Chapter 30:

Five minutes

Elyon - Gods among us

—Five minutes? Do you want us to hold them off for five minutes?— Ana asked, startled.

—I'm sorry, I can't do it any faster— Athena replied.

—Well, I'll push my abilities to the maximum— Ana commented as she summoned her two swords, Caladcholg and Fragarach.

Ana charged at Belenus with her swords drawn, while he looked at her with a mocking gaze.

When the goddess tried to strike the god with her swords, a shield of energy appeared, protecting the Celtic deity.

—Protective barriers are my specialty— Toutatis said as he created a magical shield around his companion.

Belenus created a sphere of light in his right hand and struck Ana's abdomen with it. Her body twisted and she was thrown backward, landing on her back, creating a giant crater in the ground upon impact.

—No, Ana, your weakness is the sacred element— Tania said as she struggled to get up.

Rodrigo, who couldn't do anything to stop Ana, went to where she had fallen to the ground.

—Are you okay, Ana?— he asked, holding her hand. But Ana had a massive hole in her stomach and was struggling to breathe.

—Get out of the way!— Belenus said, appearing right behind Rodrigo. He struck Rodrigo with his right hand, a gesture of disdain. Rodrigo was thrown towards the dimensional wall and collided with it, losing consciousness.

Belenus formed his hand into the shape of a sword, surrounding it with white energy to pierce Ana, but Tania appeared right behind him.

When she tried to attack, the protective shield defended him. However, it was enough to prevent the god from killing Ana.

—Do you want to die first? I can grant you that— Belenus said, turning to face Tania.

Tania tried to strike him, but the protective barrier defended him without a scratch. Unbeknownst to him, Belenus stabbed the goddess in the stomach with his hand shaped like a sword. Her eyes turned white, and she lost all her strength.

Belenus threw Tania's body to the ground, far away from the black-haired goddess. Once again, he placed his foot on Ana, who was in agony, but she managed to stand up and attempted to pierce his chest with one of her swords. However, the shield protected him once again.

—Absurd— said the god of light, preparing a small ball of white energy with his finger.

The god made a downward movement with his finger, and the energy descended onto Ana's body. White energy, resembling fire, surged from the Irish goddess as she screamed in agonizing pain, but she held onto her sword.

One minute had passed.

Belenus once again formed his hand into the shape of a sword, and this time he attempted to decapitate Ana with it. But at that moment, a spider's web surrounded him. Loki was behind him, using his ability.

—My web can penetrate any barrier— the Norse god said.

But the Celtic god of light destroyed the web as if burning it with his energy.

—A technique of such low divine level cannot stop me— he said.

Belenus traveled at full speed towards Loki and struck him in the abdomen with his fist covered in white energy. Loki, as best he could, grabbed the arm of the Celtic god and encased it in a gigantic ice stalagmite.But Belenus effortlessly destroyed the ice formation from within.

Ana attempted to attack the Celtic god again, but once again, the barrier protected him. The goddess was so desperate that she relentlessly struck the barrier without success.

—I'm bored of this— said the Celtic god of light, and then he recited in a calm voice, —Ionsú beatha

Immediately, everything green within the dimension withered away. The grass dried up, the mountains cracked, the sky turned greyish, the sea vanished, and everything appeared as a desert. A massive sphere of light shone in the center of the firmament, formed by the energies of all living things in that dimension at that moment.

The enormous sphere of light began to descend towards the ground, causing a tremendous explosion of white light that engulfed both Ana and Loki.

The explosion caused no physical damage to the surroundings, but the bodies of Ana and Loki lay on the ground. Ana was already unconscious, but Loki was struggling to get up.

—Loki, Loki. You never know when to give up, do you?— Belenus said with a smile as he approached him.

The dark god then used his illusion technique, but Belenus shot a finger beam at the real Loki's chest. Loki fell to the ground, vomiting blood, while Belenus calmly walked towards him.

Two minutes had passed.

The Celtic god of light placed his foot on Loki's face and said, —Well, this is my mercy and compassion towards you. I will destroy this entire place with my most powerful technique—

Belenus raised his hands, and enormous stones emerged from the ground, forming a formation resembling Stonehenge. If people were to witness it now, it would bear resemblance to how it is believed Stonehenge looked.

The symbols engraved on the massive stones began to glow, and they all released a beam towards the center of the circle. A gigantic sphere of light started forming at the core of the structures.

—Goodbye forever, folks— Belenus said, and then he murmured in a low, calming voice, —Sgrios neamh

At that moment, everything began to tremble, and the stones started to rise. The sphere of light grew and was on the verge of exploding.

