Chapter 13:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“Monsters!”Bookmark here

“Ew, gross!”Bookmark here

“They’re lizards, guys, lizards!”Bookmark here

Shouts ensued from the units at the front.Bookmark here

One after another, the lizardmen climbed out of the river onto the shore.Bookmark here

I’d completely let my guard down due to not encountering any creatures since we left the church.Bookmark here

Part of me had assumed we’d be safe for a while. I was wrong.Bookmark here

The lizard humanoids were as big as human beings.Bookmark here

Monsters that I’d only ever seen in video games seemed to exist on this planet in multitudes.Bookmark here

What is going on with the ecosystem on this planet?Bookmark here

It’s hard to imagine that these creatures evolved naturally.Bookmark here

It’s almost as if this planet brought Earth’s video game monsters to life. It was a chilling thought.Bookmark here

“Ryo! Saburo! Get away from the river!”Bookmark here

At Shizuka’s warning, I quickly took a few steps back.Bookmark here

Two lizardmen were approaching Saburo and me.Bookmark here

“Saburo?!”Bookmark here

“I wanna drink some more water. Go on, I’ll catch up with you in a bit.”Bookmark here

“No, you’re coming with us NOW!”Bookmark here

Despite being dangerously close to the lizardmen, Saburo nonchalantly continued to drink water and had to be dragged away by Shizuka.Bookmark here

The commotion drew one of the lizardmen’s attention, and it fixed its blank, reptilian gaze on us.Bookmark here

The lizardman waded out of the river and headed towards us, slap-slapping its tail on the ground.Bookmark here

It’s moving faster than I thought.Bookmark here

As hard as we tried to escape, Saburo slowed us down. Bookmark here

It’s gonna catch up to us...!Bookmark here

“Ryo!”Bookmark here

By the time I heard Shizuka’s shriek, the lizardman was inches from ripping me apart with its sharp claws.Bookmark here

Strangely, however, its claws didn’t seem to be getting any closer.Bookmark here

The lizardman’s arm was moving extremely slowly, as though in slow motion.Bookmark here

“Chillax. No need to panic.”Bookmark here

Saburo said, without a care in the world.Bookmark here

“Is this your skill, Saburo?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m able to slow down my target. The only downside is it slows me down at the same time.”Bookmark here

Although that’s kind of useful, it’s utterly pointless to use it on its own.Bookmark here

“I’ll carry you, so keep using your skill!”Bookmark here

“Aye aye, captain.”Bookmark here

Saburo replied lazily as I carried him on my back and ran.Bookmark here

Shizuka, Futoshi, and Chika beckoned me over from their hiding place behind some rocks.Bookmark here

Unlike the other units engaged in combat, no one in our group dared join the fight.Bookmark here

I realized how much of a burden we were to our class.Bookmark here

All we could do was run. That was the only option we had.Bookmark here

“Yoohoo, everyone! Don’t forget, I’ll explode if I die!”Bookmark here

The other burden, Charlotte, laughed carefreely as lizardmen surrounded her.Bookmark here

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