Chapter 10:

Chapter 10

Prince of the Sun

Jace found himself once again within a carriage being hauled over the frozen lands with Momoka. Though this time his company allowed him to be a little more informal. Lynn sat beside him and across from him was April and Nikita, the reason they were making this trip.

As April was growing in her training Gaufrid had become increasingly more impressed with her. Therefore he had given her her first solo demon hunting task. April had promised Lynn that she would take Lynn along. Lynn in her excitement had told Jace and Jace remembered Momoka’s curiosity about demons so therefore they were both coming along. Nikita was also extended an invitation which she actually accepted despite the expectations of many. April’s thoughts on the matter were silent but she couldn’t say no to the Princess’ enthusiasm.

It was a rather long journey down to the closeby mortal town in which the issue presented itself. Momoka had long since fallen asleep, her head resting on the side of the carriage rather than on the very intimidating April.

April locked eyes with Jace. “I am expecting you to protect her if anything goes south.”

“Of course,” Jace said softly.

“That means I don’t want you to attack, that role will be Lynn and myself only, you are allowed to observe as you have requested. Same goes for you Nikita.”

Jace nodded. “I understand.”

“Sure,” Nikita said, clearly not really paying much attention.

“Good,” April paused for a season, “it would reflect horribly on me if I allowed anything bad to happen to you.”

Jace smiled gently. “Nervous?”

April looked out the window.

“What kind of a question is that Jace? Of course she is,” Lynn said a little too loudly.

Momoka stirred and Lynn put a hand over her mouth.

“You’ve been on many demon hunts before April, this will be fine,” Jace said, trying to reassure April.

She bristled a little. “We usually don’t take the heir to the throne with us.”

We stepped out of the carriage into the deep dark of night, of course it was always night this time of the year but it seemed particularly dark, all of the Phoenix had their eyes shining at a dim glow. Momoka stuck close to Jace. She had seemed a little tired when she had awoken in the carriage but now she was on high alert and very vigilant as the cold wrapped around her body.

Jace skimmed over the village, it seemed completely abandoned. April had told him that the demon had caused chaos and they had all fled.

April was on the hunt though and led the group into the village fearlessly. Lynn followed close behind, clearly not having the same training as April but just as eager for it.

Nikita walked behind Momoka and Jace, seeming to be bored by the whole thing, as if the trip wasn’t completely optional for her.

Momoka was trying her best to keep her trembling to herself and not allow the Phoenix to notice. Hopefully the fact that they never looked at her directly would keep it hidden. It wasn’t completely the cold that was making her tremble too. She was curious yet scared of what she was about to witness. Jace was a form of comfort for her allowing her to stay close to him. She felt a little awkward getting so close into his personal space but he was a comfort. Even in the cold air that almost burned her nose his scent calmed her. It was smokey and spicy with the softness of lavender, and closer to him she could smell it even stronger it overtook her senses and she was fine with that.

She wasn’t sure what a Demon was meant to smell like anyway.

The tracks in the snow Momoka could read through, the people of this village had left in a hurry. Likely fleeing. This demon had tormented them.

It was eerie, the silence within the snow, with only the sound of their footsteps the world seemed deafened.

There was movement up ahead. April motioned for them to stop. Lynn tensed up and Jace stepped in front of Momoka brightening the light that poured out of his eyes. Even Nikita stepped closer to Momoka and Jace.

A dark shape twisted and darted in the shadows cast by the Phoenix’ eyes. Until finally a figure crawled out from within the darkness.

“Oh now what is this?” its voice sounded like many as it assaulted Momoka’s ears.

But as she got a good look at the figure of a man who was watching them all curiously there was one thing that caught her breath. His eyes. They were like shattered glass, cracks running across the whole of them. She had been warned to fear those eyes. She stayed quiet not wanting to attract its attention.

April glared at it, her muscles tensing and shifting under her coat.

Together in unison, both Lynn and April launched toward the demon.

He jumped back out of caution but the two girls were too fast, they were upon him quickly and they both shot bright burning light from their eyes. This searing light blasted at the demon, burning holes right through him all the way into the ground were the snow swiftly melted. Steam rose into the air.

The demon looked down at the damage to its body then glared back up at them.

“What are you?”

April did not give him an answer as she blasted him with another laser of light.

His body disappeared and reappeared behind her.

Lynn was the one to blast him this time, taking out his thigh.

April whirled around, her coat flaring dramatically and took out his legs. He slipped backwards and fell into the snow with a cry of pain.

April looked down at him and it was only a mere second before she began blasting him with light. Quickly he through up a shield of darkness. It held the light at bay.

Only for a moment before the sheer intensity of it started to deteriorate it.

Even from a distance it hurt Momoka’s eyes to look at the light.

April’s light got more and more intense and she broke through the shield blasting the demon in the stomach. She waved her hand and a blanket of light covered the demon.

Momoka had to look away as a blood curdling scream began but was cut short.

Lynn started clapping. “You did it April, all on your own!”

Looking back at April there was a smile on the ice queen’s face. The smallest bit of emotion and pride leaking through.

The display of the power of the royal Phoenix that Lynn and April had just demonstrated was so impressive Momoka couldn’t help to feel a little more safe amongst them.

Jace was also smiling with pride.

And they could be a little bit cute too.

“Good job April,” Nikita said, looking genuinely impressed.

Momoka was a little shocked to hear from Nikita.

After such a short fight they began to search the village for anything else that might be lurking around the darkness even though they only had the report of one demon.

April and Jace took the lead while Lynn hung back with Momoka and Nikita lingered even further behind them.

“So how are you feeling?” Lynn asked.

“Oh I’m ok. You did really well though,” Momoka said, bashfully.

“Aww thank you, that’s really sweet. I do take my training seriously but it’s April who is truly the stand out.”

“Still you showed no fear.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you’re not too scared either.”

Momoka blushed a little. “Oh I had Jace to hide behind, it was totally fine.”

Lynn smiled with curiosity, leaning in her voice was a whisper, “is he really that comforting?”

“Oh yeah… he um.. Smells amazing,” Momoka stammered and went bright red. She couldn’t believe she said that out loud. Non werewolves would find it so weird.

“I hadn’t really noticed,” Lynn looked toward her brother up head, who was carefully examining a garden, “I know he’s really pretty though, I’m told that a lot.”

“I would have to agree,” Momoka whispered.

Nikita swiftly walked past them to April and Jace, nearly bumping into Momoka in the process. Momoka hoped she hadn’t offended Nikita.

“He might say the same about you,” Lynn said playfully.