Epona said.

She then took out her totem from her dress and squeezed it with both hands.

The goddess said to herself:

Is mise Epona, leig dhomh mo chumhachd a bhith agam—.

A blinding light enveloped the body of the goddess of horses, causing Rodrigo to close his eyes.

Jormundgander, impatient, thrust its head towards the goddess but was repelled by what seemed to be a punch. Due to the light covering the goddess's body, it was uncertain what had happened.

Finally, when the light subsided, Epona looked completely different. Her hair was almost white, her eyes were a bright green. The goddess wore a golden crown along with a golden breastplate, covered with a brown cape. Additionally, she donned a long green dress with Celtic motifs and leather boots. By her side, two horses made of pure energy appeared in the form of wings.

Rodrigo saw her and thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

—There are 351 horses trapped in this dimension, which means my power will increase 351 times— the goddess said with great serenity as she faced the monstrous tannin in front of her.

Quickly, the goddess vanished from sight and delivered a hook to Jormundgander's jaw, causing it to rise and fall to the ground.

Epona landed next to Rodrigo and turned to face him. As Rodrigo looked into her eyes, he blushed and couldn't help but stare into them.

Although it was still Epona's face, it appeared so beautiful, her eyes so stunning, her mouth so moist, and her skin so fair that Rodrigo momentarily forgot they were in the middle of a fight. It felt as if he had seen the face of a goddess and was in pure bliss.

—It's not the time for you to start drooling, idiot— Epona said with a challenging look.

Rodrigo stood up again.

—Well, Rodrigo, these wings were created by borrowing energy from the horses in this area. Since it's a war and many soldiers were riding horses, it has given me a significant power boost. However, it won't be enough because tannins are ridiculously powerful— Epona said, looking towards the towering serpent rising once again.

—I'll need your support, Rodrigo, but don't touch its venom or you'll die— she continued.

Rodrigo swallowed hard as he turned to face the monstrous serpent.

—Don't die or you'll make Ana sad, okay?— Epona said.

—Well, they're not as weak as I thought— Loki said, still invisible.

—But it won't be enough to defeat him. That boy will die quickly, and his pain will give even more power to my lord— the dark god thought, laughing.

Athena, who was also watching the fight while sipping wine, smiled at the spectacle.

—If that boy's eyes don't deceive me, I'm sure he'll give them all a big surprise. But if I'm wrong, he'll die within seconds. This will be worth watching— she remarked, drinking with an air of complete neutrality and tranquility.

Meanwhile, in a completely different part of Jutland, Tania appeared within another alternate dimension, separated from where she was with Epona and Rodrigo. It was a vast plateau with dry grass.

—I've been waiting for you, Tannit— Tania heard a voice behind her.

The goddess turned and saw Surtr once again, clad in his massive blue armor and wielding his flaming sword, ready to attack the goddess of fire.

—Well, I must be quite lucky because I've been looking for you to kill you, you son of a bitch—

Tania said with a wicked smile on her face.

—And what can you do without your totema, bitch?— Surtr said as he raised his sword and attacked Tania, who evaded the attack with a somersault

—Today you will regret all your crimes— she said.

The goddess then took her totema in her right hand as she prayed:

Shemti Tannit u naḥar eishati ilani itappin la netqate

Her body began to glow, and a column-shaped blaze enveloped her being.

—Now she has her totema? Where the hell did she get it from?— the giant exclaimed as he stepped back, witnessing Tania's transformation.

The fire subsided, and Tania radiated a crimson glow. Her hair appeared as if it were truly made of fire, her eyes shimmered with a golden hue. She wore a golden crown upon her head and a similarly colored breastplate. Additionally, she adorned a long, wide skirt with trapezoidal patterns in shades of orange, white, and touches of gold. A purple cape hung from her back, while a red crescent lay above her head.

—I'm sorry to inform you, but you won't live to see tomorrow, Surtr. This time, I'll ensure your existence is erased— the goddess declared, raising her arms in an 'L' shape with open palms.

