Chapter 31:


Elyon - Gods among us

The sky was dark and starry, with purple clouds floating in the air. Small dragonflies could be seen illuminating the surroundings.

Heimdall was walking on a massive stone bridge. Beneath it, there was an eternal sea reflecting the image of a crescent moon, which shone brightly in the sky.

At the end of the colossal bridge, there was a stone portal with two gigantic sphinx statues. Two guards, malakim, were guarding the gate, holding their spears.

—I am Heimdall, and I have come to Lel to see the graceful Anath— the Norse god said to the guards.

The malakim had golden cone-shaped helmets and golden wings. They looked at the white Nordic god with disdain.

—Her Majesty, Anath, does not see foreigners like you— one of the guards said to Heimdall, tightening his grip on his spear.

—I have an urgent package to deliver to her. Even if you don't give it to her, it doesn't matter— the Norse god said.

—What package? What are you talking about?— the other guard asked.

Then, Heimdall took out from under his cloak the decapitated head of Esus and threw it at the guards' feet.

—If your lady tries the same thing again in Asgard, it will be her head that ends up like this. Can you deliver that message?— Heimdall remarked.

—Is that... the Anunnaki Esus?— one of the guards asked fearfully.

—Hey, we can't let you go, you will pay for this!— the other shouted.

But Heimdall activated the Bifrost bridge and teleported outside the palace of Lel.

Lel is the capital of the realm of the gods and also the royal palace of Elyon. The planet on which it is established is literally a massive castle with a gigantic bridge as its entrance. Everyone seeking an audience with an Elohim, the rulers of the palace and gods under the command of Elyon, must cross this bridge.

Since Elyon, the father of the gods, has ceased making public appearances long ago, his daughter Anath, considered the most powerful goddess among the Elohim, usually takes his place to carry out her father's orders.

The palace of Lel is always in perpetual night, as the extensive satellites orbiting the planet keep the sky perpetually dark. Hence the name of this place: 'Lel,' which means 'Night.'

Despite being the royal throne of Elyon, Lel is gigantic, easily able to fit a hundred Milky Ways within its palace. It is considered the largest planet ever known in any universe, galaxy, dimension, or even reality.

One of the guards ran into the palace. It is so large that traveling through its gigantic corridors requires a speed that surpasses the speed of light by millions of times. The guards need to use portals or wormholes to reach the audience room where the goddess Anath has her personal office.

—Lady Anath!— the guard shouted as he finally entered the audience chamber.

There, seated on an elevated platform with three steps, was the goddess Anath, her legs crossed. The goddess had moderately short hair, pink in color, just like her eyes, which were adorned with mascara and violet dye. Two horns protruded from her head like those of a bull. She wore a dress with a purple strap, and her sandals and armlets were golden.

The goddess's throne was golden and had two lions on the side arms. It was also adorned with purple colors on the backrest and the seat cushion.

The room had enormous columns, with the ceiling barely visible. A kind of mist covered the white stone floor, and the path to the throne was lined with a purple carpet.

Behind the throne, there was a gigantic curtain, rumored to be the entrance to Elyon's throne room.

The goddess was drinking wine from a golden chalice, and steam could be seen rising from it, as she preferred to drink it hot.

—Why do you interrupt me in my chamber, malak?— the goddess asked, in a very bad mood.

—Your Majesty Anath, a man from Asgard has come and brought this— the nervous guard said, showing the head of Esus in a trembling manner.

The decapitated god's face still bore a horrified expression.

The goddess took a sip from her chalice, as if it were of little importance.

—I didn't think the Celtic gods would be so pathetic— she said, handing her chalice to an assistant beside her.

—So, Asgard was saved, and those two goddesses managed to recover their totemas. And now they have formed alliances with Asgard and Athena?— Anath said, resting her head on her right hand in a bored position.

—I am surrounded by useless idiots— she mentioned, with a gesture of contempt.

At that moment, another guard arrived and bowed.

—Your Majesty Anath, the god Ares is requesting an audience with you once again— the guard said.

—Another useless idiot coming to see me— the goddess said with her already familiar bored demeanor.

—Very well, tell him to come here; I have something to ask him— the goddess ordered.

The guards bowed and left.

Anath stood up and looked at the decapitated head of Esus that the guard had left on the floor. The attendants had approached to pick it up, but the goddess prevented them from doing so. Then, calmly, Anath walked over to where the head was and looked at it with disdain.

—I didn't expect the strength of the Asgard gods to be of such magnitude, but I must admit I overestimated those savages, thinking that without their patriarch, they would fall like mere ants— the goddess thought.

The goddess opened her eyes violently, and the head disappeared as if it had been cut into thousands of atomic pieces.

—Also, the power of that boy who accompanies them... it's weird. He is still not a treat, but he may become one— the goddess continued thinking.

Anath then returned to her throne and crossed her leg in a defiant manner, ordering her attendants to leave her alone.

—Very well, first, I'll see how useful that bellicose god of war can be to me. After all, I have good bait to break those girls apart— the goddess said to herself with an indifferent look.

In one of the hundreds of courtyards in Lel, several people were crucified, including Anpiel, clearly visible, naked and crucified with nails in his hands and feet.