Chapter 17:

Yayoi Akatsuki

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

My hands were trembling.
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Part of me had hesitated to shoot when I aligned the laser sight on Charlotte’s forehead.Bookmark here

It was enough to slow down my movements, even under Tsukasa’s command.Bookmark here

That fatal delay changed everything.Bookmark here

Seeing Charlotte smile at me through the rifle scope, I quickly pulled the trigger.Bookmark here

However, Charlotte had already ducked out of harm’s way, and the bullet hit Futoshi, who had been standing behind her.Bookmark here

XL-Yama.Bookmark here

I recalled Futoshi’s nickname.Bookmark here

Futoshi always ate two buns after each class.Bookmark here

By the time lunch rolled around, he’d have already eaten eight buns. For lunch, he ate a giant bento box meal, followed by a bowl of udon and curry in the cafeteria.Bookmark here

The whole class made fun of his sumo wrestler-esque physique by calling him “XL-Yama” instead of his actual name, Moriyama.Bookmark here

“Hey. You haven’t had lunch yet, have you?”Bookmark here

That was the first and only time Futoshi ever spoke to me.Bookmark here

I had forgotten to pack my lunch that day and was polishing my air gun on an empty stomach.Bookmark here

Everyone else had moved to the music room for our next class, so Futoshi and I were the only ones left in the classroom.Bookmark here

“I’ll be fine, it’s only one meal.”Bookmark here

“You sure? I’d die if I skipped a meal.”Bookmark here

Futoshi said, placing a red bean bun on my desk.Bookmark here

“I accidentally bought one extra.”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

Futoshi also ate two buns after our afternoon classes, so I knew that he always bought ten buns in total.Bookmark here

Only one bun remained in the bag hanging off the side of Futoshi’s desk.Bookmark here

Although I knew he was lying, I decided not to mention it and gratefully accepted his gift.Bookmark here

“Th-thanks,” I mumbled, and Futoshi quietly left the classroom.Bookmark here

I didn’t have a sweet tooth, plus I disliked red bean buns, but I forced myself to take a bite.Bookmark here

Oddly enough, that red bean bun tasted incredibly delicious. I bought the same bun the next day, but I was unable to stomach it this time.Bookmark here

“SSG Akatsuki! Come on, fire your next round!”Bookmark here

At Tsukasa’s voice, I snapped out of my reverie, and the memory of Futoshi dissipated.Bookmark here

I could no longer remember the look on Futoshi’s face when he gave me that bun.Bookmark here

I had blown his head clean off.Bookmark here

The view through the scope was all blurry, and it took me a while to realize that I was crying.Bookmark here

I thought I was incapable of feeling any kind of emotions toward anyone.Bookmark here

I’d always been a lone wolf, and I assumed that wouldn’t change.Bookmark here

What a fool I’d been.Bookmark here

I hadn’t been alone after all.Bookmark here

“Waaaaah!”Bookmark here

I wailed like a child as I pulled the trigger, but the bullet rapidly lost speed before it could reach Charlotte.Bookmark here

“That must be PFC Tanaka’s skill! I assumed PFC Tanaka and PFC Nanami weren’t going to use their skills, but it appears I misjudged them.”Bookmark here

Ryo dragged Charlotte away, and they both disappeared behind some rocks.Bookmark here

“Time to retreat, SSG Akatsuki. From here on, Section Eight is on their own. We’ll put some distance between them and cut them off from the rest of the group.”Bookmark here

Before leaving, I took one last look at Futoshi’s headless body.Bookmark here

“...I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

I was never able to remember Futoshi’s face again.Bookmark here

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