The giant smiled with excitement as he observed the goddess ready for battle.

—I am the goddess Tannit— Tania proclaimed, —and those who dare to face me can only end up as corpses at my feet— she concluded.

Tania then extended her fiery claws with a smile and leaped towards Surtr as the giant attacked her with his sword. She effortlessly leaped over the fiery weapon, using it as a springboard. In mid-air, she grabbed the giant's head, propelled herself with him, and forcefully slammed him into the ground, causing a massive tremor. Flames erupted from the earth, creating an enormous crater.

Tania jumped back, licking her lips.

—I am a goddess of fire, you fool. Your pathetic sword stands no chance against me— she taunted the fallen giant.

—The legendary Tannit is indeed more powerful than I thought— Loki remarked, hidden as he observed the battle.

—Tannit— the dark god addressed the fire goddess, —I am quite certain you will win this fight, but how long will it take for you to rescue the igigi and the boy? They are currently fighting a tannin and will die unless you can help them— Loki continued, laughing.

—A tannin!— Tania exclaimed, concerned.

—Wretched beings, is there no dignity left in Lel?— the goddess furiously retorted.

At that moment, the giant rose to his feet, a furious and almost frothing expression on his face. Tania glared at him with anger.

—Damn it, I need to kill him quickly— she muttered through gritted teeth.

In a completely different part of the ongoing battle, yet still within Jutland, Ana appeared all alone. Snow fell, and the ground was icy and cold, with only the sound of freezing wind piercing the silence. Then, a new alternate dimension closed in on that area, trapping the dark-haired goddess.

Suddenly, a luminous portal appeared in the sky, and from it emerged an enormous furry claw that planted itself on the ground. Ana assumed a defensive stance, observing the scene.

—Morrigan, the Dark Ghost Queen— Ana heard Loki's voice without being able to see him.

—At this moment, you will become the meal for my son, the wolf Fenrir— the voice of the dark god continued.

A face of an enormous wolf emerged from the portal. It was gigantic, standing about 10 meters tall. Its eyes were white, devoid of pupils, and its fur was a mix of gray and black. Saliva dripped from its enormous jaws, which housed gigantic fangs. The wolf fully emerged from the portal and let out a howl so powerful that it made the mountains tremble.

—Is that the monster destined to kill the god Odin?— Ana pondered.

—I must fight with all my power against this beast, or it will kill me—

—Only a warning, Morrigan— Loki said as Ana shouted not to use that name.

—Your boy and the igigi are currently fighting a tannin. If you don't defeat Fenrir quickly, your chances of saving them will diminish— the god of lies continued.

—You wretch!— the goddess shouted at Loki, though she couldn't see him.

The Fenrir then lunged at the goddess, but she countered, slashing his jaw with her sword as she moved out of the way.

—Very well, I will fight with all my power and save Rui— Ana said as she gripped her totema tightly with her left hand.

—I'll have to exterminate him with a single attack!—

The massive wolf turned to face Ana as she began to pray:

Tá an oíche síoraí faoi mo radharc

Thousands of dark feathers covered her body, creating a black sphere. The sphere floated and started to shatter.

As it broke apart, enormous dark wings emerged, spreading out from Ana's back. She appeared in armor resembling that of a valkyrie, with dark and purple colors reminiscent of the night. Her eyes were so blue they seemed otherworldly, her skin pale, and her hair seemed to emanate dark energy.

Ana's sword had completely transformed. It was now a gigantic weapon with an elaborately golden hilt and a dragon motif coiling around it. The blade was white, almost radiant, but emitted a ghostly fire.

—My name is Anand, not Morrigan. Morrigan is the fusion of myself and my two sisters, but they are no longer here. Therefore, I am unworthy of that title. Nevertheless, my current power will be sufficient to kill that grotesque wolf— Ana declared as she held her sword with both hands, ready to fight.

—Rui, I have faith in you. I know I must trust you. Show Loki your true potential— Ana said to herself as she prepared to strike at Fenrir, just as he lunged at her once again with his jaws wide open.