Chapter 18:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“I-is it safe now?”
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Chika slowly poked her head out from our hiding place.Bookmark here

Roughly one hour had passed since Futoshi's tragic demise.Bookmark here

We hadn't been shot at since then.Bookmark here

“If they’re lying in wait for us, we can say buh-bye to our brains.”Bookmark here

Despite Charlotte's morbid words, no more gunshots sounded.Bookmark here

Yayoi and the rest of the class appeared to have moved on.Bookmark here

“We should lay Futoshi to rest.”Bookmark here

Shizuka said. As she clasped her hands in prayer, Chika immediately began rummaging through Futoshi’s backpack.Bookmark here

“Seriously, Chika? Try to show some respect.”Bookmark here

“Oh, don’t be such a goody-goody! The dead can’t eat, you know.”Bookmark here

“That may be true, but first things first. At least pay your respects like Shizuka...”Bookmark here

“Hey!”Bookmark here

Chika shouted in surprise and stopped rummaging.Bookmark here

Did she find something unexpected in Futoshi’s bag?Bookmark here

“Look.”Bookmark here

Chika held up a convenience store plastic bag tied up at the mouth. The bag was stuffed with bottled drinks, instant noodles, and snacks. Altogether, there were five of those bags in Futoshi's backpack.Bookmark here

Not only that, they even had our names on them.Bookmark here

“Shizuka,” “Saburo,” “Chika,” “Ryo,” and “Charlotte.”Bookmark here

The bags were for all of us in Section Eight plus Charlotte.Bookmark here

“He’d been planning on sharing his food with us all along.”Bookmark here

Chika sniffled, passing out the bags with tears in her eyes.Bookmark here

When did he prepare these?Bookmark here

Probably as soon as we took our first rest. Futoshi had complained of a stomach ache then and gone off on his own.Bookmark here

“To think, he even prepared one for me. He was more of a gentleman than I thought.”Bookmark here

For real. Most people would resent Charlotte for dragging us out here, and few would be willing to share their precious provisions with her.Bookmark here

“I guess he felt like his days were numbered. He only packed food for us and left none for himself.”Bookmark here

Saburo said, looking at the phone he had removed from Futoshi’s pocket.Bookmark here

He flipped it around to show us what was written on the screen.Bookmark here

Student number 19 (male), Futoshi Moriyama.Bookmark here

Skill: Item box.Bookmark here

Ability to stuff as many items as possible into your bag.Bookmark here

Although hardly useful in combat, there couldn't have been a more perfect skill for Futoshi.Bookmark here

“He could’ve carried so much food.”Bookmark here

Chika sobbed as she prayed.Bookmark here

All of us gathered around Futoshi and prayed in silence.Bookmark here

To our surprise, Charlotte joined in as well.Bookmark here

“Do you guys mind if I have Futoshi’s bag?”Bookmark here

“Now that he’s dead, his skill is no longer active. That’s just an ordinary bag now.”Bookmark here

Charlotte told me, but I shook my head.Bookmark here

“I want it as a keepsake.”Bookmark here

“Uh-huh. Suit yourself.”Bookmark here

Charlotte seemed uninterested, for she didn’t say anything more after that.Bookmark here

When the time came for us to finally return to Earth, I wanted to at least bring a reminder of Futoshi home with me.Bookmark here

Little did I know at the time that I’d be the only one who’d make it out alive.Bookmark here

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