Suddenly, a hammer struck Belenus' technique, destroying it, and he fell to the ground. As the light technique was destroyed, the enormous stones began to crumble gradually.

—Who the hell is here?— shouted the Celtic god of light.

At that moment, the hammer levitated on its own and returned to the hand of a person who was precisely emerging from a portal of rainbow-colored lights.

—So I made it in time?— the man said as he set his feet on the ground.

—Thor!— Loki exclaimed.

The Norse god of thunder wore his golden armor and the bear cloak of his totem. He wielded his magical belt and gauntlet, and held his hammer Mjolnir in his hand.

—Thor!? But our father Esus should have killed him, or our brother Taranis!— Belenus shouted, frightened.

—No, well, I don't think he can do much now that we sent his head to Lel— Thor said while cracking his neck bones.

—Impossible! That's blasphemy!— Toutatis shouted as he approached the battlefield.

—Don't believe me? Don't worry, you'll see it soon enough when I send both of you to Hel— Thor said while continuing to crack his neck bones.

—Is that true? Did you defeat Esus?— Loki asked, shouting at Thor.

—Of course! And now I've come to bury these weaklings and send you back to prison— Thor said as he raised his thumb up.

—Wait, Thor!— Loki said as he struggled to get up. —I have information from Father Odin—

—Information?— Thor asked as he picked his nose.

—Yes, he's alive. I've been doing all this to help him regain his strength. I don't want to fight against Asgard. I would never betray you along with this scum— the Norse god of darkness said.

Thor continued to scratch his nose.

—That girl over there is Athena— Loki said as he approached Thor. —She will help us find Father—

Athena kept her eyes closed, her right hand touching the handle of the labrys, while chanting an invocation. A magical circle slowly formed beneath her feet.

—I don't think this is the time to discuss that, Loki. I'll believe you for now. But first, we have to deal with these idiots who dared to attack Asgard— Thor said as he continued to scratch his nose.

Three minutes had passed.

—Alright, agreed— Loki said.

—Will you defeat us? Don't make me laugh. I am one of the most powerful Celtic katteres, my power is unmatched— Belenus shouted as he covered both his hands in white energy and lunged at Thor.

—What can this dying god do?— Toutatis shouted as he created aerial energy disks to attack Loki.

The god of thunder evaded Belenus' attacks and struck him in the face with his fist. The god was sent flying and crashed into a mountain.

—Without Belenus, you're nothing— Loki said as he hid with his illusions.

Toutatis didn't know whom to attack and began launching his attacks in all directions. Loki shot his ice spear, but the god's shield stopped them. At that moment, Loki appeared beneath Toutatis and encased him in a giant ice stalagmite, trapping him.

Belenus emerged from the rubble, furious, and started launching spheres of light at Thor, who easily evaded them.

At that moment, Thor pointed to the sky and said, "Bregda upp Thunraz!"

The god caused a lightning bolt to strike the Celtic god. As the light from the explosion dissipated, Belenus had fallen to his knees with blank eyes.

—What the hell is that girl doing?— Thor asked.

—She needs five minutes to cast a spell, we've already had three... I mean, four minutes— Loki replied.

At that moment, Toutatis broke free from the ice, and Belenus regained consciousness.

—So, you won't fall so easily, huh?— Thor said.

Four minutes had passed.

—Loki, and you too, Thor— Athena's voice was heard in the minds of the two gods.

—Athena!— Loki responded.

—Listen— the goddess continued in their minds. —The teleportation spell is almost ready. Come closer and bring the others near me so I can teleport them to my planet. Hurry, we don't have much time!— insisted the Greek goddess.

Toutatis and Belenus launched a joint attack, but Thor, using his hammer, deflected them. Loki then used his teleportation abilities to bring Rodrigo, Ana, Tania, and Epona to the feet of the goddess.

—Now you!— the Greek goddess urged the Norse gods.

—I'm sorry, but I'll stay— Thor said.

—These people profane the land of our humans, and we will defeat them right here. Don't worry, we won't let them stop us— Thor said as he evaded another attack from the Celtic gods.

—Athena, I will stay and fight alongside Thor. I promise you, we will meet again in Vinland. We are grateful for what you did here— Loki said.

—Now we will repay the favor!— Thor and Loki shouted simultaneously as they struck the Celtic gods, who defended themselves.

—Survive, don't die until we have overthrown Lel, do you understand?— Athena told them in their minds as both gods continued to fight.

—It's a promise," both Norse gods shouted as they broke through the defense of the Celtic gods.
The circle of light beneath Athena illuminated, and she, along with Rodrigo, Ana, Tania, and Epona, shone like a beam of light and disappeared without a trace.

—And we will fulfill it!— both gods said as they defeated the Celtic gods in unison.