Chapter 8:

Chapter 8

Prince of the Sun

The wolves took the travelling party on quite a trek through the lands in which Jace had seldom seen before. Stopping frequently so they could discuss in person particular issues of geography.

Jace had found himself talking and getting to know Momoka even further for each of these stops. She had finally begun to open up to him. She still seemed a little nervous and flustered around him and yet she was still able to hold a conversation with him.

As Jace had grown up from being a child to a teenager he had noticed the ways in which people had become nervous around him. It was hard to find connections outside of his own circle. Even his own childhood friends had become cold and formal. He couldn’t feel the cold that whorled over all of his lands but he knew it better than anyone.That icy isolating feeling had him for the most part trapped. Either people were extremely formal with him and respectful or they were flustered to the point they couldn’t get a word out or they were an obsessive security risk.

Such was his birth rite he supposed. It made friendship difficult and anything further than that nearly impossible.

Yet Momoka was different. Though she was nervous it seemed she treated him like a person over a Prince. He was extremely glad he came on the trip.

As the day came to an end, though it was difficult to really gauge it from the sky, the party began to return to the Palace.

Despite the extremely dignified journey of the carriage ride with all of its occupants. Jace noticed Momoka’s eyelids starting to droop. He pressed his lips tightly together to stifle a laugh. He couldn’t blame her though, the journey had been a long one. Both Gaufrid and Cassianus were pretending not to have noticed it.

His father Cassianus turned to Jace and spoke in their native tongue so that the werewolves could not understand. “Do you feel you have gained a lot from this journey?”

Jace felt himself becoming stiff having his father address him directly. He responded, continuing the conversation in their language, “Yes many of the locations I had only seen through photographs.”

Cassianus dipped his head in acknowledgement, in the corner of his eye Jace could see his father’s curls moving. “You placed your attention largely on the Future Luna.”

Jace’s hands curled to fists. “It’s important to build relationships.”

“We do not disagree, I will remind you of the curse of your own situation,” His father said, his voice weighing heavily on Jace.

“I have not forgotten.”

His father was satisfied but Jace was shaken. He thought his father hadn’t really noticed the ways in which he and Momoka had become more friendly. The curse was something he wanted desperately to forget and to put to the back of his mind. It was ever pressing.

Jace looked out the window. The soft blue light of his eyes caught on the snow as it rushed by. And stars winked at him from above. How serene and quiet it was outside.

The curse upon the royal family. That all of their romantic endeavours would fail horribly, imploding with jealousy and hatred. Jace had prayed all his life that it might not be the case, that he might be spared from it. Though all of his past relationships had ended in such a way that would please the curse. And so he was left a completely hopeless romantic.

Could Momoka change any of it?

After the long journey the werewolves retired though Jace found himself with a very eager sister on his hands. She had lots of ribbons braided into her hair and she smiled with a burning curiosity.

He walked with her down the halls of the palace.

“So, so how was it?” She asked when they were confidently out of earshot of their father.

“Being trapped in a small carriage with our King for over ten hours was about as fun as you can imagine,” Jace grumbled.

Lynn rolled her eyes. “He is a bit of a downer.”

“Momoka really opened up to me though. And Claude is right, the power imbalance isn’t there.”

Lynn beamed. “So it was worth it then?”

“Yes of course.”

“You’re very welcome.”

“Thank you Lynn.”

A smug look overtook her face. “We do need to actually befriend her properly though. I mean she’s been here for a while and I feel like we really haven’t had the opportunity to.”

“It’s a shame, it’s usually quite late when we all see each other. Maybe we could make an exception.”

Lynn pulled a planner from her coat and looked through it. “My gods, it's difficult. What’s it going to look like when we actually step into our positions?” Lynn sighed.

Thariel approached, dressed head to toe in ceremonial religious dress. “May the sun shine upon you,” he said in a solemn way.

Jace looked directly at him and tried his best not to laugh.

Lynn was thoroughly unamused.

Thariel’s solemn look had almost completely melted. “Do you take our religion as a joke Prince?”

He approached Jace, looking directly at him and towering over him.

“No,” yet Jace’s voice was tinged with humour.

“That’s the right answer.” Thariel’s face had cracked into a full on smile. “I just got these fitted what do you think?”

The very large man did an elegant twirl right in front of Jace. The robes flaring out around him gracefully.

“Impressive,” laughter was now on Jace’s voice.

“I think they did a good job too,” Thariel said, looking down to admire the handiwork of the seamstresses.

“No I meant your twirl. I’ve never seen you do that,” Jace said.

Thariel laughed a little as well. “Gotta show the robes off right you know.”

“It’s still so hard to imagine you as the head of religion.”
“And why would that be?”

“You’re way too chill.”

“I promise you my Prince,” Thariel said, with a charming smile, “I can do both.”