Chapter 20:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

Now that I think about it, perhaps Charlotte had decided to keep me alive ever since she saw that message on my phone.
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I guessed she was curious to find out what would happen when the countdown reached zero.Bookmark here

That was the sole reason why she had let me live.Bookmark here

We’d been nothing but playthings to that woman.

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“This is not my real body, but merely a remote-controlled dummy.”Bookmark here

“There’s a powerful bomb inside my body. If I die, it’ll go off and kill us all.”Bookmark here

“I don’t have any skills since I’m not a Savior.”

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Lies, all of them.Bookmark here

“I love you.”Bookmark here

I remembered the last words she said to me and ground my rear molars to dust. Rage and hatred filled me.Bookmark here

It wouldn’t be long before “Shizuka” was loaded with bullets again.

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I was resting at the fortress in the desert, which was now completely devoid of survivors.Bookmark here

The air was filled with the smell of blood and gunpowder smoke.Bookmark here

My senses seemed to be dulled, however, as it didn’t bother me at all.Bookmark here

I decided to put on “Yuichi,” the goggles I’d been wearing on my head, just in case.Bookmark here

There appeared to be no signs of life within a two-kilometer radius.Bookmark here

However, I had a slight nagging feeling as though I was being watched.Bookmark here

I recalibrated “Yuichi” and increased its magnifying power.Bookmark here

There was a castle three kilometers from here, and I spotted movement on one of the turrets.

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Ah. So that’s where you are, Charlotte.Bookmark here

I returned my hand cannon “Shizuka” to “Futoshi,” my backpack, and took out “Yayoi,” my sniper rifle, instead.Bookmark here

While Futoshi’s skill had been regarded as useless when he was alive, it was indispensable to me now.Bookmark here

Without “Futoshi’s” ability to pack everything I needed, I wouldn’t have been able to carry even half of my classmates’ weapons.Bookmark here

Futoshi had been killed by Yayoi.Bookmark here

I wondered what went through Yayoi’s mind when she shot him.

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That day, I had forgotten the sheet music I needed for class and gone back to our classroom to get it.Bookmark here

As I was about to step inside, I witnessed Futoshi, who never shared his food with anyone, give Yayoi one of his precious buns.Bookmark here

I still remember the look on Yayoi’s face then.Bookmark here

That was the first and only time I had ever seen her smile.Bookmark here

Instead of getting my sheet music, I turned around and headed back to the music room.

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I moved “Yuichi” up above my head and adjusted my grip on “Yayoi.”Bookmark here

I confirmed two people on the castle turret through “Yayoi’s” scope. One of them was a man observing this fortress through his telescope.Bookmark here

There was no mistaking the other person.Bookmark here

It was that bitch, Charlotte.Bookmark here

I aligned the laser sight on the man with the telescope.Bookmark here

I’ll save you for last, Charlotte.Bookmark here

Just like you did to me, I’ll kill all of your comrades before I finish you off.

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It’s all right, “Yayoi.”Bookmark here

You don’t have to worry about accidentally shooting your friend ever again.Bookmark here

I set my jaw and squeezed the trigger.Bookmark here

“Consider this a greeting from me, Charlotte.”

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The bullet spiraled swiftly through the air and pierced the man’s skull, telescope and all.Bookmark here

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