Chapter 12:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

We had made it to the other side of the hill and were marching along the river.Bookmark here

Ever since we left the church, we hadn’t encountered any monsters.Bookmark here

Either the creatures weren’t nocturnal, or we had managed to wipe out the ones in the vicinity in our previous battle.Bookmark here

Whatever the reason, not having to fend ourselves from monsters right now was a relief, especially in everyone’s current state.Bookmark here

“All troops, halt!”Bookmark here

The sun was just beginning to rise when Tsukasa’s voice rang out. So at least something resembling the sun existed on this planet.Bookmark here

However, unlike the sun I was used to on Earth, this sun was as red as blood.Bookmark here

“We shall take a two-hour break here. Rest up and prepare for our next march.”Bookmark here

Our eight sections split up to rest in the rocky area alongside the vast river.Bookmark here

We collapsed to the ground, exhausted from our trek.Bookmark here

I don’t think I can take a single step further.Bookmark here

Even so, Tsukasa’s command would probably force us to start walking again in two hours.Bookmark here

Right now, we needed to focus on recovering as much as possible.Bookmark here

“*Gulp* *gulp* *gulp*.”Bookmark here

Futoshi gulped noisily as he downed a bottle of juice.Bookmark here

“P-please, Futoshi, just one sip.”Bookmark here

“Don’t touch me, bitch! Why don’t you go drink some water from the river?!”Bookmark here

Futoshi snapped, shooing Chika away.Bookmark here

Chika shot a glance at Shizuka, looking like she was about to burst into tears.Bookmark here

She was probably counting on Shizuka to share some of her water, but Shizuka shook her head, turning her empty plastic bottle upside down.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry. I’m out too.”Bookmark here

“*Sob!*”Bookmark here

Food, we could do without. Water, not so much.Bookmark here

I’d also failed to bring any drinks as I’d left them behind on the bus.Bookmark here

“Hey, is this water drinkable?”Bookmark here

I asked Charlotte, who, for some reason, had been tagging along with our unit.Bookmark here

“For me, yes. I’m not sure if it’s safe for you to drink, though.”Bookmark here

Great. That certainly didn’t help.Bookmark here

Anyhow, there was no telling if it was safe to drink when it was a remote-controlled dummy speaking instead of the real Charlotte.Bookmark here

“It’s fine. What’re you so worried about?”Bookmark here

I turned to find our leader, Saburo, already scooping up water into his cupped hands and drinking.Bookmark here

“We’ll die without water anyway. Better to die hydrated than die from thirst, ya know?”Bookmark here

He had a point, but coming from Saburo, it didn’t sound too convincing.Bookmark here

You’re only drinking because you don’t care whether you die or not, I felt like saying.Bookmark here

It may seem fine now, but there was no telling what contaminants lurked in the water.Bookmark here

It’s probably best to boil it before drinking, I thought to myself.Bookmark here

Just then.Bookmark here

I spotted an enormous lizard approaching us on its hind legs from upstream.Bookmark here

The creature sported long hooked nails, razor-sharp fangs, and a thick tail. Its pupils were vertically elongated and distinctly reptilian, and its skin was covered with scales.Bookmark here

Lizardmen.Bookmark here

Seen up close, a reptilian humanoid was nothing short of a nightmare.Bookmark here

I had no idea where they were coming from, but more and more approached us, swarming the river.Bookmark here

Our rest was over. It was time to resume our battle with the monsters.Bookmark here

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