Chapter 9:

Chapter 9

Prince of the Sun

King Cassianus and therefore Queen Pearl were very happy with the way that the expedition into the far reaches of the territory went. Through reports Jace had learned about how productive it was and it seemed that the Fujimura Alphas were on their side almost completely. He didn’t quite know if his parents would now call the two Alpha’s their friends but they seemed to be growing closer. Jace wasn’t actually sure if his parents had any friends at all. It seemed they had complex relationships with the other royal Phoenix of their generation.

Surely Jace had better relationships with his own generation. He thought as he managed to gather everyone except Nikita to come hang out with Momoka. Yet despite the distance he had with her Jace was fine with it. If that is what Nikita needed then it was fine.

A decadent tea party in a very brightly lit room in the top of the tower that the royals had control over. A beautiful view of the dark snowlands below. Chandeliers and wall sconces shone as brightly as they could in an attempt to emulate day time. The table was filled to the brim with English High tea, beautiful cakes, sandwiches and baked goods all towered giving a pleasant aroma as Jace walked in.

He bid a warm thank you to the Phoenix who had set it all up. She dipped her head, with a red face stammering that it was her pleasure.

Lynn walked in beside him. “Oh quite impressive.”

“You think?” Jace said.

“Well it’s certainly bigger than our little private tea times that’s for sure,” Lynn said before taking a seat.

April, Claude and Claude’s other sister Isabella walked in. Claude suited the venue perfectly looking like the adorable lord he was. April, despite her practical dress, still blended in nicely. It was indeed Isabella who stood out the most. Isabella had a complex relationship with the other royal Phoenix. She wasn’t the heir to any of the positions so her life was free and she spent it doing whatever she liked. Some were jealous of her freedom, others annoyed that she didn’t do more. April for example wished that Isabella would join their army, such a power she would be within it, having the same abilities as her siblings and cousins. Yet Isabella could not be less interested in such a thing. She wore a simple plain and very short dress under her coat, her hair was a wild mane of curls that cascaded down her back rather than the bombshell curls of her family.

“I’m glad you’re here Isabella,” Jace said quietly to her.

Isabella just shrugged. “You know this place gets so damn boring might as well socialise or something.”

Jace, who had had barely an hour or two of spare time in the previous two days, held back his true thoughts and merely said through his teeth, “it’s lovely to see you.”

Thariel walked in and looked surprised to see Isabella. He gave Jace an impressed nod.

Finally Momoka joined them, she wore a pale pink dress of a similar length to Isabella yet even Momoka’s was far cuter with a lace trim. She looked right up at Jace and Jace could sense she was a little nervous, he averted his gaze to the table.

“Thank you for joining us, Future Luna Momoka.”

“You’re very welcome Prince Jace,” she responded with a little smile.

He showed her to her seat, right beside himself and Lynn and across from Isabella who was slumped in her chair.

Thariel and Claude were already chatting away, with April watching over the conversation sternly.

Jace poured a cup of tea for Momoka.

“This is Lady Isabella Scaranto,” Jace said.

Isabella snorted, nearly spitting out her tea.

“Is that amusing?” Lynn asked her pointedly.

“Wasn’t aware you thought of me that way Jace,” Isabella said, after swallowing her tea.

“I don’t think of you in any kind of way, it's merely your title,” Jace said quickly, “And this is Future Luna Momoka Fujimura.”

“Nice to meet you,” Isabella said while grabbing for a macaroon.

“A pleasure to meet you too,” Momoka said then more softly to Jace, “I haven’t seen her around at all.”

“She isn’t an heir to anything. You see she is the second daughter of the Scaranto family and therefore Nikita was the one to take the female position and Claude is the one to take the male position,” Jace explained.

“Oh I see,” Momoka said and sipped on her tea trying to process the system in which the royal Phoenix lived.

Jace kind of regretted seating Isabella so close to them and wished he had put her polite, well behaved and spoken brother nearer to them.

“Your dress is really cute, I love that colour on you,” Lynn said.

“Oh thank you Princess, pink is my favourite colour. It would look amazing on you too,” Momoka said a little excitedly.

“I wish pink is an adorable colour but us royal Phoenix are quite completely limited to white,” Lynn said.

“That’s a little bit of a shame,” Momoka said and started to nibble on a pastry.

“There is a lot of Pride in wearing white for the royal Phoenix, but yes I do sometimes want to experiment with colour,” Lynn lamented.

“What colour do you think would suit me, Momoka?” Jace asked, very pleased with the way the conversation was going.

Momoka turned her head back to the Prince. Her eyes examined his perfected face and the graceful way the curls of his hair fell and rested on his shoulders.

“It would have to be royal purple or blue,” Momoka said with some level of certainty.

“Oh yeah for sure,” Lynn agreed.

Jace smiled to himself. “Oh is that so.”

Lynn smiled at Momoka and she whispered, “that means he approves.”

Momoka smiled back with a small blush growing on her cheeks.

“Lynn, I do not need to be decoded thank you very much.”